One Happy Day

One Happy Day
by Orleans

Story Notes

Originally posted to the “Pinkboard,” Dec. 2006.

This story is set somewhere after Wraiths of Will and Pleasure.

Characters: Ulaume, Flick. Lileem, Terez and Lianvis mentioned

Rating: R

I was bored today, that’s the result. I hope you like it. The story is not checked by a beta. All mistakes are mine.

I’m wishing you a Happy New Year!

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters , they all belong to the genius Storm Constantine. And no money is made with that story.

One Happy Day

Some days, Ulaume regretted his choice to leave the tribe of the Kakkahar. It was not often the case but on special days he wished he could just leave everyone and everything behind, run back into the desert and hide inside Lianvis’ tent.

It was one of those days. One of those days when really everything was going wrong and the idea to run was becoming more and more appealing. He should have know better than to get up in the morning at all, but despite all the powers he had, he was unable to see what the future might bring.

The day had started nice enough and the morning light didn’t gave any hints that something – or better, almost everything – would go downhill from the moment he left the safe nest of his bed.

He blinked into the bright light that woke him this morning and smiled with contentment. He felt warm and happy and lazily stretching he reached out to touch his beloved Flick who was sleeping beside him.

Well, normally sleeping beside him. Ulaume’s hand encountered nothing but a pillow. Frowning he looked up and found the bed beside him empty; Flick was no longer beside him.

Frustration welled up inside him and caused his hair to move restlessly against his back. Why did the other har always have to get up so early without waking him? Couldn’t he just stay in bed a bit longer? He knew how Ulaume liked to cuddle a bit before getting up but lately there had not been many chances for that.

”There’s so much to do. You know, the work and all the problems don’t resolve themselves. We can’t afford being lazy.”

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A New Life

A New Life
by Orleans

Story Notes

Characters: Ulaume, Lianvis

Rating: NC17

Beta: Steph, thank you.

Summary: My first attempt in this fandom. Ulaume’s life changed when he started his new life with the tribe of the Kakkahar.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters; they all belong to Storm Constantine. No money is made.

A New Life

I was getting tired and all I wanted to do was lying down and sleep. For how long I had been waiting inside this pompous tent since my arrival I really had no idea. Not that I particularly cared, I just wanted to finally rest.

It was too hot for my liking, since it was barely past midday and the sun was directly at the zenith. I felt terribly sticky and the dried blood on my wrists and ankles made me want to scratch the skin from the bones there.

All I wanted – beside some sleep- was a nice bath to get rid off the dirt. That was indeed the worst thing of all, when I thought about it. I hated to be dirty like this! Dust, sand, blood and sweat covered me like a second skin; I couldn’t stand the smell of myself.

After some unknown hara of this new tribe had pulled the blindfold away, unceremoniously lead me into this tent and told me to sit down no one had bothered about me. I just had caught a glimpse at a tall, golden haired hara who was sitting in front of the tent with the leader of my ‘keepers’. That was all.

I was thirsty as hell too, licking my dry lips, I hoped that someone would think of giving me something to drink after the long journey I had behind me, but no.

No one entered the tent for a long time and I simply couldn’t make myself get up and look through the wooden cupboard nearby. And that was the famous hospitality of the notorious Kakkahaar? If so, then the stories were terribly exaggerated.

From time to time I heard soft murmurs coming somewhere from the left, where the entrance of this tent had to be. Words drifted through the fabrics, words I didn’t really understand. Only now and then I recognized the voices. The delegation of the Colurastes, ‘my’ tribe, I thought sourly, was obviously still trying to sell my hide. Perhaps the leader of this camp had no interest at all to buy me? Would be funny to see what they’d do then.

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Four Rotating Hips

Four Rotating Hips
by Em

Story Notes

Pairing: Pellaz/Cal

Rating: Most definetly NC-17

Summary: Cal is annoyed and Pellaz distracts him. Includes dancing and aruna… pretty much just blatant smut. *g*

Spoilers: Takes place after the first trilogy so read accordingly and at your own peril.

Disclaimer: The characters and the world they inhabit belong to Storm Constantine, I am just playing.

Feedback is craved and most welcome!

Best enjoyed while listening to Inertia Creeps by Massive Attack. Thems the beat of the drum, yeah?

Four Rotating Hips

Calanthe har Aralis had been planning on having his chesnari’s attention to himself tonight. Unfortunately, the Hegemony had other ideas as Cal had been frustratingly informed by Velaxis while he was making his way to Pellaz’s apartments. Now, instead of a night of bliss in Pell’s arms he was here, in a large room full of ridiculously over-trumped hara, drinking expensive wine and making polite conversation.

He did manage to keep the scowl off his face while innumberable hara fawned over him, he was a practiced performer, but he was far from happy. Pellaz stood as far from him as he could get, across the room and currently surrounded by his own hoard of admirers.

“You can’t be selfish with him, you know,” a voice in Cal’s ear made him turn.

Caeru stood behind him grinning and Cal rolled his eyes. He snorted. “I would prefer if not every night was taken up with some social event.”

Suddenly they were interrupted by the entrance of several scantily clad hara who were decorated with dripping pearls and gold and little else. Groaning, Cal turned his questioning face to his consort.

Caeru shrugged but could not hide his gleeful smile. “Entertainment,” he said by way of explanation. “A tribe from the east wanted to share their…. Delights with us.”

“And how long is this going to last?” Cal asked before angrily swallowing the rest of his wine. He could quickly see that any chance of getting Pellaz alone tonight was moving further and further from his grasp.

The room cleared as hara stepped back to make room for the performance. Hara with large drums and other instruments followed behind the dancers and made themselves at home.

Cal barely tried to suppress his frown now.

He felt a smooth hand glide across his shoulder as somehar stepped close to his side and turned his head to see Pellaz beside him. Cal groaned; more annoyed than ever when presented with the sight of Pellaz in all his glory. Pellaz wore a dark red robe that practically dripped off his shoulders, leaving his chest exposed and bare. A gold necklace encircled his throat and trailed down to his stomach. This was exactly the sight he had hoped to be faced with in the privacy of his own rooms – not while surrounded by this mindless crowd of dignitaries!

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General Seduction

General Seduction
by Em and Haylz

Story Notes


NC17 with a light drug use warning

Ashmael goes looking for Pellaz but finds Cal instead, he foolishly tries to annoy Cal – who decides it’s high time he seduced the general and pulls out all the stops… but will Ashmael be able to escape with his dignity (and clothes) intact?

Don’t own any of it, we just like messing with them, especially Ashmael because he’s fun to tease.

We wrote this ages ago but never got around to posting it. I found it as I was playing with my journal and thought others might enjoy it, it was definitely fun to write.

Originally posted to Raythoo, Sept. 2006.

General Seduction

The halls of Phanoica seemed oddly quiet as General Ashmael Aldebaran walked briskly towards the apartments that housed the Tigrons of Immanion. He was hoping for a quick word with Pellaz, but so far the dark haired har was nowhere to be found.

His boots made an awful squeaking sound as they collided with the gleaming marble beneath him, making him cringe. He would have to do something about them later. Squeaky boots were no good for the element of surprise, which was very important in his line of work.

Once he had reached the Tigron’s apartments, he quietly knocked at the door to Pellaz’s office, but received no response from inside.

Glancing around, Ashmael noticed that the door to the main balcony was open, the salty smell of the ocean wafting in and reminding him of his childhood days, spent making castles in the sand and splashing through the waves with relish – how long ago that all was now.

Ashmael strode over to the door, perhaps the Tigron was relaxing outside?

He was outside, only it wasn’t the Tigron Ashmael had been expecting.

Cal looked the picture of relaxation, his lean body reclining on a padded bench, bare feet propped up on the balcony railing and by the serene expression on his face, and the sickly sweet smell in the air, Ashmael knew it wasn’t tobacco the Tigron was smoking.

The general couldn’t help but run his eyes over the peaceful looking har, the ripped, faded jeans that sat perfectly beneath his hips, which were as smooth and tanned as the bare chest that peeked out from the gauzy looking white shirt he wore, open of course.

He appeared to be watching the sun going down behind the mountains, the last lingering rays gliding across his half lidded eyes and through the golden locks of hair that danced in the gentle breeze.

Must he always look so damn good?

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2,220 Words of Gratuitous Smut

2,220 Words of Gratuitous Smut
by Em

Story Notes

Summary: This is flat out PWP and the title reflects this. I didn’t even know what to call it. Cal’s POV.

Characters: Pellaz/Cal (of course)

Rating: NC17

Spoilers: Takes place during Enchantments but the lack of a plot means there is not really much to worry about. XD

Disclaimer: Characters and the world they inhabit belong to Storm Constantine. I’m sure she didn’t intend for them to be used this way, and I apologise for my lack of morals.

AN: Honestly guys, this was really just an excuse to write smut. This is probably me at my most debauched so if you have a problem with overly graphic aruna fics, just stay away.

2,220 Words of Gratuitous Smut

“So, show me what you’ve been learning in Orien’s den of iniquity.”

Pellaz looked up at me from across the room and gave me a quizzical look. Flickering lamplight played across his bare torso, his dark hair hung down his back. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

I grinned at him over the rim of my wine glass. Seated in a low arm chair I had a good view of Pellaz as he pottered around the room tidying things up and occasionally stopping to sip his wine.

“Show me something,” I urged.

He studied me warily, but even from across the room I could see his eyes darken. He hesitated then dropped the shirt he was holding. “Like what?” he asked and his light tone opened a pit in my stomach.

A spread my legs in the chair, slouching down to make myself comfortable. This could be a good show. I watched Pellaz’s face heat up as I stared at him and he slowly shuffled across the room to stand between my legs, almost as if he couldn’t help himself. His cheeks burned red by the time he reached me and I loved it. I sat up and, sliding my arms around his waist, nuzzled my face into his bare stomach. He awkwardly rested his hands on my shoulders.


I lightly bit the skin around his belly button then looked up at his red face. “You’re adorable,” I declared.

A smile broke across his face and it only made me tighten my arms on his hips.

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