Ghosts in the Scars

Ghosts in the Scars
by Deathangelgw

Story Notes

Author email:

isclaimer: None of these characters belong to me. They belong to Ms. Constantine. No harm intended!

Warnings: AU, some angst, some dark, sap, smut.

Pairings: Calanthe/Caeru, Pellaz.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sequel to ‘Untouched By Scars’. Pellaz notices the changes, but can he accept the source?

Spoilers: All six books.

Beta: Again, unbetaed. Any mistakes are mine.

A/N: I didn’t think it would end. Pellaz came forward and some poignant scenes were scripted so here we go. Again, this is dedicated to my friend, who is also responsible for getting me into this wonderful world. Cross posted. Feedback is much loved and appreciated!

Ghosts in the Scars

The sounds of the Hegemony disbanding from their day of meetings surrounded Pellaz as he walked down the hall and outside onto the path that led to Phaonica. The gossip about the two missing of the Trifecta floated around him as he left the crowds and it penetrated the thoughtful haze that he had fallen into towards the end of the meeting. He had noticed as well as everyone how Caeru had started to almost glow with peace and happiness. Many were speculating on the impossibility of Caeru being with pearl, but Pell knew it wasn’t that. It was *impossible*. The damage had been extensive from Diablo’s attack and Pell knew it the best since he had worked *days* on trying to save Caeru. Caeru would never host again. End of story.

Wrapping an arm around his waist, Pell sighed as he frowned darkly and focused on the dimly lit path before him. Calanthe had also been AWOL from the meeting and had, in fact, been away from their bed most of the nights since they had returned from Freygard. He had been too tired to think about it since returning had meant the resumption of their duties, but now that he had a moment, he could see the changes. He wasn’t sure what had happened in Freygard, but he wanted to know what was going on and he had a feeling he’d find out if he just followed his instincts.

With a nod, Pell adjusted his path and headed for Caeru’s wing. He thought that the other two were going to join him and was actually surprised that Caeru hadn’t been there since he was almost notoriously strict on attendance. It was a time for gossiping for the Tigrina and the only time he’d missed the Hegemony meetings had been during his convalescence. He winced as he tried to brush past the memory of that time automatically. Some nights he would wake up and look around for Caeru or Cal, even going so far as to search Caeru out in his rooms. Usually his Tigrina was with another har, but it was still reassuring to see Caeru safe and not hurt to the point of death.

Shaking his head on his thoughts, Pell silently opened the door to Caeru’s rooms and went inside. He tilted his head as he heard some soft talking and followed it wordlessly to Caeru’s bedroom. He stopped just outside of the dark curtains in surprise at the picture before him.

Both hara were lying naked together, obviously having just finished a session of aruna, and were smiling at each other as they caught their breath. Cal was resting his head on Caeru’s stomach and stroking the skin as he grinned up at Caeru and Caeru’s silvery laugh suddenly pealed out at whatever Cal murmured. Caeru ran his fingers through Cal’s golden hair as he smiled down at the Tigron, looking so happy and relaxed that it amazed Pell. He hadn’t seen such a carefree look on the Tigrina’s face since…

He stopped in dismay as he tried to remember the last time he had seen that smile. ‘Before Abrimel…in Ferelithia,’ he finally realized as guilt and dismay flooded over him. *He* had been the reason for Caeru not smiling. Their fighting and his shunning Caeru had led to estrangement and sometimes even hate. They had come to a neutral truce, but there had been no love…no need for each other. Or at least on Pellaz’ part. He found that he didn’t *know* anymore how Caeru felt. On top of that, he feared that it might have traveled completely to hate.

Pell watched as Cal leaned up and pressed his lips to Caeru’s in a tender kiss as Caeru’s fingers curled against Cal’s cheek as their kiss deepened into sharing breath. Pellaz felt his stomach clench in shock as he saw that the once horrendous scar on Caeru’s stomach was gone and the skin was smooth once more. His eyes focused up again as he heard a moan and watched as Cal kissed his way down the arched trembling body of Caeru. He felt arousal shoot through him as he watched his two chesna roon each other and yet didn’t join them. There was something more to what they were doing…a connection and a purpose that made their rooning even more erotic and mystical.

He knew then what it was. Cal was doing what Pell himself hadn’t thought of to do for Caeru. He was using the magic of Wraeththu and the power of aruna to heal Caeru. He wondered a bit even on when they had started and had a feeling it was before they had returned from Freygard as he remembered how protective Cal had been of Caeru. And all it had taken had been for them to open up and find the healing within Caeru.

His eyes trailed over Cal’s body as it hunched over Caeru’s lower half and Rue’s cries of pleasure washed over him as the other blond arched and clung to Cal’s head as he was pleasured. Caeru’s pleas urged Calanthe up and their twin groans jolted through Pell as they joined together again. Their mouths meshed in mimicry of what their lower bodies were doing and their soft encouragement warmed the ice within Pell as he watched them. When they reached their peaks, he watched them glow and could see the radiance within Caeru spread over the areas that had been damaged and noted how much brighter and cleaner the shine was. He watched them collapse together after a few minutes and he stepped away from the curtain, mixed feelings rioting through him as he left them.

When he and Cal had first been reunited, he had wanted them to get along. And they had for a while, but after Darquiel’s abduction and disappearance, their relationship had splintered into shards. Caeru had pulled into himself and Cal had blamed himself for having failed to protect the Tigrina, much as Pell had. But now they were healing the shards as well as Caeru…so now Pell had to wonder something.

Where did that leave him?

Sadly, Pell returned to the rooms he knew he’d have to himself that night and for who knew how long. He had a feeling that fate had taken another path and he wasn’t on it any longer with the two that he knew he loved. But he had to be Tigron and wrapped himself in his duties. From then on, he would just have to suffice himself with what could be given him. He no longer deserved more since he had failed the two closest to his heart. The ghosts of the scars would always haunt him.

The End


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