Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets
By Camile Sinensis

Story Notes

Two separate stories, because the first one was too emo (apparently!)

Characters: Velaxis and Caeru

Spoilers: nothing noticeable

Summary: Caeru reveals some secrets…

Author email: teapot@doramail.com

Websites: http://red-shellac.livejournal.com, http://www.mudsharks.org/stuff/

Hidden Secret 1

Standing on the edge of the balcony. Looking down. Dusk falling over the city; the amber lights twinkle welcomingly, and beyond, the sea fading to purple and black. In other circumstances, it could have been beautiful.

A slight sound from the other side of the balcony alerts him to the presence of another har. He knows it was deliberate. This creature moves through the corridors of Phaonica like a ghost. His long white hair and floating, gauzy garments complete the illusion. Perhaps he does not exist at all.

“You sent for me, Tigrina”.

Now he exists.

Caeru sighs and turns away from the deepening gloom and the flickering loveliness of Immanion at night.

I summoned you, and you came. As you always do.

Caeru walks past him, saying nothing, failing to make eye contact. The other har waits until he is exactly two paces beyond him, then follows behind. They move like dance partners through the rooms of the Tigrina’s apartments; elegant rooms, tastefully furnished. Silent. Empty.

Into the bedroom. The walls are red, the colour of passion, as if that emotion could be conjoured by shade and hue alone. The bed is large and carefully made up. Silk tasseled pillows are piled at one end, and curtains surround it which can be discretely drawn if necessary. The lighting is low.

Caeru stands by the bed and finally looks at the other har’s face.

Too perfect, he thinks.

No flaws or imperfections. None of the small, individual quirks which reveal a person’s thoughts or intentions. Blue eyes, darker than his own, study him carefully. This har is unknowable, but Caeru knows him, just a little. He trusts him, just a little.

Velaxis moves closer and takes the Tigrina’s face in his hands. He pulls Caeru towards him and they share breath. A symphony of aching desire resonates through Caeru’s entire body. It is only magic. Velaxis can raise angels or demons within another har’s flesh as easily as most can breathe, but for Caeru it is like water at the end of a parched desert, and he responds fiercely, pulling the other har deeper into the kiss, drinking his mouth and his breath.

He trusts him. A little.

Carefully, Velaxis begins to remove Caeru’s clothing. Elegant and beautiful clothes; hand stitched with embroidery and jewels. Caeru would tear them off without hesitation, but somehow the slowness and deliberateness of Velaxis movements adds an exquisite longing to Caeru’s desire, and the anticipation becomes almost a separate pleasure in itself.

He feels Velaxis hands run over his exposed flesh, and he wonders how many other bodies those elegant fingers have caressed. Velaxis is not here because he has been overwhelmed with love, or lust, for The Tigrina. He is here because it is what he does. What he is told to do. And yet for all that, Caeru feels comfortable with him. Velaxis knows the secrets of many hara, but he does not reveal what he knows. In a way, Caeru is glad that Velaxis is not in love with him. It means that Caeru is free to reveal his own secret. His terrible secret. He knows that Velaxis will not mind.

Then Caeru’s thoughts cease to dwell on anything at all, as Velaxis’ hand moves slowly between his legs, touching and stroking; finding where the pleasure resides. Caeru feels his body respond, and Velaxis’ fingers move deeper, into the hot wet darkness of the Tigrina’s body, and Caeru gasps and clutches at Velaxis back, and he is ready, ready, so ready.

They are both naked now. Lying on the bed. Velaxis is on top of him, but he is careful not to force his full weight down upon The Tigrina. Caeru can feel the other har’s hard ouana-lim pressing against his belly, and his legs spread wider; eager. Velaxis enters him hard and fast, filling him entirely in one aggressive thrust. He knows Caeru likes it that way. He knows everything Caeru likes.

Velaxis moves inside him, and visions of light sparkle through Caeru’s consciousness. He is beyond thinking now; beyond caring. He knows that Velaxis will not mind that he is concentrating on his own pleasure, and ignoring the other har’s needs. Perhaps Velaxis does not even have needs. Caeru does not know, and he does not care. All he cares about is this moment in time, wishing it could last forever.

It is not to be. Caeru can feel his orgasm approaching. He bites his lip, and feels the tears start to prickle underneath his closed eyelids, but there is no return now. He is naked now, in mind as well as body. His secret is uncovered. It is a raw, bleeding wound that he keeps hidden from other hara, even in the throes of ecstasy, but he trusts Velaxis, just a bit. Trusts him not to mind as he replays in his head his own, secret, dirty fantasy. Trusts him not to be hurt by the truth.

The damn breaks. Caeru screams as his climax explodes within him. He screams, and screams again. A name.


Hidden Secret II

“Vel, have you ever been to Ferelithia?”

The Tigrina lay naked on his bed, squinting up at what seemed to be a damp patch on the ceiling. A long string of pearls snaked noisily onto the stand beside the bed.

“Yes, I have visited the place. I do travel quite a bit.” A pearl choker and earrings joined the necklace.

“Did you take aruna with anyhar there?”

Velaxis removed the last of his jewellery carefully, and began divesting himself of his clothing.

“I believe I did, now you come to mention it. Why do you ask, Rue?”

He finished removing his garments and stood naked in front of Caeru, turning this way and that, so that the recumbant Tigrina could admire his perfect body. Rue wriggled a little and pouted encouragingly at him.

“It’s just that…. we used to have this sort of…. competition thing there.”

“Competition?” Velaxis flicked back his impressive mane of white hair and ran his fingers across his nakedness provocatively.

“Yes. The hara who lived in Ferelithia… it was sort of a tradition to find anyhar who was in Ferelithia for the first time, and take aruna with them. We awarded ourselves points.”


“Yes, we… oh come here, Vel, I haven’t got all day you know!”

Velaxis sat down on the bed and reclined elegantly next to The Tigrina. Rue could feel the warmth from his body, and smell his perfume.

“You got points for how quickly you managed to ‘roon them after they arrived, and additional points for how high-caste they were”

Caeru propped himself up on one elbow and ran his hand across Velaxis stomach, tracing circles with his fingers on the other har’s silky skin.

“I see. The natives of Ferelithia always did have a reputation for being particularly… welcoming to strangers”

“Mmmm…” The Tigrina paused, and leaning over Velaxis’ prone body he placed a kiss on his stomach. His tongue licked delicately across the muscled abdomen, then moved lower. Velaxis reached down and stroked the Tigrina’s soft gold hair. He smiled contentedly for a few minutes, enjoying the Tigrina’s attentions. His eyes were half-closed, and his back arched very slightly in response to Caeru’s soft, wet mouth and tongue performing a complicated series of movements. After a while he tugged on the Tigrina’s hair.

“Rue, dear, if you’re ever going to finish your story, you’re going to have to empty your mouth”

Rue sat up, his hair now rather in disarray, and dabbed rather primly at the corner of his mouth.

“What? Oh, yes…” He flopped down across Velaxis’ body, but continued his attentions with his hand.

“Well… a wet-behind-the-ears little Aralid would only get you one point. Two for a Neomalid, three for a Brynisit”

“I see… where you are going with this.” gasped Velaxis, who now seemed less interested in the Tigrina’s tale than he had been previously.

“Mmmm… ” encouraged Rue, swinging one leg over Velaxis’ body and positioning himself astride the other har. Oddly enough, The Tigrina also seemed to be losing interest in the Ferelithian Points System.

Rue reached down and took Velaxis’ erect ouana-lim in his hand. He guided it to the entrance to his own body, and gave a small, delighted squeal as he felt it push deep into him, opening up all of his five pleasure-points simultaneously. The Tigrina raised himself up so that he could control the speed and position of Velaxis’ thrusts. His breath came in short, controlled gasps, and a thin sheen of damp perspiration began to form on his body.

Velaxis continued to move inside the other har. Without warning, he pulled himself upwards and grasped Caeru roughly. With a sudden twist, the Tigrina was underneath, and he let out a long moan as he felt Velaxis’ hardness push deeper inside him. Rue wrapped his legs around Velaxis back, as if to force him deeper still, or prevent him from escaping. The Tigrina’s heels dug into the small of Velaxis’ back and he bit his lip and threw back his head as he felt the inevitability of his approaching climax bearing down on him. There was a sudden flash inside the Tigrina’s head and body, like a fork of lightening on a moonless night, then a torrent of pleasure cascaded through both hara simultaneously.

They lay locked together, gasping, for several minutes. Rue twirled a strand of Velaxis long hair around his finger, and kissed his friend gratefully.

“Definitely a ten,” he breathed.

Velaxis made no reply, but Rue was sure the slight shaking of the other har’s body was ill-concealed laughter.

Later, while brushing out his hair, Velaxis turned to Rue.

“So – how many points did you collect during your time in Ferelithia?”

Rue smiled enigmatically.

“That,” he murmured in a low voice “is a secret!”

The End


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