The Night Just Seems So Long

The Night Just Seems So Long
by Addie Fielding
August 2001

Introduction & Disclaimer

This is a prequel to another of my stories, “A Kiss for the the Rose” as well as my friend Paula’s story, “Freedom.”

All items contained on these pages are non-profit amateur fiction. The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, The Bewitchments of Love and Hate, The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire and all characters named in those books are the copyright of Storm Constantine and her publishers. No infringement on the copyrights are intended.

The Night Just Seems So Long

The grass is cool and wet on my bare feet and the breeze that is blowing gently through the trees, flicks my hair about my face. I can’t be bothered tying it back. So lonely. So alone.

I look up to the half crescent moon hiding occasionally behind the clouds, and the stars that flicker and disappear. It looks like its going to rain, but I don’t care if I get wet. Perhaps I might just sit out in the rain and catch my death of cold… if only I could.

Through the misty night I see the old greenhouse, and make my way across to it, hugging my body now with my arms. trying to keep from freezing. Shivering, I step inside, but there is no warmth in here.

Several of the glass panes are broken and small eddies of wind are lifting up the debris from underneath the plants and whipping them about. I find a corner that is almost dry and sit down on a garden seat. I look at the flower pots filled with tangles of weeds and a few lonely rose-buds making a valiant effort to survive. This greenhouse was beautiful once. Filled with orchids, roses and herbs. Now it’s overgrown and ragged, with wild creepers climbing the walls.

Cold and alone. I sit in a sodden heap on the garden seat, reminiscing… seeing their faces swim before my eyes… listening to voices long gone, but still in my memory. Terzian, with his strong handsome face and stern eyes… that only softened for me. I alone could tame that wild nature of his, I alone could nurture and love him as he needed.

Many nights we sat in this greenhouse, filling up our senses with warm spring aromas and the incandescent light of the moon glimmering through the glass. We would sit hand in hand, whispering to each other and laugh about the antics of Swift… our young, beautiful, strong harling, with his questioning eyes and smiling face.

Even Swift is gone… just for a few weeks, but he’s no longer mine, as he lays in the arms of his consort. They are happy together… I am happy for them. But I am alone.

Images of Terzian swim before my eyes… how he would love me, with his power and ability. Perhaps I was his only true match… perhaps I was the only one who ever truly loved him. Then a great sadness fills my heart as I remember his fading… becoming lost within himself, a victim of his own darkness… as I watched him surrender and finally leave us. As I feel a deep shudder overcoming me, I shut my eyes and begin to weep.

I bade farewell to my other young one today… no longer a harling… but a fine har… with fair hair and a wildness about him that will never be tamed. He has gone on a timely journey… one that will bring him into contact with the other one I remember now. The other, who was able to bring sadness and joy in one saunter… who could mesmerise and annoy with one syllable. The one to whom I gave a small piece of my heart, that is still with him.

The one I hated at first, but soon came to love. Cal, with his devious ways, but who soon held sway over my emotions. Damn him… damn him for making me love him.

As I sit here shivering, I remember the warmth of his touch, the desperate need in him as we shared breath and danced together in the magic of aruna. His body was so strong, lean and taut, but his mouth was soft and his hands gentle. I can still see his eyes staring down at me, his face veiled by his blonde hair, his lips in a smile… only for me.

The night just seems so long.

He loved us all in his own way, this vagabond prince… this dreamer. But we were but an interlude for him… a little bit of joy to buoy him on his journey. It’s a wonder I have any heart left, as all the pieces of it are now carried by them. Terzian, Swift, Cal and now Tyson.

My sweet Tyson, who always had the wanderlust within him, who always, even though he denied it vehemently, needed to know his hostling. As I bade him farewell this morning in the bright sunshine, his face a confused mixture of sadness and anticipation, I saw not my sweet adopted harling, but the epitome of Cal. There was a wild recklessness in his step, and an air of arrogance about him, softened by love.

Be kind to him Cal, he deserves to be loved by you. We all do.

The End


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