How I Incepted the Poupe

How I Incepted the Poupe
by Angelo Ventura

Story Notes

Title: How I Incepted the Poupe
Spoilers: N/A, kind of an AU
Date Posted: November 2004

Author: Angelo Ventura

How I Incepted the Poupe

“I just can’t believe you incepted the Poupe,” said the bronze-skinned Sulh as he basked in the breeze coming from the azure calm sea on the terrace of the Shookak palace to his rather paler friend.

“Why you’re always questioning my stories? You must admit they’re fascinating,” retorted his companion, placing another card for the rather complicated game they were playing.

“Fascinating doesn’t mean believable. Poupes were rather old when they were elected. That would have made them hardly fit for inception.”

“My dear Swooner, you know very little of Rhemean history. There were times of crisis and disorder when Poupes were elected very young. And apart from that…”

Netspinner began his story…

The new har was very frightened. He couldn’t believe he had brought himself to this. But that Netspinner was so loveable, understanding and gentle. He could never have suzspected what thay curious “Inception” might have implied.

OK, he was the youngest Rhemean priest ever to have been nominated Cordonal, and he should never have done such a thing. But he felt so lonely, so grieved of responsibilities he couldn’t possibly face. The Reitu’ (Wraeththu) were everywhere, probably Mithra’s punishment for the sins of humanity, and who was he to question His judgement?

The last Poupe died shortly after having published another ranting condemnation on the depravity of the Reitu’. But the Vitulians were putting the Nayatis under siege to get incepted, and some claimed to having been of harish disposition long before the First Reitu’ (or Wraeththu) hever appeared. “Always for the winner’s bandwagon, these Vitulians!” Jublar Ratzinjer had shouted, and, albeit not so abhorrent of Reitù as is older colleague, Pyothr Rhemus had to agree.

Still, he was convinced that a moral reformation was in order, and thought that maybe the Reitù, once understood and integrated, could be made part of it. A few tought him mad, but no one had better ideas. And no-one wanted the responsibility of Poupedom, except Ratzinjer who was too old So, Netspinner convinced him to propose his candidature, and convinced him to participate in a strange rite that would enhance his perception and charisma and “change him” He hadn”t ever imagined Netspinner was Reitù! Never suspected it! Surely, now he was changed for sure,oh, Mithra!

But what he was to do, now? A Poupe had to be male!

As Pyothr Rhemus was brooding, the slim, pale and elegant figure of Netspinner appeared near his. Such gorgeous black hairs, such strong, slender arms, so slim waist! Netspinner was gorgeous in the simple black T-shirt and velvet red trousers.

“How are you feeling, you sweetest of the Vitulians?” he drawled, with an ironic gleam in those golden brown eyes.

“Frightened as hell. What am I to say at the Withkey? That I’ve become half a woman? You tricked me, you serpent trickster!”

“If a trickster doesn’t do tricks, what then? And don’t call me ‘serpent.’ I’m not a Colurates.”

“Whatever you are… what do I do, now?”

“Now we talk a bit, we discover our bodies…and later, we’ll think of business.”

Netspinner began to undress, with strange dancing motions, and began with lifting his shirt, exposing his pale, perfectly sculpted torso, his dark red nipples.

Pyothr felt all strange. This beautiful har had tricked him, talked him into participating at that “inception” rite, then drugged him., and made him an “hermaphrodite.” Yeah, that was the fabled Reitù secret! He shoud have been furious with him.

But looking at him, he could no more feel angry, instead he felt like a starved man who’s been offered the most delicious food. Netspinner”s web of scent and dancing motions was intoxicating.His head was reeling.

Then Netspinner, having finished undressing, sat on the bed, looking at Pyothr.
“You are exquisite, Pyothr, that strong profile of yours, so Rhemeish. Don’t be afraid.”

And Pyothr couldn’t wait no more. Those eyes, full of tenderness and warmth hypnotized him. Dazed, he embraced Netspinner, felt his the silky., oh-so-sweet contact of his skin. They began to share breath, and Netspinner felt as rich honey and bitter ale. The sweet-sour taste of the forbidden spring, he tought.

“It’s not forbidden, not any more,” Netspinner said.

It was true.

“Tell me how that Whitkey of yours functions,” asked Netspinner when all was over. Pyothr was still floating on the clouds of Aruna, and this matter-of-fact mention of practical affairs was quite an anticlimax. He had to rearrange his thought processes. Oh, sweet Mithra!, he thought, what have I done?

“Won’t you tell me? It’s a secret,then?”

After a deep sigh, Pyothr began to explain. “So we reunite, and elect the new Poupe, with alleged the assistance of the Cosmic Spirit, who helps us choose the most fit,” concluded Rhemus.

“Hmm,” said Netspinner, “I wonder if the Cosmic Spirit was at work during the Shameless Years, when Poupedom was disputed like a plaything between corrupted barons. Maybe he was on holiday, or maybe…”

“Enough of this!” Pyothr said, a bit piqued “What do I do tomorrow? Surely can”t be a candidate anymore, not as I am now.”

“Need they know? It”s not an immediately visible change, and they haven”t any viable candidate, anyway. Or have they?”

“N…no, not really,” admitted Pyothr

“Well, let”s leave it to the Cosmic Spirit to inform your colleagues of your new condition, then,” concluded Netspinner with a smirk.

Swooner Har Sulh was astonished.

“And they elected him?!?”

“Oh, well, there weren”t any alternative candidates, and the Cosmic Spirit must have thought that if you can’t beat them, join them!”

“So they elected an hermaphrodite as Poupe.”

“Well, they didn’t know that – then.”

“And the new Poupe, called Rhemus II, declared that any good Mithraist of age should become Reitu.”

“The better solution, don’t you think? Anyway, in Rhemae there wasn’t an anti-Reitù to be found, as in all Vituliae”

“I see. Well, Netspinner, you didn’t incept a poupe, after all. You only incepted a candidate who happened to be elected.”

“What difference does it make, now?”

“No difference at all, I would think. But what happened to Rhemus II?”

“Oh, he’s my chesnari, now. Hey, Roonstarved, c’mere!”!

The End


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