Giving In

Giving In
by Morgana

Story Notes

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Main pairing: Pellaz/Ulaume/Flick

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Ulaume and Flick reach out to Pellaz on a lonely evening.

Disclaimer: Not mine. No copyright infringement is intended. All characters belong to Storm Constantine.

Warning: AU of course.

Beta read by Patricia and DA, thanks sweeties!

All remaining mistakes are mine.

Giving In

Being alone wasn’t new for Pellaz. Even while visiting two of his closest friends, Flick and Ulaume, he felt lonely. Blocking them out when they were taking aruna was hard on Pellaz, who yearned for some sort of company.

Cal and Caeru were back in Immanion and out of his reach at the moment. Galdra had returned to Freyhella and Pellaz yearned for any one of them to take him into their arms and hold him. He had learned to cope with loneliness in the past and had hidden his tears and sorrow, but he felt that he deserved some happiness too. He worked so hard to satisfy any hopes or requests that hara might have of him, but in the end, what he felt the most was loneliness.

It didn’t help that Flick and Ulaume were taking aruna only a few doors away. It only made Pellaz wallow deeper in self-pity. He wanted them to be happy and wished them the best, but at the same time he felt envious of what they had.

He closed his eyes as he curled up in a fetal position on the bed, waiting for them to finish. Pellaz thought of Cal and how much he loved him, but that only served awaken his body to need. He cursed himself for being stupid and becoming aroused and tried to make his feelings go away again. Thankfully Flick and Ulaume finished and their rapture no longer leaked into his mind.

Hiding beneath the sheet, Pellaz tried to make himself invisible to the world. A deep pain settled into his heart and his soul ached for companionship.

The last thing Pellaz expected to hear was a knock on his door, soft yet intruding. “Go away,” he replied firmly. “I don’t wish to be bothered.” Nothing happened and Pellaz surmised the har had obeyed and had moved away. It was best that way. When he was in this sort of mood he didn’t want anyhar close to him.

“What are you doing, Pell?”

Hearing Flick’s voice so close startled Pellaz, for he hadn’t heard the other har approach the bed. He lifted the sheet, pushed it down, and looked into Flick’s concerned eyes. “I told you to go away.” Making matters even worse was the fact that Flick was naked and still glowed from the aruna he had just taken with Ulaume.

Suddenly the bed moved and Pellaz turned his head to see what had caused the movement. Ulaume was sitting there, gloriously naked and only dressed in his long hair. “Go away.” Pellaz was afraid of the temptation they presented. “Leave me.”

Ulaume, however, shook his head and raised his hand, placing it palm down onto Pellaz’ chest. It rose and fell with each breath Pellaz drew in and released. “You are lonely.”

“It is nothing new. I can deal with it.” Pellaz wondered what the wisest thing was to do. If they refused to leave, maybe he should go instead. He sat upright, which caused Ulaume’s hand to slither lower down his chest and landed in his lap. Pellaz looked up sharply. “What do you think you are doing?” Ulaume’s fingers brushed tenderly against his ouana-lim and not even Pellaz could remain distant and unyielding under that touch.

Flick smiled. He hoped Pellaz would surrender to them. When Ulaume and he had taken aruna earlier, they had sensed Pellaz’ dark depression. At first, they had tried to block it out, but then they had realized that Pellaz craved companionship and probably even aruna. Flick had addressed the matter with Ulaume and had even gone as far as to admit to his chesnari that taking aruna with Pellaz was one of his fantasies. Flick would never forget the wicked smile Ulaume had given him before his chesnari had suggested something sinful: namely that they invited Pellaz to take aruna with them. Flick had put up resistance for only a minute and had then readily agreed. They had made their way over to the guest room and had found Pellaz hiding there.

“Trust yourself to us.” Flick leaned in closer to press his lips to Pellaz’.

“We are your friends,” Ulaume added, finishing for his chesnari. “We only mean well.”

Pellaz considered fighting them, but his body was at war with his mind. It had been weeks since he had last taken aruna and he needed it. He needed it badly. In the end, he raised his right hand and slid it into Flick’s hair, pulling the other har on top of him. He was ready for aruna and wondered if Flick felt the same way.

Flick eyed Pellaz hungrily before his gaze drifted to Ulaume to make sure his chesnari fully supported their idea. Ulaume nodded and smiled. Ever since he had talked to Pellaz about his recurring dream and had found out that part of it had been real, Ulaume had dreamt of duplicating the situation one way or another.

The kiss developed into something more and Pellaz offered bits and pieces of himself in their sharing of breath while Flick breathed affection and desire into Pellaz’ mind. Flick ran his hands down Pellaz’ flanks and the Tigron arched beneath him in want. “How long has it been, Pell?” Flick asked after releasing Pellaz’ lips.

“Too long,” Pellaz answered as he released their mixed breath. “Are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want to come between Ulaume and you.” Flick straddled his waist, having become soume for him.

“We are sure,” Ulaume replied in Flick’s stead. He stretched out on his side next to Pellaz and turned the Tigron’s head toward him with a hand cupping the other har’s cheek. Pursing his lips, he invited Pellaz into sharing breath with him. Pellaz accepted the invitation as soft lips descended onto his. This was even better than living it in a dream. Ulaume’s hands buried themselves in Pellaz’ hair and his fingers massaged the scalp. The sharing of breath deepened and became highly erotic, causing Ulaume to become ouana as well. They were still sharing breath when Flick unexpectedly opened up and took in Pellaz’ ouana-lim.

Pellaz’ eyes widened and he sucked in Ulaume’s breath greedily. Flick descended onto his ouana-lim and enveloped him in heat. Pellaz couldn’t stop himself from thrusting upward to stimulate them both, causing Flick to moan deep within his throat in approval. At the same time, Ulaume continued to share breath with him and Pellaz had the feeling he might burst due to all the different sensations coursing through him.

Flick placed his hands on the mattress next to Pellaz’ shoulders and rode the Tigron. He watched the other two share breath and seeing Ulaume become ouana aroused him even more. Pellaz’ movements became increasingly more erratic and the fact that Pellaz could barely contain himself proved to him how much his friend needed aruna. Flick felt honored that Pellaz was allowing this to show.

It didn’t take them long to reach fulfillment and Pellaz shook from the freeing release that Flick had lured from his body. Ulaume finally released Pellaz’ lips and turned his head to share breath with Flick instead. Pellaz watched them as they shared breath and gasped. They presented a magical sight.

Flick bestowed a teasing lick onto Ulaume’s bottom lip and then slid off of Pellaz. His body tingled all over and he felt pleasantly lazy. He didn’t plan on moving any time soon, but simply curled up at Pellaz’ side and watched Ulaume, knowing his chesnari was about to make his move.

Ulaume had been dreaming of this moment for years. Since he had Flick’s permission to proceed, he knelt at Pellaz’ side and let his hands explore the willing body. His nimble fingers showed him which touches brought Pellaz the most pleasure and he enjoyed seeing the Tigron squirm. “Soon,” he whispered and changed position, parting Pellaz’ long legs before he knelt in-between them.

Pellaz felt something akin to shock when he realized what was going to happen. He had thought that, once Flick had slid off, their session had come to an end. But now he realized they were only halfway through. Ulaume was ready for him. The ouana-lim’s green stem was hard and the flowery head opened, revealing shiny green and yellow petals.

Ulaume however froze where he was. “I will only do this if you allow it.” He had no intention of coercing Pellaz into something his friend wanted no part of. “I would make it good for you,” he promised.

Flick raised a hand and placed it on Pellaz’ chest. “You need this,” he said, voicing the truth when Pellaz found it hard to say such a thing aloud.

Pellaz knew they were right: he *did* need this. “Do it,” he murmured and parted his legs further to accommodate Ulaume. He raised his arms and caught the other har in an embrace. Ulaume reacted at once and moved closer. Pellaz kept his eyes open so he would see every move Ulaume made. Once Ulaume’s cool fire happened upon the raging heat inside him, Pellaz threw back his head and buried his fingernails in Ulaume’s back. Long, raven strands caressed his body and some of them wrapped themselves around his wrists and ankles, making him Ulaume’s prisoner.

Awed, Flick watched. During aruna, Ulaume became a force of nature. Since Flick was always locked in aruna with Ulaume during those moments, he seldom got the chance to study his chesnari. But now he had that chance. Ulaume was all over Pellaz as his hands grabbed hold of Pellaz’ shoulders and crushed Pellaz against the hard body. The thrusts which had been shallow and fast changed pace. Ulaume took his time to bury himself inside Pellaz’ body and pulled out painstakingly slow only to enter the Tigron again.

Overcome with renewed need, Flick grabbed Ulaume’s head and shared breath with his chesnari. The look Ulaume gave him was enough to turn him ouana and he barely contained the urge to touch himself since he didn’t want to find release that way.

Ulaume guided Flick’s lips closer to Pellaz’ and united the three of them in the sharing of breath.

It was a bit too much for Ulaume, who had fantasized about taking aruna with Pellaz for so long. There then was the combined force of Flick and Pellaz in his mind. He had to let go and his body shook fiercely, signaling his climax to the other two hara. Pellaz however was left behind and still craved release. Hungrily, Pellaz sucked on the first pair of lips he encountered, which happened to be Flick’s.

Realizing he had left Pellaz behind, Ulaume exchanged a look with Flick and found his chesnari ready to finish what he had started. He pulled out and rolled onto his side. “Now, Flick.”

Flick didn’t waste any time and pressed into Pellaz’ soume-lam. Pellaz stared in wonder at Flick while he was taken again. He was certain that he wouldn’t be able to lift his little finger once they were finally through with him. They would exhaust him.

Flick picked up their pace, eager to bring Pellaz that which his friend craved so much: namely release from what must have been painful aruna. Pellaz suddenly screamed and his body convulsed beneath Flick. Pleased, Flick let go as well and joined his friend in arunic bliss.

Ulaume waited a minute until he was certain that Flick was starting to come down from the arunic high and started to stroke his chesnari’s back. He pushed his arms beneath Flick’s chest and legs and lifted the other har from Pellaz’ body, which still shook with tremors. He tucked Flick in-between Pellaz and him and extended his embrace to both hara, safely tucking them against him.

Pellaz managed to roll onto his side so he could look at Flick and Ulaume. Both hara lay facing him and had smug grins on their faces. “The two of you are very wicked,” he whispered, feeling fatigued and sated.

Ulaume’s grin remained on his face as he retorted, “Pell, this is probably the only time that you will ever allow yourself to take aruna with us. The least we can do is make it good for you.”

“I enjoyed myself too,” Flick mumbled and brushed his lips against Pellaz’ brow. “Maybe now you will feel more comfortable about taking aruna should you ever need us in that way again? We know that you are lonely when you visit us. You never bring Cal or Caeru with you.”

“When I am here, I can be myself. I like that.” When he visited Flick and Ulaume, he felt like he was on holiday. Caeru and Cal, no matter how much they loved him, always wanted something from him. With Flick and Ulaume there never were any demands.

“You seem to be feeling better now. I wonder why that is,” Ulaume commented teasingly and tightened his hold on the two hara. Soon, Pellaz would doze off and dream pleasant dreams for a change – just like Flick and he would

The End


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