The Summons

The Summons
by niennaainur

Story Notes


Pairing: Lianvis and Thiede

Rating: PG-13 – (?) who knows I’m very liberal

Summary: This was originally the character intro and setup for an RPG. Unfortunately, due to a horrific crash and tragic death of my hard drive, a considerable increase in workload, an overly active Mommy schedule, and an errant muse, I was unable to play … *sobs* This was intended to position Lianvis in Imbrilum so that he could play with Vaysh.

Disclaimer: All the pretty Wraeththu, as well as the world they live in, were created by, and belong to, Storm Constantine, who (bless her!) is gracious enough to allow fans like me to take them out and play with them occasionally. No disrespect or copyright infringement is intended.

Warning: AU

Beta read by: a very patient bigunen – all the rest of the mistakes are mine.

The Summons

Lianvis stood in the entrance of the tent and watched absently as hara put the finishing touches to the encampment. He noticed with a certain degree of satisfaction the veiled, guarded looks hara sent his way. “Let them be slightly wary of their leader,” he mused; it’d serve him better than too much ease and familiarity. Today, however, the wary watchfulness was perhaps warranted as he was brooding. He was Lianvis har Kakkahaar, leader of the Kakkahaar tribe; no har summoned him anywhere, and yet he had, in effect, been summoned. What was even more disturbing than the summons, at least to Lianvis, was the fact that he had heeded them.

A self-satisfied smirk spread across the Kakkahaar’s face for he had only partially heeded the summons. The missive had not contained any details. Lianvis had a fairly good idea what the meeting was going to be about; Immanion was currently busy tying up loose ends. His presence had been requested in Imbrilum “immediately.” He had come but not alone: he’d brought his entire camp. He had come but not to Imbrilum: he’d camped in the desert at the very edge of Kakkahaar territory close enough to access the town. He had come, but most certainly not immediately.

With the war over and tentative new alliances forged, he was, as were all the non-Gelaming leaders, walking a thin line between tribal alliance and tribal consolidation into the Gelaming machine.

He sighed softly and let the tent flap fall. Turning, he headed back to the bed, lowering himself gently, so as not to wake the young har who lay sleeping peacefully. Lianvis reached out, and with a feather light touch, traced the soft contour of the sleeper’s shoulder. The har, one of the tribes’ listeners, stirred slightly and snuggled closer into the curve of Lianvis’s body. Lianvis was half-tempted to wake the sleeper and lose himself once again in pure physical pleasure; the young har had been so deliciously accommodating a few hours earlier. At the memory, Lianvis felt his body begin to stir to life.

Then, with a sudden sigh, he rolled onto his back amid the small mountain of soft pillows, and stared intently at the tent wall.

He’d dreamt strange dreams for the past several nights. He’d dreamt about Ulaume for the first time in a long time. Along with his erstwhile chesnari Ulaume, Thiede, General Aldebaran, and Pellaz, and even Pellaz’s ever present shadow Vaysh had flitted in and out of the dreams. Were these just dreams? Were they some shadowy messages from the ethers?

He made a face at himself as he rose from the bed and tied his knee-length honey-coloured hair back with a leather thong. He left the listener’s tent quietly. As he threw up the hood of his dune-coloured robe and strode off in the direction of his own tent, the skies above him darkened and appeared to fold allowing one lone sedu to exit from the otherlanes depositing it and its rider on the desert floor.

Any visible surprise Lianvis might have displayed at the identity of the rider was well hidden in the shadows cast by his hood. He folded his arms across his chest as his visitor dismounted and handed the reins of the sedu to the young stable-har who had appeared seemingly out of nowhere and now stood in wide-eyed awe of the sedu and its rider.

Standing motionless, Lianvis waited as the new arrival approached him; when they stood face-to-face, Lianvis inclined his head by way of greeting.


His visitor inclined his head slightly in acknowledgement.

“I am honoured, but somewhat surprised that you have …” Lianvis paused pointedly “thought to visit.”

His visitor inclined his head slightly.

“Please…” with a slight gesture of his arm he indicated that his guest should accompany him. “I shall have some refreshments brought,” he added and they both set off towards his tent.

Drawing back the tent flap Lianvis ushered in his guest. Lianvis swept past him, extending his arm gracefully to indicate a low pillow-strewn couch; he settled himself onto the couch directly across and lounged back regarding his exotic-looking guest with candid interest. His guest remained standing and motionless in the center of the tent.

The guest studied his host with an inscrutable gaze and said nothing; in return Lianvis offered nothing. The silence remained and under the intense scrutiny Lianvis began to feel an unusual sensation: a slight sense of awkwardness. He was saved from appearing uncomfortable by the arrival of a tall willowy serving-har carrying a tray bearing delicate anise biscuits and a lightly spiced tea.

“I can send for something more substantial if you prefer…” Lianvis offered, but his guest shook his head and with a brief wave of his hand dismissed the attendant. Lianvis busied himself by pouring the tea. With a practiced and theatrical flourish his guest seated himself on the low couch opposite Lianvis, and leaned back, and observed Lianvis, his head cocked to one side somewhat pensively.

“Lianvis, Lianvis, Lianvis” Thiede began in a bemused tone “whatever am I going to do with you?”

“Do with me?” Lianvis replied dryly “How about giving me a seat on the Hegemony.”

Thiede chuckled “I don’t think so”.

Lianvis felt a sense of relief wash through him. The Aghama seemed to be in a good mood, but then with Thiede one never really knew.

“Tell me Thiede, to what do the Kakkahaar owe this visit?”

Thiede regarded Lianvis thoughtfully for a moment before replying,
“There are two issues I need to discuss with you. The first have to do with some local trade issues. Your neighbours, specifically the new Imbrilum consortium, the Sarock, and some human settlements are anxious to establish trading partnerships and negotiate safe trading routes through Kakkahaar territories.”

“There are no safe trade routes through Kakkahaar territory.”

Thiede responded by arching an eyebrow at Lianvis.

Lianvis sighed loudly in mock resignation. “Fine” he said, a cheeky grin slowly spreading across his face, “we’ll promise to try not to eat all of their children.”

“How very accommodating of you,” Thiede responded wryly, his catlike eyes twinkling briefly in amusement, and the corner of his mouth twitching ever so slightly.

Thus began an extended diplomatic discourse. Both Thiede and Lianvis were adept at this dance, weaving skillfully around each other’s words–giving nothing, all the while appearing gracious and conciliatory.

When the exchange concluded, silence descended once again. Thiede appeared to be deep in thought studying the contents of his tea cup. Rather than disturb the silence, Lianvis took this opportunity to study his guest. Thiede possessed great beauty indeed; some even described it as a terrible beauty. Depending on his mood and his intentions he could radiate a power and an intensity that made him quite fearsome or he could also appear to be a typical Gelaming lord. No, Lianvis reconsidered this thought; Thiede could never be considered typical.

Thiede put down his cup abruptly and without so much as a word to Lianvis, Thiede rose from the couch, crossed the room, and went through the curtained doorway that led into Lianvis’s sleeping chamber.

Lianvis sat for a moment staring at the curtain in surprise before rising and following Thiede. The sleeping chamber was dark and cool, lit only by the few shafts of light that managed to find their way through the tents’ sophisticated venting folds. The dark indigo walls held a few colourful hangings providing the room with a touch of brightness. The room contained a large bed, three large ornately carved wooden chests, several low tables, a small cushioned bench, and an array of trinkets and knick knacks Lianvis had collected giving the room an eclectic bohemian luxury. Thiede stood near the centre; he appeared to be carefully examining every detail of the room. Lianvis watched in silence.

The inspection completed, he turned back to face Lianvis. Thiede reached up and slowly undid the onyx clasps of his robes, and in a gentle rustle of silks they fell pooling at his feet.

“Be soume for me”, Thiede murmured.

Lianvis’s jaw worked but no words came.

Thiede crossed to the bed, threw back the coverlet, lowered his body to the bed, and propped himself up on his elbow, looking mildly across at Lianvis.

“Is this the second issue you wanted to discuss?” Lianvis managed to ask.

Thiede shook his head slowly, “No” he said simply.

Lianvis removed his clothes slowly, aware that Thiede watched his every move. Tossing the garments carelessly over a bench he turned and crossed to the bed, where he hesitated a moment before climbing in. He positioned himself, propped on his elbow, to face Thiede.

Thiede made no moves; he appeared to be waiting. Lianvis reached out and ran his fingers through Thiede’s hair, pulled him forward slightly so that he could brush his lips across Thiede’s. Thiede allowed this and pressed his mouth against Lianvis’s. As they shared breath Lianvis felt a deep darkness, saw shadowy landscapes in which still darker forms flitted, and as he stood in that darkness below a fiery blood red sun, Lianvis could feel great power.

Thiede pulled back.

“The darkness doesn’t frighten you, Lianvis?”

The question was as whispered silk.

Thiede pushed Lianvis back onto the bed and pressed his own body down on top of him. They shared breath again, this time deeper, and Lianvis felt himself being drawn farther in. He ran his hands across Thiede’s shoulders and down his back. Thiede pushed away, caught Lianvis’s hands, stilling them.

“Lie still” he whispered roughly.

Lianvis lay back against the bed as Thiede began to apply gentle kisses to Lianvis’s neck. Then Thiede ran his tongue slowly along the nape of Lianvis’s neck and bit gently.

Lianvis inhaled sharply and felt himself responding; he willed himself to become soume. Thiede gently placed moist kisses along Lianvis’ collarbone; his tongue traced slow circles around Lianvis’s nipples. Lianvis’s breathing deepened and he began to lose himself in the pleasurable sensations. His breath drew in sharply as Thiede’s fingers invaded his body. Using gentle strokes and light pinches Thiede teased the first of the sikras. Lianvis began to move his hips in time with the earthy sensations Thiede was creating. Thiede intensified and deepened the movement of his fingers; all the while his mouth moved over Lianvis’ torso softly kissing, letting his tongue travel along body contours, and occasionally gently biting Lianvis’s skin.

Lianvis moaned softly and began to move his hands over Thiede’s body.
Thiede stopped his ministrations, caught Lianvis’s hands, pinned them above his head, and pressed his weight down on Lianvis.

“You were asked to come immediately, and you were asked to come to Imbrilum; you did neither. You’ve been asked to lie still… tell me Lianvis, do all Kakkahaar have such difficulty following instructions?” Thiede’s voice was a low growl in Lianvis’s ear.

Lianvis made a small noise in frustration, but lay back and was still. Thiede brushed his lips against Lianvis’s mouth and one hand slid down once again to tease and torment the already sensitive sikras. Lianvis struggled with every fiber of his being to lie still as the sensual pleasure coursed through his body; each sikra added a different edge to the sensations surging in his body. His need was beginning to have a life of its own: he let a moan escape, and his hips started to move again. He heard Thiede whisper “Shhh”, but this time Thiede didn’t stop.

Lianvis almost cried out in relief when Thiede positioned himself between his knees and began to press into him. Thiede moved slowly and purposefully, ensuring that the stiffened petals of his ouana-lim rubbed across the already sensitive aroused sikras. Lianvis pressed up, trying to increase the contact, but Thiede pulled back scraping the petals across the sikras again.

“Lie still” Thiede commanded softly.

Lianvis almost screamed in frustration as he forced his body to do as he was bidden. Without warning Thiede thrust into Lianvis hard. Lianvis roared and tore his hands free from Thiede’s grip. He thrust them into Thiede’s hair and pulled him down. They shared breath and Lianvis wrapped his legs around Thiede’s waist. As their bodies rocked together Lianvis found himself drawn into a world of darkness and flame. Shadows moved in the darkness, and a sea of molten rock reflected the light of a fiery dark sun. Lianvis felt the unyielding power Thiede wielded as he was tossed by waves of flame in that fierce firestorm. He felt a power building in him too, and just before he gave over to the thought that he would himself be consumed in the fires, he felt a tendril move within him. As it met its mark the dark sun exploded. Lianvis heard his own scream as he clung to Thiede’s body, waves of ecstasy tearing through him. He felt himself plummeting downwards. As reality drifted back into focus, both he and Thiede were breathing hard, their bodies damp with sweat. Thiede rolled off Lianvis and they lay in silence.

Lianvis hadn’t been aware that he’d dozed off until he was awoken by the soft clink of glassware. A serving har set down a pitcher of lemonade and tall glasses full of ice. The serving har withdrew silently from the room without even glancing over at the bed where Thiede and Lianvis still lay. Thiede rose from the bed, and running his hands through his bed-tussled hair, he crossed the tent to where his robes had fallen. He pulled them on and, re-fastening the clasps, he stopped at the low table where the pitcher of lemonade rested where he poured himself a glass. All this Lianvis watched lazily from the bed.

“The second issue I wish to discuss with you is Vaysh,” Thiede began casually “I am sending him to Imbrilum.”

Thiede crossed back to the bed and looked down at Lianvis.

“Certainly you remember Vaysh?” It was more of a statement than a question.

Lianvis smiled lazily, “Vaysh? Of course! How anyhar could forget such a delightful combination of Beauty and Ice?”

Thiede said nothing, but sat down on the edge of the bed, reaching into the glass with fingers to extract a single ice cube. It glistened as he held the ice cube in front of Lianvis’s face for a moment. Thiede brought the ice cube down to rest on Lianvis’s chin and then slowly he began to run it down Lianvis’s throat. He continued to move it tantalizingly across Lianvis’s chest, and Lianvis could see the glistening moisture. Thiede continued to move the ice, slowly, and by the time Thiede had reached Lianvis’s lower abdomen the ice was no more, all that remained was a shimmering trail of moisture. Thiede traced its path partway back up Lianvis’s torso with the back of a manicured talon.

“The funny thing about ice is that it does not last long when heat” he looked pointedly at Lianvis and arched his brow in emphasis “is applied.”

Lianvis returned the look, arching his own brow in amusement, his laughter genuine.

“Oh no, no, no, no… No good! Vaysh dislikes me. A lot!” he mimicked Thiede’s eyebrow arch in emphasis.

“Vaysh can be reasonable” Thiede rejoined “Have you tried being nice?”

Lianvis shook his head again, and chuckled

“Ah! No! No that I haven’t tried. Perhaps I’ll give that a whirl” Lianvis said still obviously amused.

“I strongly,” Thiede said “very strongly suggest that you do and soon.”

Thiede stood up and crossed to the doorway I’m leaving the sedu. I expect to see you … soon” and with that Thiede was gone.

Lianvis sat up and stared at the doorway through which Thiede had disappeared.
A hundred scenarios played through his mind. Why would the Aghama want him allied with Vaysh? No matter, he decided, Imbrilum had grown; it was no longer a refugee camp. Imbrilum was a now thriving town, and who was he to turn down a chance to avail himself of its luxuries? He’d play Thiede’s game, for now.

The End



  1. Thevina said,

    April 4, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    Oh, this was delicious!!

    “Fine” he said, a cheeky grin slowly spreading across his face, “we’ll promise to try not to eat all of their children.”

    ROFL! I really did laugh aloud at that. It sounds so much like Lianvis.

    And this:
    tell me Lianvis, do all Kakkahaar have such difficulty following instructions?” Thiede’s voice was a low growl in Lianvis’s ear.

    Oooooh. I usually can’t envision Thiede as truly sensual, but you convinced me here. It may have been written to create a set-up, but the premise worked, and now I want to know how Lianvis and Vaysh get on. Superb characterizations in this vignette, both humorous and quite sexy.

  2. wdarling said,

    April 4, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    “Fine” he said, a cheeky grin slowly spreading across his face, “we’ll promise to try not to eat all of their children.”

    Thevina, that was MY favorite line, too. I read it aloud 3x before moving on with my reading. I picture him smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

  3. niennaainur said,

    April 6, 2008 at 10:01 am

    Thank you!!

  4. James said,

    April 9, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    *blushing and fanning self*

    Very nice! I was enthralled!

    “Lianvis roared and tore his hands free from Thiede’s grip. He thrust them into Thiede’s hair and pulled him down. They shared breath and Lianvis wrapped his legs around Thiede’s waist.” <<==This was my favorite line! very sexy!

    *clapping* More! more!

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