Caeru’s Problem

Caeru’s Problem
by DragonStar

Note: This Story is Based On What Happens To Me Every Time I Lose My HairBrush. Although My Chances Of Finding It Tangled In My Unruly Mop Of Hair Is Minimal. -DragonStar.

The Tigrina stormed around his room, throwing things out of cupboards and chests, yelling all the while. Vaysh stood in the corner, his arms folded across his chest, silently observing the ruckus.

Apparently, Rue had lost something.

The door opened and Cal poked his head around the corner. He was about to say something when Rue threw a pink fringed lamp at him, causing him to shut the door quickly.

“Where is it?” Rue screamed. “Where?!”

Vaysh shrugged, his face impassive as usual.

Rue threw him an angry look and stormed from the room and down the stairs.

Pell was quietly reading a book in the dining hall when Rue thundered into the room. Pell looked up at him, raised an eyebrow and looked back down.

“Where the hell is it?” Rue howled yet again.

“What are you missing this time?” Cal muttered from the doorway. “It’s important, obviously.”

Rue’s face by now was red with rage. He was literally tearing his perfect hair out over whatever was missing.

“You’d probably know!” he sneered. “You probably took it!”

Cal snorted and walked up to Caeru.

“And I would even touch your things because?” he jeered.

Rue grumbled a curse under his breath.

By now, the entire house was up. Rue stormed out of the dining hall and back up the stairs to the landing.

Panthera slowly walked out of his room, yawning. He spotted Rue and noticed the bad mood immediately. Panthera jumped out of Rue’s way and kept walking downstairs.

“What’s up with Rue this time?” Panthera asked Vaysh downstairs.

“He’s lost something.” Vaysh muttered over a piece of toast.

Cal sniggered in the corner.

“I’ll bet I know what it is and where it is.” He grinned.

“Cal, how many times do you have to be warned?” Pellaz said half-angry, half-laughing.

“I didn’t do it this time, promise.”

“That’s exactly what you said last time.”

Cal shrugged and swaggered over to the table. He sat down next to Panthera and grinned.

“He’s missing his hairbrush. And I know where it is.”

And so Cal proceeded to tell them where it was and soon Rue stormed down the stairs again to see what they were laughing at. He wasn’t thrilled to find it was him they were laughing at, either.

“What is so funny?!” He shrieked.

“You!!” Cal giggled, rolling on the floor with laughter.

Rue clenched his fists. He was extremely pissed off now.

“Where…the…hell…is…my…hairbrush?” he said through gritted teeth.

“Go and look in the mirror!” Pell grinned.

Caeru raced up to his room and looked in the mirror.

He found the hairbrush.

Tangled in his hair.

Downstairs, everything shook as the mammoth scream echoed around the dining hall.

The End


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