Three Wraeththu Drabbles

Three Wraeththu Drabbles
by Camile_Sinenis (Teapot)

Story Notes

Title: Three Wraeththu Drabbles

Author: Camile_Sinenis (Teapot) –

Description: Does what it says on the tin. The first two are too short, and the third one is too long, but what the hell.

Pairing: Velaxis + Tharmifex (no UST. No RST even. Sorry)

Setting/Spoilers: Set shortly after the end of Fulfilments. No real spoilers, but the last one in particular makes a great deal more sense if you’ve read Ghosts!)

Three Wraeththu Drabbles

1 Composed

When Thiede had disappeared, Tharmifex had woken up the next morning with one thought: “What are we going to do?” The question repeated itself in his head for two days, each time feathered with just a litte more panic. Eventually it escaped, and Tharmifex realised to his chagrin that he had asked it of Velaxis.

“Do?” Velaxis had looked at him with his trademark mixture of obsequiousness and superiority, one bored eyebrow arched faintly in surprise

“Well, I suggest we convene an ad-hoc sub-committee and prepare a report on the damage to the infrastructure. I believe the drains are particularly badly affected, and some sort of temporary water processing facility may need to be commissioned. Do I have your approval to go ahead with the planning…. Chancellor?”

Something in the measured deference accorded to that last word stilled the panic. Chancellor Tharmifex realised that composure was contagious.


2 Efficient

Velaxis is nothing if not efficient. Ruthlessly so. Chancellor Tharmifex remarks favourably upon it from time to time.

“If we had trains, I have no doubt that you would make them run on time”

“We have the Immanion Mass Public Transport Service – and it does run on time”

From the cold amusement in his eyes, The Chancellor knows that Velaxis understands the reference. The Chancellor reflects that most of the younger hara wouldn’t. Which is probably no bad thing.


3 Ambiguous

Chancellor Tharmifex is thinking about love and relationships, which is not something he often does, but a lot of things are different lately. His own domestic situation has recently taken a turn for the plural, to everyone’s surprise, most especially his own.

Late afternoon sun slants through the window of his office, falling on the formidable stack of paperwork, now mercifully completed. He has Velaxis to thank for that. The Chancellor’s gaze falls upon his clerk, who maintains his unruffled demeanour despite the afternoon’s frantic activity. Tharmifex experiences a rare warm glow of solidarity with all hara-kind, and wishes his new-found contentment could be shared by all. To which end, he unwisely enquires after Velaxis’ love-life.

Velaxis’ left eyebrow raises with what might just be a hint of refined outrage, and Tharmifex realises he may have overstepped the mark very slightly. He still isn’t very good at this relationship stuff. Velaxis is a solitary creature. He has had countless lovers (including Tharmifex himself) all of whom have professed themselves highly satisfied, but nohar has ever been close to him.

The awkward moment lasts only a fraction of second. Velaxis is far too well-mannered to let his Superior experience anything resembling embarrassment. He examines his manicured fingernails, polishing them archly.

“Well, now you come to mention it, The General and I have been seeing a lot of each other lately….”

Tharmifex gives a short cough which is actually a laugh. He knows how unlikely this is. General Ashmael and Velaxis are good friends, but that is all it will ever be.

“The General tells me he finds you to be morally ambiguous” he intones seriously, and is rewarded with a sharp peal of laughter, which has something unsettling about it.

“And Ashmael does so hate ambiguity in any shape or form. It is his life’s work to hunt it down and eradicate it!”

At this point, Tharmifex knows he is going to say something he shouldn’t, but he is going to say it anyway, because he has been thinking about saying it for a very long time.

“…. Thiede?…..”

Velaxis has his back to Tharmifex at this point, so the Chancellor cannot see his expression, but he knows from years of experience that it will not change. He also knows from years of experience what the slight tension in the other har’s shoulders means; the subtle shift in body language.

The liquid, golden afternoon slows down and stops.

When Velaxis finally speaks, his voice is measured.

“Some lives…. cannot be lived for their owners’ convenience. Sometimes events and circumstances take precedence and sacrifices have to be made. Not every person has the luxury of a normal life.”

Tharmifex thinks he understands. Years later, when certain astonishing revelations come to light, he will laugh again, and consider that everything Velaxis has ever said to him could be considered to be…. ambiguous.

The End 


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