Indulgence in Sin

Indulgence in Sin
by Deathangelgw

Story Notes

Editor\'s PickDisclaimer: These characters aren’t mine, but rather Storm Constantine’s! HAHA! Wait…why am I happy about that…

Warnings: AU, slash, threesome, some language, lemon, sap, fluff, PWP, three horny hara that need a good rooning…is that a warning??

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Pellaz/Calanthe/Caeru, though not necessarily in that order…

Summary: Pell, Cal, and Caeru learn to give in to their vices to find their virtues.

Spoilers: Up through Book 5 and a bit of Book 6, but since I didn’t read that fully, well…hehe.

Author’s note: For the 7_deadly_sins_ LJ community challenge, which is a good *small* challenge that I decided to take up. I’m not crazy like some of my flist! LOL! A big huge thanks to Patricia and Jaiden for going over this and giving me advice for it! MUCHOS THANKS!!!!!! Anyways, enjoy and please review! Cross-posted to my LJ and 7_deadly_sins_ as well as raythoo and the Wraeththu mailing list.


A simple breeze blew through the room as Caeru sat at his desk, going through the piece of music that he was composing. It had been a while since he had taken up his composing, but with all that had happened in his life, his music had suffered and he wanted to just let go of his artistic tendencies. He hummed softly as he chewed at his pencil end, and then made another notation on the composition. Rue smirked ironically as he saw that it was turning into a minor key and becoming rather dark. After a bit, he sat back and stretched before standing and walking out to his balcony. Turning his jaded gaze onto Phaonica, though still with an appreciation for its beauty, he leaned on the balustrade and relaxed as he thought on all he had come to own and believe in. Much of it was based on his move to Immanion…his prison in some aspects, his salvation in others…but all in all it was home.

He started though in surprise as a hand slowly ran up his spine to stop at his neck. He looked up and over his shoulder and tilted an eyebrow as Calanthe leaned in for a soft kiss while gently kneading his neck. Cal was the only one that Caeru knew who enjoyed physical touches as well as spiritual. Caeru soaked up all of it whenever it was bestowed upon him, though he made it difficult more often than not. He leaned into the kiss, almost purring with satisfaction as a strong arm slid around his waist and held him close. Their kiss slowly broke and he smirked expectantly up at Cal. “And what are you expecting?” he asked softly as he resisted the urge to lean back into Cal.

“Mmm…I just wanted to taste you. Call me greedy,” Cal replied with a grin before he leaned his head in to nibble along Caeru’s neck. He chuckled as Caeru shuddered in reluctant pleasure and bit the soft neck. “Resisting me is not an option, Tigrina,” he added almost nastily.

“Like you’ll let me forget…bastard…” Caeru hissed out as he tried to resist the pleasurable feelings. He gasped softly as the arm squeezed around his middle in warning when he tried to pull away. Smirking as he tilted his head back, Caeru moaned in submission at the soft touches, but reached back and squeezed Cal’s thigh hard in retort. He felt Cal’s soft laugh against his throat and sighed softly as he relaxed finally, letting his desire take over and dulling his senses. No matter how much he detested Cal’s assuredness, he couldn’t fight for long. He blinked indolently when knowing hands parted his shirt and caressed the hot skin there. “What are you doing?” he asked lazily, albeit somewhat more alert.

“I think I am going to roon you right here so everyone can see,” Cal answered easily as he pushed the flimsy cloth off of Caeru’s torso and resumed his caresses, focusing on the pert nipples that were almost reaching for his attentive touches. He pinched and rolled them while suckling lightly on Caeru’s shoulder, loving the soft cries that were leaving the Tigrina’s lips as the other har arched back against him. “Let them see how much the Tigrina is controlled by the Tigron,” he added with a low growl as he slid his hands towards Caeru’s pants

“C-Cal wait…p-people will s-see…oh Ag!” Caeru’s breathless protests didn’t deter Cal as the Tigron removed the billowing pantaloons that cloaked Caeru’s legs and placed his hand just over Caeru’s entrance to his soume-lam. He pushed his fingers in when Caeru bent forward, watching as Caeru braced himself while he spread his legs and urged Cal inside of him. He grinned lustily as he felt Caeru becoming soume and very ready for more from him. Tossing his head, Caeru sneered over his shoulder at Cal. “Fucking shit, Cal! Do it already, you fucking tease!!” he snarled impatiently before groaning again and rolling his hips on the invading fingers.

“Aren’t *we* greedy…” Cal purred roughly as he pushed his fingers inside, stimulating the first two sikras of his Tigrina’s soume-lam while he undid his own robe and pushed it aside. Caeru cried out again and arched, his essence swiftly coating Cal’s hand as he swayed down onto the invading fingers. Cal rocked into Caeru’s backside, his ouana-lim pulsing increasingly more as he felt Caeru’s desire. With a gentle, yet urgent move, he shifted Caeru to face him, and then brought up the slender legs to wrap around his waist. “I think you want more than you say you do, Rue,” he whispered gutturally, leering as Caeru hissed at him with a glare before arching in invitation. With a soft growl of need, he pushed his ouana-lim into Caeru fully, covering the quivering har’s mouth with his own and sharing breath as they began to move.

Clutching at Cal, Caeru wrapped his arms and legs around Cal, holding on as he undulated onto the organ that was causing him such pleasure while his lower back pressed into the balustrade with each thrust. His head fell back as they moved faster, his mouth parting with soft cries of bliss as each of his sikras activated and sent fiery pleasure throughout his quaking body. He ran his hand down along Cal’s arm, caressing the hand that was cupping his ass cheek and urging it nearer as they bent closer to each other in impending release. With a soft shout, he shuddered as the secret part to Cal’s ouana-lim shot out and stabbed his fifth sikra, sending them skyrocketing into orgasm. He vaguely heard Cal’s shout as the other blond arched above him in ecstasy, but it was drowned out by his own pleasure.

Eventually, the spasms subsided and they slumped to the balcony’s floor. Caeru satedly laid his head on Cal’s shoulder, purring as the other har ran gentle fingers through his hair. “That was…very good… Naughty…but good…” he murmured with a wicked laugh, echoed with a chuckle from Cal. He leaned his head up and brushed his lips over Cal’s, opening his mouth when he felt the soft flicker of breath over his lips and shared breath with the blond.

“I swear…I can’t leave you two alone for a minute!” Pellaz’ voice broke through their post-coital sharing and forced them to look over languidly, grinning as they saw their amused consort. He crossed his arms over his chest as he sauntered over, looking down at their barely clothed bodies. “Did you wish for all Immanion to see what you two were doing?” he asked teasingly.

“Did they? Because I think we can give them an even bigger encore performance,” Cal replied cheekily before grabbing Pell’s hand and bringing him down while Caeru laughed in delight. Pell protested as he was tugged down, but was silenced when Cal captured his mouth with his own. The blond’s strong hand ran through the ebony silk that was Pell’s hair, holding the Tigron captive as they shared breath intensely.

Caeru’s desire rose as he watched the normally aloof part of their trio break down into an arunic whore. It was this that he greedily soaked in and urged him into action. Watching hungrily, his eyes darkened before he shifted off of Cal and began to strip Pell of his royal garments, suckling and licking at any skin that was exposed to him. Pell’s gasp and soft cry informed him that Cal had released their consort’s lips a minute before he felt fingers brushing towards his soume-lam. Shifting forward, he straddled Pell’s thigh and made it easier for the dark haired har to push his fingers inside, stirring the mingled essences of Caeru and Cal that were there with soft thrusts of his fingers. Pushing aside the last of the distracting clothing, Caeru leaned back and locked eyes with Pell as he rocked onto the fingers within him, panting quietly with his need.

“My, my…we *are* greedy, aren’t we?” Cal purred out as he nuzzled Caeru’s neck while his fingers deftly stroked Pell’s ouana-lim into preparedness. He chuckled as Pell gasped and arched into the strokes before he shifted Caeru easily onto Pell’s lap. “Well then, my greedy Tigrina…ride our Tigron into oblivion,” he growled out as he pulled Pell’s fingers from within Caeru before suckling on them.

With a soft needy cry, Caeru shifted up, and then impaled himself onto Pell, arching backwards into Cal as the other Tigron braced him from behind. Pell cried out as he filled Caeru, and then gripped the pale hips as he began to roll with Caeru towards their release. Their bodies undulated like in a dance for control while they thrust against each other, always supported by Cal as he caressed them heatedly while watching. It didn’t take long for Caeru to arch and shriek, clawing at Pell’s shoulders as he climaxed once more. Pellaz gasped and collapsed forward as his hips pistoned into Caeru while his teeth bit the Tigrina’s shoulder hard in his climatic throes. Caeru screamed again hoarsely in pleasure at the bite, his head falling back onto Cal’s shoulder as they trembled together.

Relaxing bonelessly into Cal, Caeru groaned as he was laid out onto the stone balcony, covered almost immediately by an equally sated Pell. He moaned as Pellaz shifted inside of him before pulling away, causing him to open his eyes sluggishly as he heard a quiet whimper from Pell just as the soft sound of mouths meeting muffled it. He watched with a smirk as Cal hungrily ate from Pellaz’ mouth as he caressed the dark haired har everywhere before standing them up. Pell leaned against the balustrade, gasping and tossing his head as he was encouraged to become soume by Cal’s deft fingers. Caeru’s grin grew as Pell spread his legs wantonly, undone by the skilled touches so that he forgot that they were indeed on display for all Immanion to see.

Pell’s body arched as he pushed his ass out towards Cal while he looked over his shoulder at his beloved. “Please Cal…I am the waters to calm your fire…” he whispered huskily, gasping again as Cal’s fingers twisted within him.

“I am the fire that shall be quenched within your waters,” Cal growled out hoarsely as he removed his fingers and placed them onto Pellaz’ hips. He pressed his chest to Pell’s back and pushed in sharply, lifting his consort’s legs up to brace firmly against the balustrade as he began rocking into Pell. Pell cried out and curved backwards until his head rested on Cal’s shoulder, his body shuddering with every thrust that came from his beloved. He shrieked suddenly in pleasure, surprising Cal and forcing him to look down as Pell writhed even more.

He suddenly felt a spear of pleasure rocket through him as he felt and saw Caeru kneeling before them, suckling eagerly at where they were joined as they moved together. He gasped as he experienced the deft tongue as it teased his ouana-lim while lapping at their combined essences as they leaked out of Pell’s spasming soume-lam. Neither Tigron lasted long with that kind of stimulation and were soon clutching at each other as they screamed in bliss when they plunged into orgasm. Slowly, they collapsed to the ground, shuddering as they clung to each other before Caeru crawled up to join their post-arunic snuggling.

Purring as he licked his lips happily, the Tigrina smirked at them. “Greedy bastards…” he murmured with a wink before reaching over for his robes and heading back into his rooms.

Looking at each other, the Tigrons of Immanion chuckled softly before standing and joining their consort. Who were they to disagree?


The soft staccato click of heels on marble broke the serene air that saturated the palace of the Tigrons as Caeru walked briskly through the halls. He was paying them a visit since that day was their proverbial ‘day off’, though how the rulers of all Wraeththudom could claim a day off was still beyond the Tigrina. But sure enough, the unusually sparse day had been cleared of any and all diplomatic functions for both of the Tigrons and the Tigrina. Being informed of the change only that morning had definitely thrown Caeru for a loop.

He stalked into the main chamber of the Tigrons’ personal wing of Phaonica and stopped abruptly as he stared at the room in horror, a cry of disgust and utter revulsion leaving his mouth before he could stop it. The room looked as if a storm had hit it. Clothes were strewn about the room, scattered amidst the multiple dirty cups, plates, bowls, and various utensils that were piled haphazardly everywhere. The curtains were thrown back messily, letting the glaring light of day fill the room.

And seated within the disaster was Cal, lounging lazily on the divan near the windows while puffing on a cigarette, his arm tucked behind his head as he tapped his bare feet on the end of the divan. He was dressed in just a pair of faded jeans that were unbuttoned and zipped down an indecent amount while his white shirt was unbuttoned completely and draped more over the cushions than his body. The ash tray that was near the blond Tigron’s head was filled with cigarette butts and ash, which was spilling over onto the table. He looked up at hearing Caeru’s appalled cry and smirked. “Hey…liking your day off?” he drawled out before taking another drag from his cigarette and blowing out a thin stream of smoke into the musty air.

“What the hell did you do here?!” Caeru shrieked as he gestured wildly around him at the chaos. “Did you have some fucking pigs rush through here or have you completely lost all personal sense of hygiene?!”

“Oh chill out would ya, Rue? You are such a prick when you’re in need of a good rooning,” Cal replied languidly as he chuckled while looking up at the ceiling and stretching a bit. He shifted as he took another drag and blew it out with a sigh. “I told the servants they could have the day off,” he finally explained with a wave of his hand, sending a thin trickle of smoke in a circle around his head as he did so.

“Day off?! What the fuck is going on!? First, it’s our schedules which, by the way, there were some really nice parties going on! And now this?! Are you just begging to be a slob?!” Caeru shouted before he began sweeping around the room, collecting various dishware and utensils and piling them up near the corner. “Stupid jackass…leaving a mess and not even moving!” he grumbled as he finished with the dishes, and then glared at the blond Tigron. “I bet you haven’t even taken a bath yet!! You are such a fucking slob!”

Looking over to snap out a retort, Cal stopped as he watched Caeru focus on the clothes, gathering them up quickly into his slender arms as he moved around the room. His eyes trailed over the slow ripple of musculature as Caeru bent repeatedly to gather up the clothes, for Cal had not been the only one to dress casual that day as Caeru was dressed in tight fitting blue jeans and a red silk shirt that shivered with each move. Cal’s lips curled slowly into a wicked smirk as he sat up on the divan, swung his legs over the edge, and stood silently. Caeru was still muttering imprecations at ‘the idiot har who couldn’t clean a paper bag if it was wrapped around him’, so thus didn’t notice as Cal carefully stripped off the unbuttoned white shirt and let it fall to the ground just outside of the ‘storm zone’. He stepped towards his bedroom, watching intently as Caeru continued gathering clothes before he walked noiselessly down the hall. He stripped his pants off not far from his shirt and smirked as he went into his room, where he gathered a couple of other pieces of clothing to continue the…trail.

After dropping a few more pieces of clothing strategically, Cal leaned against the doorway to his and Pell’s bedroom, watching Caeru in amusement as the har slowly went around the room before placing the rather substantial pile of clothing near the dishes. He chuckled softly as he heard Caeru’s growl. The Tigrina stalked towards where he had dropped his white shirt and, like a mouse to a trap, followed the trail towards Cal, who was waiting patiently, arms crossed over his naked chest and face creased with his wicked pleasure.

The curses and imprecations continued as the ‘bread crumb trail’ was gathered up into Caeru’s hold before he came to the last bit. Stopping mid-swear, Caeru focused on the sight of well formed bare feet and calves. To Cal’s immense enjoyment, he watched as Caeru slowly unfurled from his hunched position, taking in every last bit of naked flesh as he straightened up before the Tigron. He stopped as he came into view of Cal’s rather obvious arousal before he tilted his head back up to look at Cal’s smirking face and stood up the rest of the way. “You sloppy pervert…you’re getting off on this…” he murmured seductively before throwing the clothes at Cal.

Crying out a bit in surprise, Cal put his arms up defensively and knocked aside the clothes before lunging forward and grabbing the sneering Tigrina’s arm, pulling the other blond close as his consort fought him slightly. “And you get off with taking care of things. I didn’t know you were such a control freak…” he whispered huskily as he wrapped his other hand around Caeru’s opposite arm and used his strength to hold the struggling har to him. He leaned his head in and breathed in Caeru’s scent along his neck, sighing in arousal as he relished the scent.

Whimpering slightly, Caeru’s head fell to the side as his fists clenched on Cal’s bare chest. He shivered as a wet tongue laved his neck in a slow glide and he barely held back the moan that wanted to escape. He gasped with want as he was yanked closer, his chest colliding with Cal’s before he wrapped his arms around Cal’s neck and pressed close. He didn’t stop the moan that floated out as he arched in pleasure when Cal nuzzled and licked his neck, interspersing the caresses with hardy nips into his flesh. But a part of his clouded mind remained clear from the arousal haze and plotted his revenge on Cal’s insipid laziness. When he was forced to drop the rest of the clothes he held by an insistent Tigron, he knew what he could do.

Moving along towards the bed at Cal’s behest, Caeru caressed the scarf that he had wrapped around his hand, stopping only to share breathe with Cal. He groaned as knowing hands caressed him, pushing his clothes off to puddle on the ground. “You are…such a slob…” he gasped out as they stumbled towards the bed in a tangle of eager legs and arms.

“You enjoy it and you know it…” Cal retorted hoarsely as he pinched a taut nipple on Caeru’s chest, grinning ferally when Caeru cried out in pleasure. “Neat sweet little Caeru…always in control…” he murmured tauntingly as he made his consort writhe in his hands with the tormenting pleasure he was unloading on Caeru’s chest.

“That’s…right…” Rue gasped out as he arched, then moved swiftly. He shoved Cal towards the bed and, while the Tigron was unbalanced, he shifted forward. Grabbing Cal’s hand, he braced it on a bed post and quickly tied the scarf around it, securing it to the pole. While Cal protested and tugged a bit on the solidly tied knot, Rue grabbed the other arm and secured it in the same way with the other end of the scarf. With a grin, he climbed onto the bed stealthily and watched as Cal struggled against the pole before he stretched out steadily onto his hands and knees. “You have been a very naughty har, Calanthe…” he murmured darkly as he eyed the calming har with a wicked grin.

“This is a new side to you…” Cal replied a bit nervously, though he had to admit to himself how much he liked the look in Caeru’s eyes as the other blond ran a predatory gaze up and down his body. He smirked as he shifted, tilting his hips a bit in as provocative a stance that he could pull off while tied to the bed post. “What are you going to do…spank me?” he asked teasingly as he eyed his consort with a leer.

“And more,” Caeru answered with a slow lick of his lips, which earned a muffled groan from the watching blond. “Would you like that?” he inquired innocently as he stood up and circled around Cal leisurely, sneering as Cal turned his head as best he could to follow his movements. His hand suddenly whipped out and slapped a taut buttock with a sharp ‘whack’, causing Cal to cry out in surprise and jerk up as he looked over his shoulder at Caeru wildly. Grinning almost sweetly, Caeru caressed the pink mark he had left on the pale butt cheek. “I think you enjoy being naughty too much, dear Tigron…someone has to keep you in line,” he commented languidly as he stroked the flesh before smacking it again and causing another cry to fall from Cal’s lips.

“C-Caeru! What in Ag’s name-AH!” Cal’s curse was cut off as another slap, this time harder, met with his backside, causing him to jerk violently at the sharp pain. But he was aware of his arousal changing as he became soume, dripping with his need as the smacks kept coming. He gasped and writhed, fighting weakly to break free even as he pushed his ass out for more. The pleasure and pain were intoxicating to him and he never wanted Caeru to stop.

After a bit, Caeru stopped though and chuckled as he pressed himself against the reddened flesh, gripping it with his hands as he rubbed against Cal slowly. He leaned in and licked at Cal’s ear, grinning at the labored breathing that hitched at the move. “You enjoyed that too…” he whispered huskily before he used his hands to spread Cal’s legs wider for support and to open the other blond to him. His ouana-lim was dripping and pulsing with his desire as he rubbed along the dripping opening to Cal’s soume-lam. “You are…my soume…” he declared breathlessly as he teased them both.

“And…you…my…ouana…” Cal grunted out, nearly whining with frustration as he pushed back desperately. “Please! Rue! Please!” he cried finally as he arched his back, pressing himself fully into his consort in need.

“Such a naughty…dirty…har….” Caeru murmured mockingly before he shifted and pushed abruptly into Cal, eliciting a sweet cry of pleasure from the Tigron as he joined them fully. He began thrusting almost immediately, pressing his body on top of Cal’s as he brushed his hands up Cal’s sides and down his arms, molding them together as they moved as one towards their release. He pressed scalding kisses along Cal’s neck, biting down here and there to mark his consort before their mouths met in a fiery sharing. He growled as he repositioned his hands down to Cal’s ass once more and scraped his nails lightly along the reddened flesh, smiling as a cry of pained pleasure left his lover’s lips while they increased their gyrations in anticipation of climax. He gasped lightly and moaned as he arched, feeling his orgasm rip slowly through him as Cal tossed his head wildly and quaked with the edge of his orgasm. With twin cries of release, they bent as one before arcing sharply, their orgasms nearly shaking them to pieces as pleasure rocketed through them like fireworks at a celebration.

Gasping erratically, they continued to shudder as one before Cal’s knees gave out and he slumped awkwardly to the ground while Caeru tilted to the side and fell onto the bed in exhaustion. Their erratic breathing and reeling minds failed to register the added presence in the room, so it was with surprise that Caeru was suddenly pinned to the bed by a smirking Pell. “P-Pell?!” Caeru cried hoarsely as he looked up at their naked consort in shock when he found himself pinned easily onto the bed.

“You two…always making messes and causing trouble when I’m not around. Do I need to keep you on leashes?” Pell asked lightly as he slowly eased Caeru’s legs apart while kneeling on the ground, then pressed their groins together in a slow grind, causing Caeru to moan with need as he became soume.

“When…did you…get here?” Cal asked as he leaned his head against his arms, which were still tied to the post farther up. He smirked as he watched Pell push in his fingers into Caeru before looking at him.

“Oh, I heard the noise a while back and came to investigate…” Pell replied idly as he twisted his fingers within the writhing Tigrina. He smirked over at Cal as he pushed his fingers in deeply and wiggled them, brushing against three of the sikras hidden within and causing Caeru to almost sit upright in quivering need as he screamed. “You two were making a mess though…” he added conversationally as he pulled his fingers out a bit, causing Caeru to collapse onto the bed and moan as he covered his eyes with a shaking arm.

“Blame Caeru…” Cal murmured as he watched them avidly, his previously languid state quickly vanishing as he watched Pell torment Caeru.

“Blame yourself, bastard…please Pell! Inside!” Caeru whined as he brought his legs up and let them flop to the side, spreading himself plainly for Pellaz. He arched and choked on a scream as Pell pushed his fingers in deeply, this time four fingers that stretched him almost beyond tolerance.

“Not as in control, are we?” Pell murmured before removing his fingers and licking them. He braced his hands alongside Caeru as he leaned up, his ouana-lim waving in the air as if scenting Caeru’s arousal in deference to its own. He pressed close, then shifted back and snapped his hips forward, burying himself deep within his consort as Caeru shrieked in pleasure while jerking wildly on the bed. He began rolling his hips, taking the blond in a slow burning rhythm that soon had the Tigrina begging for more. He shifted up even more until he was kneeling on the bed and deepened his thrusts into the writhing blond, growling as blunted nails dug into his shoulders in a silent urging for more. His hands gripped the pale hips under his as they undulated as one, moving towards their release as Caeru wrapped his legs tightly around his waist. It didn’t take long until the punishing rhythm had them catapulting over the rim of bliss, screaming as they writhed together, connected deep within Caeru’s body before they collapsed. Gasping for air, they shared breath almost desperately, their tongues playing lightly together as they shared their essence.

After a bit, Caeru relaxed enough that Pell could pull away and he glanced over at the watching Calanthe. With a smirk that sent a shiver of want through his love’s body, the Tigron stood up languorously and stretched, his ouana-lim waving in the air as he moved, undiminished even from his recent orgasm. Cal eyed him hungrily, following the taut musculature as it moved Pell towards him. He moaned as he was stood up again and shifted so that he could grab the pole while Pell lifted his legs up. He was already a dripping soume, for he had been more than turned on with Pell’s conquering of Caeru, so thus it was no problem for him to take in Pell in one swift stroke.

Cal’s cry was muffled by demanding lips as his body bowed towards Pell, finding himself unable to move otherwise as he was pinned between the pole and the other Tigron’s powerful body. He gasped for air as the dark haired har rotated his hips in a constant circle that drove his love’s ouana-lim deeper into him with each shift, crying out as he could only arch and buck against the other har in a plea for more. His legs held tightly to the powerfully undulating hips, bringing them closer together as he shuddered with impending release. His body almost snapped in half as he bent sharply back when Pell’s secret tongue lashed out at his fifth sikra, impaling it and sending them careening into climax as they screamed. As they relaxed, he was almost afraid Pell was going to drop him, but then realized dimly that his arms were free. He wrapped them around Pell’s shoulders and held on as they shifted onto the bed next to a smirking Caeru, who immediately kissed them satedly.

Stretching as Pell shifted out of him and laid down behind him, Cal smirked indolently. “Well…that was fun…” he murmured hoarsely, his throat raw from his screaming.

“You are incorrigible,” Caeru retorted with a light slap to Cal’s abused backside, laughing when Cal moaned. “And still a slob.””That…I am. And proud of it too damnit…” Cal replied with a yawn and an unrepentant grin. Who said laziness wasn’t the way to go?


If there was anything that Pellaz har Aralis and Calanthe har Aralis agreed on completely was that the sight of Caeru har Aralis, Tigrina of Immanion, enjoying a delicacy was beyond sinful. And the night of Loki’s birthday was a night for them to indeed enjoy the spectacle of Caeru’s delicacy gratification.

When the desserts were served, a smooth chocolate torte mixed with fresh raspberries and strawberries was given to the ruling family while the rest of the gathered were given a marble butter cream cake. Cal looked over at Pell and watched as his chesnari’s eyes darkened slowly in lust before glancing over to see as well what had caused such a reaction. He found out quickly and joined in the lusting as he watched Caeru delight in the rare dessert.

The spoon sparkled underneath the dripping mass of chocolate and berries as it was floated up to Caeru’s deliciously plump lips, which opened seductively in invite prior to closing around the morsel. The soft blue eyes fluttered closed as bliss seemed to cloud the lightly pale face while the jaw muscles moved in small circles just as the cheeks hollowed inward as he suckled on the dessert. The spoon was pulled out delicately and licked clean with tiny flicks from the pink tongue that pressed out in pursuit. Caeru’s head then tilted back as he circled his lips with his tongue in a slow sensuous caress to capture any remnants of chocolate and berry juices before swallowing the morsel within his mouth.

This sensory seduction was repeated several times until the dish was cleaned of any and all traces of the rich sweet and Caeru sat back in his chair, looking to have just been rooned and sated. Cal found himself taking a deep breath to calm his sensitive body as it pulsed with the need to bring about that look for himself, and he knew without a doubt that his beloved was thinking the same thing. It was like this almost all the time: the observing as Caeru almost took aruna with the food and sending them into such a state that they would have to find a private room shortly.

But suddenly, Cal had an idea that would prove to be rewarding and adventurous at the same time. Turning to Pell, he whispered softly, “I have an idea.”

Eyes sparkling with interest, Pell slowly parted his lips in encouraging amusement before he tilted his head in an obvious request for elaboration. He leaned in closer and grinned as Cal began whispering to him of his ‘master plan’ for seducing their consort. He laughed softly and nodded before kissing the other Tigron in silent agreement. Let the plotting commence!


Stretching languidly within his bed, Caeru moaned happily. After the party, he and another har had returned to his rooms and taken aruna until early in the morning. He always did enjoy taking aruna with someone whom he would not have to see again. And it had been well worth it, too…

He chuckled lowly before turning onto his side to snuggle close to his bed partner, only to find his bed empty. Sitting up and pouting, the Tigrina sighed in disappointment. So much for an early morning seduction…He glanced around and saw that his bed partner must have left not that much earlier and shrugged. Oh well…there were plenty more where that came from…

Lying back down with a contented sigh, Caeru closed his eyes in an effort to catch some more sleep. But, to his surprise, just as he was turning onto his side, he felt the soft slide of a hand through his hair and down his back, where it stopped on his butt and began to slowly knead the pale skin. He moaned and pushed down into the hand as he arched a little bit, then rolled back somewhat to smile at his returned lover. But he was met with another surprise and gasped. “Pell! What are you doing here?” he demanded then groaned as his ass was squeezed.

“Do I need a reason to see my consort?” Pell asked softly as he smirked prior to leaning in for an intense bout of sharing breath with Caeru. He growled as he pulled back after a bit, causing Caeru to whimper with need as he left the plump lips. “You look so sweet and delectable, Caeru…was your bed partner good for you last night? Or was it…the dessert?” he murmured hungrily as he brought his hand up inch by smooth inch along Caeru’s side.

Moaning as he stretched and leaned back into Pell’s darker body, Caeru reached a hand up to lace in Pell’s dark hair. “The har was good…the dessert was better,” he finally answered huskily, grinning as he opened his eyes to gaze up at his consort. It wasn’t often that Pell would be so…loving. “Are you jealous?” he asked teasingly as he rolled his body back just a little bit more as the teasing fingers of the Tigron circled one of his nipples.

“Mmm no…but I do intend to reclaim what is mine,” Pell whispered ahead of pinching the taut skin and eliciting a cry of shock from the Tigrina as a jerk moved through the pale body. He smirked as Caeru glared at him before sitting up and scooting away from him, tucking the sheets around his slender body. “Does that scare you?”

“You’re such a bastard!” Rue hissed angrily as he pushed back his sleep and aruna tousled hair from his face. His face was dark with hurt and anger. “I’m not your whore! I may be your consort, but I can do what I want! Now get out!” he ordered as he pointed towards the door.

“I don’t think so,” Pell replied softly, his own eyes darkening with a touch of anger and arousal as he lounged on the bed. “You glut yourself on sweets and don’t even think about how it affects others. You *are* a slut…*our* slut,” he stated softly as he leaned in closer to Caeru with a smirk.

“*Our* slut?” Caeru repeated in confusion before looking up as he heard the soft clink of metal being placed on wood. He blinked in surprised as he saw Cal standing next to the bed after putting down a tray full of various desserts, sauces, and whipped cream. His eyes widened and his mouth began to water as he took in all the treats. Strawberries, raspberries, and peaches glimmered juicily in silver bowls while both milk and white chocolate sauce steamed in another pair of silver bowls. He whimpered as he saw cherries on top of a dish full of chocolate mousse. A moan of want left him as he saw the last treat: the special raspberry and strawberry torte that had been served the other night.

The Tigrons grinned widely at each other as they watched the Tigrina almost drooling at the sight of the food when Cal shifting onto the bed broke the trance Caeru had entered. He eyed them warily, unconsciously licking his lips as he panted just a bit. “What are you two planning?” he asked hoarsely before clearing his throat in irritation. He stifled a groan as Cal gripped his calf just before running that possessive hand up his leg when he repositioned himself closer to the Tigrina.

“A bit of…savoring,” Cal explained with a naughty grin prior to he reached over and took up a strawberry. He swiped the large glistening fruit into the milk chocolate and brought the dripping morsel over towards them. He brushed the sticky mass along Caeru’s leg, then leaned his head in and licked the sweet path clean from the pale skin. Caeru moaned and arched, trembling as he struggled to remain still under the teasing tongue. He looked down as he bit his lip then couldn’t stop the whimper that left him as the strawberry was offered to him. He opened his mouth and flicked his tongue over the congealing confection before wrapping his plump lips around the juicy fruit. He bit down, his eyes fluttering closed as bliss washed over his face. Juice and chocolate dripped down his chin and onto his neck and chest in dark sticky dribbles while he slurped at the piece in his mouth to get all that he could. He pulled back, chewing on his bite as he moaned deep in his throat and savored the mixture of sweet chocolate and tart strawberry.

Pell and Calanthe watched him with wide lust-filled eyes at the same time while their arousal became noticeable between their legs as they watched. After a bit, Pell leaned in and licked at the reddish brown streaks that had painted a lurid path along Caeru’s neck and chest, earning another heartfelt groan from the Tigrina as he let his head fall back in pleasure. The dark haired Tigron then sat up and smirked over at Cal before taking the remaining fruit into his mouth and chewing on it slowly. His smirk remained, tinged reddish brown from both his ‘cleaning’ of Caeru and from his snack, as he chewed on the sweet treat.

Eyes darkening with need, Cal shifted closer to Pell and shared breath with him hungrily, swiping his tongue in to grab the remaining fragments of fruit as Pell pushed closer. He suddenly found himself flat on his back, staring up at Pell as his chesnari straddled his hips and grinned wickedly down at him. It was going to be one of *those* sessions…

He couldn’t bite back the yelp of shock as something cold and light was suddenly coated onto his ouana-lim, shocking his system. He also couldn’t stop the rumbling growl of need as he arched sharply when a hot mouth began to lick off the cold substance. Pell chuckled softly and shifted onto the bed, giving Cal the perfect view of Caeru delicately licking whipped cream off of his pulsing ouana-lim. They both watched avidly as the pink tongue flickered out rapidly, drawing back in with delicious morsels of whipped cream mingled with the liquid that was slicking the pulsating flesh.

After a bit, Caeru sat back with a sigh, licking his lips deliriously as he grinned at them. He traced his fingers through what was left on Cal’s body and brought them to his lips, sucking on them with an exaggerated groan of lust. But, before they could even react, he moved forward and straddled Cal’s hips, slowly grinding his dripping soume-lam’s opening against the twitching rod that rose up for him. He let out a growl as his body bowed with his need just as he lifted up and took Cal into him. He tossed his head and braced himself on the golden Tigron’s chest as he began lifting himself up before lowering himself back down, earning a shudder of pleasure from his consort.

Watching them for a little bit, Pellaz felt his own ouana-lim pulse with the need to possess one of them, but memories from the time when they had both taken Caeru slowed his impulse down. Instead, to distract himself, he grabbed the bowl of peaches and brought it over. He took a piece of the dripping fruit and traced it over Caeru’s chest. The rumble of approval preceded the harsh buck that rocked Caeru’s body as Cal thrust up abruptly while watching them. Pell grinned as he began tracing his tongue over the sweet trail, gathering every sticky droplet with a swipe of his tongue while his two lovers drove each other towards their climax. He bit off some of the peach and shared it with Caeru as he brushed his fingers over the Tigrina’s chest before trailing his tongue down the pale neck and biting it.

Caeru’s sudden shout of surprise catapulted Cal and him into climax, and they both shuddered and rocked together erratically in their throes. Pell released Caeru’s neck and lapped at the wound before shifting up to share breath with a heaving Tigrina. He purred as he felt a gentle hand brush along his backside and broke the sharing to leer down at his chesnari. He leaned down and straddled Cal’s chest as he proceeded to share breath with the blond, groaning as dexterous fingers fondled him into becoming soume. His breath gusted wetly into Cal’s mouth as his first two sikras were caressed into pulsing life, and he whimpered as he pushed onto the invading fingers.

He was startled then when a sticky, heavy heat was drizzled over his back after his hair had fallen forward. A groan rippled out of him as a hot tongue began swiping the sticky liquid off of his back just as an ouana-lim pushed into him with a shove. He was braced by two hands on his shoulders and looked up in surprise at Cal as he realized that it wasn’t Cal within him, but Caeru. He turned to look over his shoulder and groaned loudly as Caeru began thrusting into him possessively, making him grip the sheets under them as the Tigrina’s deft tongue lapped up the chocolate that covered the dark-haired har’s back in gooey tracks.

Cal watched them with hooded eyes, licking his lips as he watched their consort’s pleasure in taking Pell as ouana. It was a rare occurrence that they let happen, but when it did it was beyond pleasurable. He chuckled as Pell yelped and bucked when Caeru bit his shoulder just as their gyrations increased to a frenzy of thrusts and counter thrusts. He shuddered with them and gasped as they reared up as one, writhing together as they climaxed.

A few seconds of mind blowing bliss later, the two collapsed on top of Cal in a gummy mess of chocolate, peach juice, melted whipped cream, and excretions from their release. They lay together panting for air as the aftershocks of their arunic discharge caused them to tremble here and there. Caeru suddenly started laughing as he buried his face in Pell’s shoulder, making them look at him in concern. He snickered and looked at them with a wide grin. “I’m never looking at my sweets the same again!” he commented, laughing once more as they grinned at him.


Sometimes things that mean nothing to some people are the envy of others. At least, that is what Caeru felt as he watched Pellaz and Calanthe walk down the main street of Phaonica towards the marketplace that was near the center of the city. He studied Moon, Tyson, and Loki as the three younger hara goofed around next to the two Tigrons while walking to the center, their good mood and teasing visible even from the Tigrina’s tower room. Yet even that visible sign of good fortune failed to lift Caeru’s dark mood.

He felt his insides roil with pain as his mind’s eye replaced the three younger hara with Abrimel, himself, Geburael, and added in Darquiel. It would never happen, though, and that was the painful part of the dream. He knew that because of Pell’s stubbornness and inherent apathy towards their sons and grandson, part of their family would never be acknowledged, nor accepted into their lives. Even if Darquiel was the product of all three of the rulers of Immanion when they had needed both strength and support for each other, it was still not enough to grant the powerful har a place of comfortable acceptance in their family.

And now, Caeru could never host again, thanks to Diablo’s insidious attack a decade ago. While it seemed that the Tigrons took to his bed willingly, there was always a hint of regret and indecision that marred their aruna, causing them to hold back from being truly intimate with him. It was as if they were afraid of even trusting him, for he had failed them in protecting their son, which had nearly resulted in Darquiel’s death. That was what hurt more than any of the pain being soume caused him.

Abrimel was never mentioned and they hardly ever saw Geburael, for he was staying in Megalithica with Swift and Seel until he grew more confident in his powers. Despite the fact that Geburael was under Cobweb’s tutelage, Rue’s heart still felt the painful loss of his son, as if a dagger were being twisted slowly in reminder. Pell had ostracized his son from the beginning, even changing his name to spite Caeru. But now, he wasn’t even a shadow in their past. He did not exist to Pell and that hurt Caeru more than he could bear.

Clutching a fist into his shirt over where his healed wound throbbed even now, Caeru watched the happy family bitterly. He could never be a part of that side of their group. Moon was so much like Pell had been when they had met that it was like poison to him. Tyson was a more relaxed version of Cal, and Loki was the son of Pell and Galdra, a pair that had saved them and bridged the breach that had opened in Pell’s heart when Cal had abandoned them. Not even Caeru had been able to do that. He had lost his only chance to truly *mean* something to Pell when he had lost their son.

Turning away from the sickening sight, he went into his drawing room and poured himself a large glass of the rare bourbon he had bought from an old friend a few years back. He usually saved it for special occasions, but he just wanted to forget now. Knocking back half of it in one go, the Tigrina slumped into one of the plush seats near the fireplace, staring idly into the crackling flames as he thought over all that had happened and had been taken away.

His thoughts drowned out his awareness of anyhar else, so he didn’t even acknowledge the presence of his servants when they brought him food and stoked the fire. He just refilled his tumbler steadily until his thoughts were in a drunken haze, numbing him from all that had been lost.

Eventually, he managed to stand up unsteadily and headed towards his room. Or rather, tried to head towards his room. His body was bent at an awkward angle as he shuffled towards the doorway, the alcohol throwing his body into a disorderly pose from its potency. He cursed softly as he stumbled into a small cabinet, knocking it back a bit as he struggled to remain upright. It had been decades since he’d last been drunk and he found the sensation unfamiliar. Just as he got to the doorway, he tripped over his own feet and plunged forward, dropping his bourbon in a shatter of glass as he plunged to the ground. The shards flew up and cut into his arms, hands, and shins, earning a series of slurred curses as they dug into his pale skin and drew crimson blood.

The noise was enough to attract Cal and Pell’s attention and they rushed to their consort’s rooms in concern. When they found the inebriated and bloodied Caeru on the ground trying to stand back up as he slurred through various curses, their concern rose exponentially. They went to his side immediately and steadied him, becoming annoyed when the Tigrina pushed them away. “Go ‘way y’two cads! Dun nee’ any ‘elp fr’m ‘ou,” he snarled at them drunkenly as he tried to stand on his own, but only managed to sway back into Cal as the other blond hefted him up.

“You are so plastered, Rue! What the hell happened?” Cal huffed out as he finally got Caeru to his feet and wrapped an arm around Rue’s waist. Pell mirrored him on the other side. He looked over the cuts on Caeru’s arms and hands, as well as the couple of scratches that were on the slender shins, and sighed as he started them towards Caeru’s bedroom.

“M’not drun*k*, y’ov’r st’ffe’ pig!” Caeru retorted as he swayed dangerously towards the right, nearly knocking all three of them off their feet. “Y’go’ no *right* t’tell me wha’ t’do,” he added in a very drunken attempt at superiority as he swung his arm up and nearly toppled backwards.

“By the Aghama, you are wasted…why, Rue?” Pell asked in irritation as they stabilized Rue again before they continued their haphazard way towards Caeru’s room.

“S’n’ne of ‘our *b’s*’ness, Pell, s’ust fuck off!” Caeru replied as he leaned forward precariously. He giggled suddenly as they came to his room and began to strip him down so they could fix his wounds and tuck him into bed. “Ah*ha*! ‘ou thin’ ‘m’g’nna h’ve ar’na wit’ ‘ou! Fuckers!” he called out as he twirled around before he was manhandled into a chair.

“Not in this state you aren’t,” Cal responded with a derisive snort as he began to wipe off the blood while Pell went to get a wet washcloth. Silence fell over them as he worked and, after a bit, he looked up in confusion. He blinked as he saw Caeru watching him while tears rolled down the alcohol flushed cheeks. “Caeru? What’s wrong? What happened?” he inquired gently as he placed his hands on Caeru’s shaking hands in the Tigrina’s lap. Pell returned to the room and stood just behind Cal with the washcloth, silently watching them in concern.

Turning his face away, Caeru sniffled and bit his trembling lip as more tears stained his cheeks with salty wet streaks. He took a shuddering breath before a soft sob left his throat{,} and he closed his eyes while he slumped into his seat as he gave in to the alcohol induced tears. “‘at’s it, init? ‘ou ‘ouldn’ sl’p wit’ me in any state…” He laughed slightly, his voice choked with his tears as Pell and Cal both stared at him in surprise at the change of mood. “I fucked up an’ ‘ow ‘m’w’rth nothin’. ‘ou go’ all y’wante’ an’ now, y’ust drop me. R’placem’nt f’r a fucker who ‘ust goes an’ takes o’her p’ple’s lives,” he added with another sob as he tore his hands away from Cal’s calm hold to cover his face, his shoulders shaking as he wept drunkenly. “Y’didn’ ev’n take our s’n!”

“That’s not true, Rue. We take aruna with you, don’t we? You’re worth it. And Abrimel is still out there. Maybe he can come back someday,” Cal said quietly as he rubbed Caeru’s thighs soothingly before taking the washcloth from the somber Pell. He began cleaning the bleeding wounds and picking out the blood and bourbon stained glass shards as he continued. “Now come on…calm down. Where’s this coming from?”

“Fuck off, Cal! Li’e ‘ou ‘are! Y’go’ wha’ y’wante’! Wha’ more d’you nee’ t’ta’e fr’m me?!” Caeru snarled thickly as he slapped away Cal’s hand followed by a shove at the other blond to push him away. He made an effort to stand, but wobbled and sat back down almost immediately. “Fuck it…c’n’ wal’…c’n’ do n’thin’…” he mumbled tearfully as he curled up in the chair and cried into his knees.

Growling, Cal shifted back onto his knees and brought the Tigrina’s face up, glaring at him. “That’s bull shit and you know it! Now let us take care of your wounds!” he growled out as he pushed Caeru’s knees down and took up the washcloth again.

Pell came over silently and knelt down, placing his hands on the somber weepy blond’s arm as he searched the sallow complexion. He brought a hand up and brushed it through Caeru’s hair, urging the blond to look at him with his swimming eyes. “Why did you get drunk, Caeru? You were fine earlier,” he asked softly.

“Wha’ d’y’know? ‘m’ust th’ stepp’n’ stone t’you, Pell. ‘ou ain’t ev’r care’ abou’ me, s’why star’ now?” Caeru responded tiredly before he looked away. “I g’ve ev’rythin’ t’you, Pell. An’ ‘ou ‘ust…stompe’ on it li’e it w’s n’thin’. An’ I c’n n’ver ev’n try t’ma’e it u’ t’you,” he added in a hoarse whisper as his clean hand came to rest on his scarred belly. “‘ust l’ve me al’ne…” he murmured as several more tears leaked out of his closing eyes before he passed out.

Staring at Caeru, Pell opened his mouth once, but then closed it as he struggled to understand what had just been said. He looked down as Cal touched his hand and they both focused on the jagged red scar on the pale skin of their consort. “I thought you had healed this…” Cal whispered softly as he touched the irritated flesh with a soft finger.

“I…guess I failed in that too…” Pell murmured quietly as he stared at the wound’s remains before looking away. “Let’s get him to bed.”

Grunting in agreement, Cal stood and helped Pell drag Caeru up and over to the bed. They tucked the unconscious har into the soft sheets, then crawled in as well simultaneously, wordless in their agreement as they curled around Caeru. Leaning up, Cal brushed a hand through the tangled hair and frowned at the sorrow that was still evident around the tear encrusted eyes. “I never knew he envied us so much,” he muttered as he twined a lock of the pale blond hair around his finger. He looked up a bit at Pell and watched the regret and guilt that flashed over his chesnari’s face.

But Pell remained silent as he stared at Caeru’s face before he snuggled close and held Caeru to his chest. He didn’t know what he could do to make things better for their consort, but he would at least prove the Tigrina’s words wrong. He wouldn’t leave Caeru alone that night.


To Galdra, it seemed as if nothing had changed, even though a decade had passed since his last stay at Immanion. He watched as Ashmael continued to argue with Pellaz and Calanthe over various laws that were being offered, while Tharmifex and Cedony were hard at work calming and bringing order to the Hegemony as they either disputed the laws or each other. He had to fight a grin as he saw the lazy amusement that was always on Cal’s face throughout the proceedings even as he shot a volley of indolent comments at the Hegemony, adding to the chaos. A snicker escaped the visiting ruler of Freygard as he caught Pellaz whispering heatedly to Cal, who only grinned widely and was seen murmuring something, before Pell called a quick recess to the meeting.

Standing, Galdra moved to go and speak to the Tigrons, but stopped as he saw them going into a side corridor with hot lustful glances at each other. Curious, he wove his way between the congregating groups of flustered Hegemony members to the curtained exit and slipped through. He stopped again as he heard a soft chuckle and peered around the corner to see Cal and Pell glancing around warily before slipping into a small curtained alcove. Interested, Galdra snuck down the corridor to the alcove and peeked through the folds of the curtain. He was barely able to contain his gasp at what he saw.

The small alcove led into a small library where Caeru seemed to have been waiting for the Tigrons. The Tigrina was currently mouthing his way down to between Pell’s legs while Cal was sharing breath heatedly with Pell. The soft whimpers and moans had Galdra reacting immediately and he knew he shouldn’t get caught. So, he slipped between the soft cloths and stayed in the shadowy doorway, watching unabashedly as the three rulers took aruna before his very eyes.

They began opening their clothes to each other, but never stripped all the way as if they knew that they were going to be returning to their public duties in a little while. Their voices were subdued as well, muffled and contained as they hurried to send the other closer to release. But then something happened that caught Galdra by surprise. He watched as Pell was made soume and Caeru took him, thrusting in with a strange possessiveness that spoke of uncertainty and an eagerness to please. He watched as Pell cupped Rue’s face before sharing breath with Cal and whimpered softly along with Caeru as they watched.

But suddenly, he ducked back a bit more as Caeru looked over sharply at the doorway, eyes narrowed. Galdra felt his own eyes narrow in suspicion, then surprise as he saw fear within the gentle blue eyes. What was Caeru afraid of? He never figured it out as Caeru’s attention was recaptured by a gentle hand on his cheek and a soft inquiry. The Tigrina shook his head and resumed his rhythm, causing Pell to moan and arch in pleasure as he was taken. Cal leaned his head in to share breath with Caeru as his slender hand caressed over the hidden skin of Rue’s chest, eliciting a shuddering buck from the Tigrina.

Unable to look away, Galdra watched as Pell and Caeru reached completion with twin cries of pleasure, their bodies bending as one as they peaked. He bit his lip on a husky moan as Caeru removed himself from Pell, but then was restrained by the blond Tigron as Calanthe moved behind him and rubbed against his opening. Caeru arched as he became soume for Cal, but again, Galdra saw the look of fear in the pale blue eyes. Confused, he watched as Caeru was taken slowly by Cal and the look of fear was replaced by pain. But neither Cal nor Pell saw the look and Galdra wondered on how they could be so blind.

His lust for them dimmed as he watched the second progression to release and turned into true concern as he noted that Caeru’s once vibrant release fluids were now darker than before. But again, neither Tigron noticed as they cuddled together for just a few minutes in the aftermath, curling together around their consort. Thoughtful, he stepped away and wandered back to the assembly room and sat down quietly, not even speaking with those present.

Why had Caeru showed fear from his presence and before being taken? Did Diablo’s attack cause more pain and destruction than either of the Tigrons’ knew? Was it mere lust that kept them together or actual love? And where did he fit in with all of it?

He had to admit that he had enjoyed much of what he had seen and did indeed lust after all three. But never had he even thought of trying to interfere in their relationship. Perhaps he should if there was pain and fear within the Tigrina over his consorts.

So deep were his thoughts that he didn’t see the casual return of the three leaders, so he nearly jumped out of his seat when a slender hand shook him just a bit. He looked up in surprise and frowned lightly as Caeru stood beside him, his head bowed just a bit in a most uncharacteristic show of timidity. “Tiahaar, may I speak with you for a bit?” the Tigrina asked him, his voice soft in an effort to evade detection from any nearby hara.

“Of course, Tiahaar,” Galdra replied easily and stood, following Caeru from the room as the Hegemony slowly came back in while the Tigrons spoke softly with Tharmifex over something. Not looking around, the leader of Freygard trailed after the Tigrina to a smaller room and went to the center after being motioned inside. He turned and faced Caeru, polite interest on his face as he stood in a relaxed stance. “What can I do for you, Tigrina?” he asked formally.

“I ask of you not to speak of what you saw today. No one knows and it is better that things stay quiet,” Caeru stated quietly as he stood with his side to Galdra, not even looking at the other har. He stared unseeingly at the chair nearest him as he clenched his fist in the velvet cover.

“What are you talking about, Caeru? I saw three hara taking aruna…nothing more,” Galdra answered guardedly as he eyed the Tigrina speculatively. His lips curved into a frown as he watched the fist on the chair begin to tremble.

“You saw, didn’t you? You saw what they don’t see…the pain and how I’ve been changed,” Caeru whispered hoarsely as he shook where he stood. When Galdra didn’t answer, he looked over sharply, his eyes wide with fear and desperation. “Don’t tell them! I order you!” he cried as he turned fully towards Galdra.

“I will say nothing, since you demanded it. But you should speak with them,” Galdra finally responded reluctantly as he sighed. His frown deepened as Caeru turned away from him. “Why won’t you speak to them?”

“It’s enough that I have them in what little way I can. Why chase them away with reminders of my failure to them?” Caeru answered bitterly as he ducked his head, hiding his face in both shadows and his pale hair. Galdra felt a twist of pity in his chest as he watched the embittered har before him and moved to comfort the Tigrina, but Caeru straightened suddenly and turned away completely. “Just remember your word, all right, Galdra?” he reiterated before leaving the room swiftly.

Flummoxed, Galdra rubbed his arms as he glanced around the floor before leaving the room as well and returning to the assembly hall. He didn’t know why Caeru was content to live on lust alone with Pell and Cal, but he did know that they should know about his pain. But he had given his word, so, with great unwillingness, he knew he would keep quiet. However, as he returned to the room and saw the Tigrons talking quietly with the tense Tigrina, he once more questioned his intentions. A look in his direction though kept him quiet. He would do this and pray to the Aghama and all of the Dehara for guidance in this situation. While he longed to be involved with Pell again and maybe even Cal, he wasn’t sure about Caeru. But he wasn’t one to ever wish a har ill. In the end, he just hoped they would figure it out and fix things.

That is…if their relationship was more love than lust.


The soft clink of utensils on china floated through the smaller dining hall of the Tigrons’ wing of Phaonica as Pellaz, Calanthe, and Galdra ate dinner together. Quiet chitchat mingled with the sounds of eating, punctuated by a laugh or exclamation here and there over some remark or gesture made during their conversation. But to Galdra, it all seemed so false.

As he watched them, he marked their pointed hindrance in showing open affection to one another in his presence. Not only were they holding back, but they were also evading certain subjects, Caeru being the center of those issues. Any time Galdra attempted to inquire about the whereabouts of the Tigrina, he was evaded smoothly, whether with an offering of a new delicacy or by the interruption of a new idea being brought into play by Cal. His frustration grew, for now he had a feeling they were trying to keep him from worrying over Caeru, proving his theories were indeed a cause for concern. Something had happened to make them rather protective of the other blond ruler.

Finally, after Cal had gone with the servants to fetch a bottle of sheh, Galdra found himself with a relaxed Pell on the balcony overlooking the bustling nightlife of Immanion. He leaned on the balustrade and looked out, tucking his gently waving hair behind his ear as he considered on how to broach Caeru and not break his word. After a bit, fate guided his mind on an idea.

“How is Darquiel? And Loki?” he asked as he smiled over at the dark haired har he had come to love deeply years ago.

“Both are well, or so I am told. Rue keeps up on them more than I. Oh, and so does Cal. Loki is visiting Geburael with Darquiel, Moon, and Tyson in Megalithica. I am glad actually that they are there. Being away from here is good for them,” Pell replied, his voice trailing off thoughtfully as he looked out over the city. He fell into silence before looking over and smiling at Galdra. “I’m sorry you had to miss Loki. I wish you could stay longer so you could see him.”

“It’s all right…I’ll just have him visit some time. I’m glad you let me meet him. It’s nice to have your child in your life,” Galdra responded, but his eyes were focused on Pell’s face as he said the reassuring words. His gaze narrowed as he saw the uncomfortable look that came to the Tigron’s face and knew he’d hit a nerve. “What about Abrimel? How is he?”

“I don’t know nor care,” Pell snapped out shortly before looking away sharply, his entire body rigid with his tension.

Galdra watched Pell in silence for a minute, considering the reaction before he looked out over the city as well. “I wonder how Caeru is taking his banishment…” he murmured just loud enough for Pell to hear as he observed the other har out of the corner of his eye. He tilted an eyebrow in interest as he saw Pell stiffen even more while the pale fingers clenched on the balustrade. “He was yours and Rue’s son…” he added slyly.

“I don’t want to talk about that traitor boy! I wish he had never been conceived!” Pell shot out venomously before biting his lip and looking down.

Curiosity brimming, Galdra faced his friend and sometimes lover pensively, struck by the uncharacteristic outburst. “What about Geburael? Or Darquiel? Do you regret their creation?” he asked whilst watching Pellaz intently. He saw the crack in the dark haired har’s mask prior to the emotion breaking through and knew he had to push. “What about Loki? Do you regret him as well?”

“No! I don’t regret Loki at all! Only how I used you!” Pellaz cried as he looked up defensively. He straightened and glanced away again, somehow realizing what he had just said. “I…I care about the children, but Loki is special. I birthed him and raised him. The others…I don’t know what they are, but I can’t claim them.”

“They are your offspring! How can you turn a blind eye on them?” Galdra demanded, aghast at just how selfish Pell sounded at that moment. He stilled as he stared at Pell. “Or is it because they are from Caeru as well? Geburael is your grandchild from Abrimel, your first born, and Darquiel is the essence of the Triad-”

“They are abominations and I wish I had never thought to let them live!” Pell shouted at Galdra and then gasped at the same time as he paled. He gripped the banister tightly, wavering as he heard what he had just said echo around them.

“They are Wraeththu and of your flesh, Pell. But the cost of their creation has been even worse to Caeru than to you. Maybe you should look under the mask of uncaring and unselfish giving that is presented to you by Rue and truly see the ugliness that your so-called hatred and abominations have created and destroyed,” Galdra stated coldly, shaken inside by the severity of what had just been said.

“What do you mean?” Pell whispered hoarsely as he peered up at Galdra, seeming smaller than he had ever been in his life. He frowned darkly when Galdra turned from him, not answering. “Answer me, Galdra! Why do you bring up such dark things?”

“Because darkness has destroyed so much light and you refuse to see it in your arrogance!” Galdra shouted back angrily as he stared out over the city, his face dark with his frustration. “You don’t see the pain and darkness that is hidden under Rue’s false light and faint hope,” he added softly before turning back towards the chambers. He went inside, leaving Pellaz staring after him in utter confusion.

Chewing on his lip, Pell ignored the soft talking that floated out from the room as Cal met up with Galdra. He hugged himself, thinking over the conversation. After a bit, he realized that the whole conversation had been revolving around Caeru. Was there something wrong with Caeru? He thought back on their recent encounters and contemplated them as he stared sightlessly out over the city.

Suddenly, it clicked. He remembered watching Cal and Caeru and the momentary fear and pain that had been in Caeru’s eyes moments before his being penetrated. His eyes widened as he realized just what Galdra had been saying. With determination, he strode from the balcony past the two blonds, ignoring Cal’s inquiries as he headed out and to Caeru’s rooms.

He wasn’t sure if the Tigrina was with someone for the night, but didn’t care as he knocked on the large oaken doors prior to going inside. He allowed a faint smile to come to his lips as a rather disheveled and annoyed Caeru came out from the den to answer the door. “Forgive me, Caeru…am I interrupting something?” he asked softly as he came closer, watching the Tigrina intently as he approached.

An exasperated, yet fond sigh left the blond’s kiss swollen lips as he brushed down his hair and relaxed while glancing into the den. A red and golden haired har sat watching them with interest, his own clothes partially removed and just as unkempt. Rue winked playfully at Pell, but there was a wariness to his smile that the Tigron noted. “Well, you did, but I suppose I can forgive you this once since you’ll be going soon. What is it?” Caeru commented huskily, his voice lowered and breathy from obvious arousal.

“Mmm…nothing really…I just thought I’d come and be with you,” Pell responded nonchalantly as he ran a light finger up his consort’s arm, noting the watching har as he kept his gaze on Caeru. He saw the smile slip a bit from the blond’s lips. “Is that a problem?”

“What about Galdra? I thought you’d be rooning him till dawn?” Rue retorted tightly as he backed away from Pell, his eyes flashing with displeasure and jealousy. “Or are you just checking up on me so I don’t ruin myself? Don’t worry…Gerith and I were just starting, so you can go,” he added heatedly as his hand clenched into a fist.

“No…I think I’d like to stay. Cal can take care of Galdra. Besides, it looks like Gerith wouldn’t mind a threesome,” Pell replied lowly as he laced his arm around Caeru’s waist and pulled him close, smirking when his consort gasped in surprise. He glanced over at Gerith and leered as he saw the avid want on the young face.

“Pell…let me go…” Rue whispered softly as he pushed at Pell’s chest. He moaned when Pell began to nibble on his neck while the clever fingers trailed down his back and into his pants. “Pell…” he groaned out even as he arched slightly.

Watching Caeru closely whilst he pushed down the soft silk pants, the Tigron began caressing the moist folds of the Tigrina’s soume-lam, shivering as his fingers encountered wetness. He leaned back just a bit and watched Caeru, frowning slowly as he saw the pain and shame on the blond’s face before he looked down at where his fingers were caressing Caeru into arousal. Or so he thought as he found himself frozen in shock at what he discovered.

Instead of the brilliant blue and green that Caeru’s essence had once been it was a sickly navy that bordered on black. The green was the color of mold and the essence wasn’t silky, but sludgy, as if it had been mixed too often. He must have gasped because he suddenly felt Caeru’s body stiffen against his as a feeling of rage welled up within him. But it wasn’t directed at Caeru…it was directed at himself.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” he hissed out angrily, barely controlling himself as he looked up at Rue sharply. His dark eyes focused intently on the blond, causing Caeru to jerk away in fear and a rage of his own. “Why didn’t you say anything?!” he demanded again, his voice rising with his wrath.

“Get away from me!” Caeru snarled as he pushed Pell away hard, causing them both to stumble in reflex from the other. They straightened themselves and faced off. Hands clenched into shaking fists, Caeru glared balefully at Pell. “Why should you care?! Who the fuck-” He stopped as he paled and stumbled again, catching himself on Gerith’s shoulder when the other har quickly moved to support him while he stared at the heaving Tigron. “Galdra…he broke his promise…that fucker! I’ll kill him!!”

“Galdra said nothing, you jackass!! He clued me in, but I figured it out on my own!! Why the fuck didn’t you tell us?!” Pell shouted back in fury as he stared at Rue, his fingers covered in the blond’s essence as a testament to what had opened his eyes to Rue’s true pain. “We’ve been hurting you every fucking time! And you still took it?!”

“What did you think I was going to do, say no?!” Rue retorted incredulously, then started laughing bitterly as tears rolled down his flushed cheeks. “Are you insane?! I’ve been longing to be with you and, now that you’re *finally* paying attention to me, I should tell you I’m sterile and have been fucked up ever since Diablo stole Darquiel?! Did you fucking hit your head, Pell?! Or are you just that stupid?!” he snarled back as he pushed Gerith away, standing taller before the Tigron. “You give me scraps and I should ruin my chances by telling you that…right.” He snorted derisively.

“We can help you, Rue…we coul-”

“Help me?! There’s a thought!” Caeru’s voice broke as he laughed again. “The great Tigrons deigning to help the Tigrina, whom I’m sure everyone knows they wish was dead. Oh yea, that’d go over great, Pell…in stories,” he jeered.

“We do not! Rue, would you just shut the fuck up and listen?!” Pell snapped out as he stormed closer. But he had to duck as a vase flew at him suddenly, smashing into the wall near the door in a thousand glittering shards. Gerith bolted out of the rooms at that, terrified that he had been mixed up in the middle of one of their famed rows.

“Get out!! You don’t own me, Pell!! Get the fuck out of my rooms!!” Caeru screeched at the dark haired har as he picked up another vase and threw it at Pell. Pell dodged it again and backed out. “GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!” he continued screaming as he threw vases, statues, and even glasses at Pell, his face red with his rage and despair. He continued attacking Pell before the door slammed shut behind Pell’s hastily retreating presence. At the sound, the Tigrina sank to the ground with a heartbroken sob, shaking as he rocked himself.

He stayed that way for a few minutes before gathering himself and rising unsteadily. Not looking anywhere, he headed immediately to his bedroom, where he began packing a satchel with some clothes and a couple of utilities. He put a traveling cape on, not even caring on his condition, even though he had straightened his clothes somewhat absently, then grabbed his satchel and headed out to the sedim stables. Swiftly, he went through the shadowed alleyways to the stables and then inside, where he went to his sedu, Jancis. He touched the sedu’s snout with a gentle hand, and then hugged his steed’s long pale neck tightly, sobbing into the white coat as he trembled. “I have to get away, Jancis. Can you take me to Megalithica? Take me to Cobweb and Swift…they’ll help me, right?” he whispered tremulously into the soft hair before pulling back and looking up into the knowing eyes.

Tossing his head, Jancis nickered softly before nudging Caeru’s shoulder, urging him onto the sedu’s back. Mounting swiftly, Caeru leaned in and pushed the gate open before holding tightly to Jancis’ mane. He tilted forward as Jancis picked up speed, galloping through the city past groups of surprised hara as they watched the hooded rider fly by on a sedu. They came to the outskirts of the sparkling city and picked up even more speed as they vanished into the Other lanes.

Rue fought to concentrate as they traveled through the maddening dimension, but his sorrow and rage were too great and he couldn’t lose himself in it. They came out of the Other lanes with a loud ‘crack’ and Jancis trotted towards the bustling mansion of Forever. Looking over as they slowed down, Caeru saw a single figure standing within the lit doorway before it separated from it and came to meet them. With relief, Caeru saw that it was Cobweb and dismounted. He fell to his knees almost immediately and shuddered as the gentle fingers of his friend cupped his face before sliding through his hair in a soothing glide. “Cobweb…please help me…” he whispered softly and was summarily hugged to the slender body.

Watching the Tigrina, Cobweb felt a blanket of sorrow and pain cover them. “Stay as long as you need to, Caeru. Pell and Cal will not find out where you are from me. You are safe here until you heal,” he murmured soothingly.

“I will never heal, Cobweb…I’m sorry…” Caeru choked out before sobbing. He was gathered close and carried into the house by the Varr, where he was taken into a room and laid down to rest. Cobweb stayed with him and wondered if the wrath of the past was now coming to a head.


Three weeks passed since the clash that erupted between the Tigron and Tigrina, which resulted in Caeru’s sudden disappearance. Rumors spread as to a cause for it, but then one day, a local gossip column printed a fairly accurate accounting of what had happened. Pellaz’ fury exploded and the har, Gerith, who had informed the gossip column of what had truly happened, had been relocated to another part of Almagabra that was not so hospitable. But the damage had been done and the societal view of the Tigrons reverted back to what it had been before Calanthe had come to Immanion to change everything.

But none of that seemed to affect Pellaz beyond the initial rage as he worked to find Caeru. He contacted the Parasilians, Flick and Ulaume in Shilalama, and a couple of other hara who were close to them. He sent Terez and Kate to search for him, but, as the days went by and no news came forward, he began to lose hope of ever finding his consort. He began to withdraw from everyone, but most especially from Cal. His shell of cold heartlessness wrapped around him like a stifling fog that froze anyhar who tried to come near him in anything beyond a professional tone.

Finally, the strain of all the losses made Cal snap. After watching Pellaz slowly but most effectively tear into his own brother, Terez, when the har reported no luck in his search, the blond Tigron stormed from the study and headed towards the stable. He stopped and growled before turning on his heel and disappearing with a whoosh of air, reappearing in front of Forever. He stormed up the pathway, but then stopped suddenly, nearly swaying as he was slammed with the presence that they had been seeking for weeks.

Caeru was there.

Cal slowly turned, searching for Caeru’s vague presence. But before he could move towards it, he stopped as his gaze fell upon a figure in the doorway. His eyes narrowed as he stalked towards the figure. “Cobweb! What have you done?! Why didn’t you tell us Rue was here?” he demanded with a snarl as he stopped just at the edge of the small stairway that led into the house.

Impassively, Cobweb gazed at the one who was once his rival. He slowly tilted a manicured eyebrow as he smirked. “I was asked not to, Cal. I was under no duress to say more than that,” he replied quietly prior to his lips curving into a frown. “Besides, his spirit spoke of more than mere turmoil. He was terrified and broken. Care to explain?”

“I have *nothing* to say to you, mystic!” Cal spat out while his hands clenched into trembling fists. “Where is he exactly? I’m taking him home!”

“To do what? Hurt him more? You’re an idiot if you think I’m going to let you destroy another har for your own pleasure,” Cobweb retorted icily prior to turning to go back into the house.

“Wait! What do you mean? I never hurt him for my own pleasure! I care for him!” Calanthe cried before he lunged forward and grabbed Cobweb’s arm in a painful grip. He didn’t budge when Cobweb glared at him from over his shoulder. “Answer me, Cobweb!”

“Are you saying that you never hurt him with aruna or purposely twisted his feelings to your own gain?” Cobweb responded darkly while he gazed at Cal. “That you used him and sought to keep him from your beloved chesnari, even when you lost Darquiel because of your mistakes and hastiness?”

“I-I never…I’ve tried to make up for…I care about him deeply!” was stuttered out as the blond released the dark haired mystic’s arm. He flushed as he looked down, and then looked up when he heard Cobweb shifting. He watched as the other har’s arm came up and shivered as the pale cold hand cupped his face delicately. “I never knew what was wrong. I still don’t. What happened, Cobweb? Pell is so quiet on it and the gossip column just pointed out that there was a row. Why did he leave?” he asked softly while he gazed up at the mystic.

Eyes softening in compassion, Cobweb looked over his shoulder at his chesnari, who was standing nearby. “Snake…go to Pell. I think he needs some sense knocked into him. Cal will be here to start some of the healing,” he ordered tenderly, smiling as Snake nodded before leaning in for a soft kiss. He watched his dark beloved leave prior to focusing on Calanthe once more. “Come with me.”

Stepping around the blond, he headed for the nearby river down a path that Cal remembered well from his time there. He walked carefully down the dirt road, dodging crawling roots and reaching branches before coming to the edge of a clearing that stood nearest the river. Calanthe’s breath stuttered to a stop as he saw the small cabin that had once been Cobweb’s escape and where his own future had changed. It had been obviously repaired, the fallen roof and walls newly remade and painted, while the small garden that had been struggling to survive the sea of weeds now grew fruitfully.

Looking over at Cobweb, Cal cocked an eyebrow in query. “What happened here?”

“Snake was living here for a while when he first arrived. I had it fixed up so he can escape when he needs to. I use it every now and again, but for now, it is a sanctuary,” Cobweb replied soberly as he picked at the curving leaf of a nearby fern. He sighed and closed his eyes prior to turning. “When you go in there, be prepared for rejection, Cal. But…at least be willing to listen,” he advised the blond before leaving the Tigron’s side and heading back to his home.

Taking a deep breath, Calanthe faced the cabin once more before striding towards it gradually. His senses were extended towards the sanctuary, feeling the sorrowful essence of their Tigrina within while he crept forward. He finally came to the entrance and knocked very lightly on it. A quiet “Come in,” answered him, which was unsettling. Did Caeru not sense him? Was something seriously wrong with him?

Entering tentatively, Cal looked around cautiously and his gaze caught upon the lithe figure that sat near the mirror pool by the farthest window. The pale blond head turned towards the door and jerked as the light blue eyes focused on him. The already fair skin paled to a sickly ashen hue as the dull gaze widened in shock. Standing abruptly, Caeru gripped the nearby windowpane with a shaking hand as he swayed. “C-Cal…what are you doing here?” he whispered tremulously while he took a step back away from the other blond. He bumped into the windowsill and froze, straightening impossibly more as his body shivered in fear. “What are you doing here!” he suddenly shouted as he put up a hand, warding Cal away from him.

Stepping forward as he raised his hand towards Caeru, Calanthe tried to smile. “I came to find you, Rue. We’re so worried for y-“

“Bull shit!! I bet you’re happy! You never wanted me there in the first place!!” Caeru shrieked when he crept around the fountain, eyes warily locked onto Cal’s every move. “Stay away from me!!”

“No, Rue…I’m not staying away. Rue…what’s wrong? You’ve been acting so strange and then you disappeared! Pell has been searching for you for the past three weeks!” Cal cried as he stopped in his tracks. Caeru also stopped, watching him warily as if he was afraid for his life. “Damnit Rue! Tell me what’s going on!”

Straightening sharply, Caeru’s eyes narrowed to thin icicles as he glared at Cal. “Ask Pell! Ask how he barged into my rooms and molested me in front of my partner for the night! Ask him how he started yelling at me and accusing me of being a faithless whore!” he retorted, his voice rising until he was screaming the last. He took a heaving breath as he struggled for control. “Just go away! Leave me alone!!”

“You’re no one’s whore, least of all ours!! What do we have to do to prove that to you?!” Cal snarled while he charged forward. Before Caeru could react, he had pinned the Tigrina against the wall, restraining the slender arms above the other blond’s head. “Tell me what happened!”

“Let me go! Let me go!” Rue cried in rising panic while he shook his head and struggled to free himself. He bucked against Cal’s body, trying to shove the other har off but failed. He suddenly sagged against the wall, sobbing hysterically. “Why do you always have to hurt me?!” he whispered tearfully. Looking up as gentle fingers lifted his tear streaked face, he looked into the compassionate eyes of his consort. “Why?”

“Show me what’s wrong, Caeru,” Cal murmured softly before leaning his head in and pressing his mouth to Caeru’s. A gasping sob left the other blond as he tried to hold back, but his trembling body wilted after a bit when he gave in and shared breath with Cal. In a roiling flash of shame, despair, and anger, Cal realized the truth. When their lips parted and they slid to the floor, Cal gathered the weeping Tigrina into his hold and tucked the other blond close. He’d had no idea that such things were happening…had happened. Indeed he’d been hurting Caeru just as the other har had said: like a shameless whore. “Oh Rue…why didn’t you speak to us?” he whispered while rocking the crying har.

“Why risk a good thing?” Rue replied hoarsely as he sniffled before bringing a shaking hand up to wipe at his wet face. “You two were finally treating me like I was actually worth something. You already knew I was barren…I didn’t want to lose you when you found out my problem.”

“We’re in this together…all three of us. If there is to be any true relationship, we all need to be honest with each other. But our pride is stopping us from getting over the pain of the past and moving into the joy of the future,” Cal responded tenderly while he rubbed his cheek against Caeru’s head. They fell into silence for a few minutes before the Tigron stood with Caeru in his arms and moved to the bed. He laid Caeru out onto the bed and stretched out over him, keeping their touch as intimate and close as possible. With gentle fingers, he caressed Caeru’s hair and face, smiling faintly as the flushed Tigrina turned into the touches with obvious need. But it was a need for comfort and caring, not just aruna. “Rue, didn’t you know that we could heal you?” he murmured as he watched the other blond.

Closing his eyes in pain before reopening them and looking up at Cal, Rue shook his head. “I know that Pell and Galdra had discovered many things through aruna, but he never told me. I knew about Loki, but never about what they had found out,” he answered in a hushed tone. “And neither of you…seemed very…interested in that. So, it wasn’t important,” he added in a small voice while turning his gaze away.

“You and your self sacrificing dramatics,” Calanthe commented with a smirk before kissing a protesting Caeru. He snickered and tickled Caeru, earning a shriek from the ticklish har as he jerked and tried to escape from the tormenting fingers. They rolled, laughing and playing like harlings before settling into an embrace that was both secure and loving.


A chilly calm had fallen over Pellaz as soon as he had heard of Cal’s departure. Dismissing his staff and any other har who would dare to disturb him, he went into his private garden and stared out over the swaying landscape before him. He couldn’t even think on what had happened, too stunned to even comprehend what he should do. Now he’d lost two consorts…just like he had lost his sons.

Wrapping his arms around his chest, Pellaz rubbed his arms as if truly chilled. The wind blew around him icily like it was scolding him for his mistakes and foolishness. He couldn’t go back in time to change anything, not that’d he’d know what to change in the first place. Would he change when he had met Cal? When he and Caeru had taken aruna and created Abrimel? Would he adjust how he had reacted to his first born and Caeru? Would that he could change so much of his past, yet in reality he couldn’t. Even he, the Tigron of all Wraeththudom, couldn’t change a simple mistake.

Hearing the snapping of a twig nearby, he looked over his shoulder and frowned darkly as he saw his brother Snake and Galdra coming down the trail towards him. He stood and turned away from them, wanting nothing to do with either of them since they were either of no help or responsible for what had happened. But, before he could storm away, he felt the soft touch of his brother’s mind within his own, stilling him from taking his flight. He turned again and faced them as they came before him, drawing himself up imperiously as he gazed dispassionately at them. “What do you want?” he asked coldly, making it quite clear that he wanted nothing to do with them.

“Knock it off, Pell. This act is getting old,” Galdra snapped out angrily, his eyes flashing with irritation as he put his fists on his hips in defiance. “You might be Tigron, but you’re dumber than a human!”

Eyes narrowing dangerously, Pell faced his former lover as rage washed over him, breaking through the ice that had been taking him over. “Dumber than a human?! Who was the fuck who told me that something was wrong with Rue?!” he spat out as his hands curled into tight shaking fists. “Why didn’t you just fucking come out and say what was wrong with him!?” he demanded.

“Because I fucking promised, you idiot! That’s why! He told me in confidence and I promised to keep it quiet! It obviously shamed and hurt him!” Galdra shouted back as he crossed his arms over his chest. “He was ashamed, Pell…ashamed of what had happened to him and how low he’d stooped to getting even a little of your attention,” he added quietly, his words cooling Pell’s ire as he relaxed.

Turning to his brother, Pell cocked an eyebrow. “And why’re you here?” he asked in a clipped tone, still struggling to regain control of his emotions as he watched his idly observant brother.

“I’m here to knock some sense into you as well as to direct your course,” Snake replied softly while resisting his brother’s probes into his mind. “Your manners sure have gone downhill,” he commented with a roll of his eyes and waved his hand in front of his face.

“Quit speaking like Cobweb then and answer me. Why are you here?” Pell retorted impatiently as he stopped his probing. His brother’s shields were very strong, he mused absentmindedly.

“Impatient to the last…” Snake murmured with a snort and smirked when Pell huffed and Galdra snickered. Sighing, he straightened up and faced his brother. “Your pride put you into a lot of trouble this time, didn’t it, little brother?” he questioned pointedly and tilted an eyebrow. Pell frowned and flushed in response before glancing away. “What hurt more? The fact that you’d had to find out something was wrong from Galdra? Or the fact that you once again hurt Caeru more than he could handle?” he asked nonchalantly and tipped his head in remonstration when Pell glared at him indignantly.

“Why didn’t he tell me…us…that something was wrong? He kept saying that we only put up with him for aruna…but…” Pell trailed off slowly while nibbling on his lip.

“But what, Pell? Did you really think that after decades of animosity between you two alone that you’d be able to truly bond? You didn’t even care to support him fully after he’d been injured in defense of *your* pearl! And you knew how! You knew how to heal him and didn’t even ask! You just took his smile and moans at face value!” Galdra shot back hotly while waving his hand angrily. “You’re as much to blame as Cal and Rue are!”

“Shut up! I didn’t know, ok?! Just shut the fuck up!” Pell shouted as he covered his face with his shaking hands, his shoulders slumped in defeat. “No, I didn’t look…I didn’t even think that he was hurting! He wanted us and I wanted to make him feel good! Especially after…” He stopped, swallowing hard on the memory of Caeru drunk.

“After what, Pell? Did you actually know Caeru’s heart, yet chose to ignore his pleas for more?” Snake inquired softly and sighed as his brother looked away sharply. “I see. Something had happened to reveal things and you ignored it.”

“No I didn’t! We tried to make him feel our love! We do love him!” Pell cried desperately as he looked up at them both. “I knew we couldn’t give him another child, but he never asked! And he never protested to being soume! How could we know?” he babbled, near tears with his frustration and anxiety.

“What’s done is done. Now you realize your problem. It’s time to start healing things I think,” Snake stated before Galdra could say anything. He sighed and crossed his arms over his chest, shrugging. “Caeru is staying in a cabin near Forever. Cal is with him right now. I suggest you go there and start mending the damage that was wreaked upon your bond.” Turning, he started towards the path with Galdra.

Watching them go, Pell felt his heart clench as he realized he was at another turning point. Should he go to Cal and Rue and try to heal Rue? Or should he just turn away and continue on?

Making his decision, he frowned in determination and headed for the sedim stables. It was time that he stopped losing and started to truly gain what life had dished him in plentiful amounts: love and hope.


He wasn’t sure what exactly he had expected to find when he had followed his brother’s directions but the Tigron had not anticipated discovering his consorts entwined in a cuddle. They were still dressed, but looked contented as they just held the other. It was an embrace of an intimacy in which Pell rarely allowed himself to indulge and suddenly he longed to be a part of that as well.

Silently, he slipped his shoes off and went to the bed. He smiled hesitantly at Cal when the blond looked up at him before he slid in behind Caeru. Carefully yet with tenderness, he slipped his arms around Caeru and pressed closer when Cal adjusted his own hold to include the dark haired har. The other blond stiffened between them and looked over his shoulder, eyes widening in surprise as he saw who was holding him. “P-Pell?”

“Thought you’d lose me, hmm? You forget who you’re dealing with…” Pell replied with a roguish grin that was a mirror of Cal’s grin. He nuzzled Caeru’s neck, smiling as a soft moan left the Tigrina while he let his head fall back in a silent request for more. Nipping the pale skin before moving closer, he brushed his lips over Caeru’s, his breath heavy with his remorse and apology. “Forgive me and my pride. I never meant to hurt you so deeply, Rue,” he whispered.

A mix of a sob and a whimper left Caeru’s mouth just before their lips pressed together and they communed deeply in their shared breath. When they parted, they rubbed their cheeks together in a loving gesture of tenderness before gazing at the other. They both looked up at Cal as he squeezed them closer to his body. “You both are so much fun to watch,” he commented huskily and grinned as they both chuckled at his observation. He leaned his head in and brushed his lips over theirs before shifting back and focusing on Pellaz. “What do you wish to do?”

“I want to heal Rue. It’s my fault for everything that happened and I want to heal him,” Pell answered as he turned his gaze to the Tigrina as he watched them. “Is that all right, Rue?”

“Will it hurt?” the blond asked instead as he snuggled closer to them almost as if in a need for comfort. He turned his head into Pell’s hand as the dark haired har caressed his cheek soothingly. “I don’t want anymore pain.”

“This pain will be of the good kind, Rue…I promise,” Pell whispered before kissing Caeru again.

The Tigrina relaxed into Pell and Cal’s hold in a sign of his acceptance and was soon stripped. He groaned and flinched as he was coerced into being soume, but he never stopped them as they touched him. With gentle strength, his leg was lifted and he was carefully entered by Pell, moaning softly in a mixture of pain and pleasure as he was taken. He heard the soft instructions that were breathed into his ear and, when they began to peak, he fell back into himself and opened up to Pell’s invasion.

To Caeru, entering into himself was dark and painful, not the safe haven he had hoped it to be. Suddenly, Pell’s light burst around him and he could feel his body rearranging itself and healing wherever he was touched by Pell’s essence. Pell appeared before him and enfolded him in his arms as the sensations increased. His consort whispered more instructions to him to prevent any conceiving as they felt the imminent pull of release wash over them. With a soft cry, Caeru came to his surroundings when pleasure filled him. He barely remembered the instructions given to him as he fell back, shuddering in Pell’s hold, all the while moaning while he was covered in tender kisses and gentle caresses.

“Did it work?” He barely heard Cal ask the question, and opened up his eyes tiredly to gaze at the two Tigrons.

“Almost…since it isn’t as much damage as say, my brother’s, it shouldn’t take as long,” Pell murmured while he brushed a hand through Caeru’s sweat tangled hair. “How do you feel, Rue?”

“Like I’m being rearranged inside. It’s so strange…” Caeru whispered hoarsely before smiling lazily up at Pell. “But the pain is less…”

“Good. We’ll rest a bit and then try some more…hope you don’t mind,” Pell replied and grinned as Caeru snorted with laughter. They did just that and, after two more rounds, Caeru was completely healed.

Calanthe had watched them together through the entire time, helping here and there in their joining. By the end, he was desperate to join with one of them, but was certain that it was for another reason entirely. The last time they had been together as a trio had been with Darquiel’s creation. Now, he felt that a new life would indeed heal things completely.

And it seemed that Caeru agreed and understood for, as Pell pulled free and lay back, he turned to Cal and opened himself to his blond consort. “Please, Cal…” he whispered softly, intently and moaned as Cal moved over him and into him, swimming deep within his soume waters. He arched and writhed under Calanthe, finding more pleasure than he had felt in a long time. It grew in intensity until they were past the point of orgasm. With a shout of triumph, he climaxed, opening himself to Cal and feeling the aren mix with his yaloe in life before pleasure blinded them.

Watching them, Pell also felt that the moment was to be taken for his and Calanthe’s own full bonding. So, once Cal had pulled gently from the panting Tigrina, he pulled the blond over him and wrapped his legs around Calanthe’s waist, seeing in his love’s eyes the understanding and elation that matched his own. Once more, Cal swam within the soume of his love and they came together. When the full joining occurred, twin cries of joy and completion rang out before the two hara collapsed together in arunic high. Sated, complete, and filled with peace, the three rulers curled together.

Even in pride, they found their path and lives together.

The End


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