The Snakes-Tamer

The Snakes-Tamer
by LoLL

Story Notes

Author: LoLL (loll4000 (at) gmail (dot) com)

Title: The Snakes-Tamer


Rating: NC17

Characters: Lianvis/Ulaume

Summary: Ulaume meets his fate

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Wraeththu Universe and its characters belong to Storm Constantine.

Spoliers: None, I think. This is just how I love to think things between those two have gone

Warning: Angst, a bit of violence, slight BDSM and, of course, aruna.

The Snakes-Tamer

I woke up in a room that was as cold and dark as a black pit. It took me a while to realize that my eyes were still closed . When I tried to open them, a jolt of pain radiated from my skull throughout my body. I tried to breath deeply for not retching. Slowly, my other senses began to register the surroundings while white flashes danced in front of me.

I was lying on a sandy floor, naked, and my hair was curling around my frame as to protect and keep me warm. But that was not enough; I was shivering and my teeth rattled, making a weird sound in the silence of the room. With a huge act of will I forced myself to remember, but my only memories were the beatings, and voices… Somebody was trading on me as if I was a piece of dead meat. And maybe I was indeed.

Again, I tried to open my eyes, carefully this time, and even if the pain was still there, raging behind the eyelids, I began to see something blurred. It seemed to be a tent I was inside, a small canopy. Between the thin fissures of my swollen eyes I could see the end of my legs: they were roped by ankles to a peg in the ground, like a dog. But what really caught my attention was a half broken cup in front of me. I sensed water and suddenly my throat burned. Ignoring the ache, I extended my hand, panting and wailing like a broken puppy, and managed to drag the cup to my split lips. Half of the water washed on the floor but I drunk avidly what was left, only to throw it up a moment later. I lay still, panting hard and felt tears burning my cheeks. If I had to die, I hoped it would be soon.

In that moment the tent opened and a tall figure stood between the light and me. I could only see the outline and something waving behind his back, maybe a cloak.

“Very well, our new guest has finally woken up, it seems. Did you rest well, Ulaume?”
With a kick, the figure threw the cup away and I moaned in desperation.

“Do not worry, I’ll bring you more water, if you behave. And food. But you must prove you are worth the money I paid for you, or I’ll let you die of starvation.” The voice was calm and deep, cold like ice.

The tall har snapped his fingers and another figure entered the room. He was dressed in a long tunic and a scarf covered his head and face, leaving only his eyes visible. The new har knelt beside me and lifted my head gently. I moaned. I must have broken some ribs from the beatings. Every move stole my breath away.

“Hush…” whispered the new har, “do not move. This will help to lessen the pain and heal faster.”

The brew was tepid and smelled of rotten fruits, but I welcomed the little droplets the har let slip into my mouth like the most tasteful and refreshing juice.

“Slowly! Or you will retch again.”

It took me an eternity but I managed to drink it all and keep it in my stomach. When the last droplet was drained, I collapsed against my saviour’s body, trying to steal a little bit of warmth.

Another snap and the har laid me back on the dusted soil and disappeared out of the tent.

I wanted to talk. I wanted to know what had happened, why I was there and who they were, but the words only rasped on the back of my throat and didn’t come out.

The tall har knelt beside me. It was too dark to distinguish his features but his eyes sparkled like two opalescent pearls, a strange nuance of pale blue that seemed almost white.

“My name is Lianvis, and this is my tribe, the Kakkahaar. The reason why you are here should be obvious to you since you tried to kill your former master. A thought I warmly suggest you to never direct at me… or I will make you yearn for the punishment he gave you as a sweet reward. He sold you to me for my… experiments, but I’m curious to see what hides under that filth and blood. If I think you are worth the effort, I may even keep you and train you. Otherwise, well… we’ll find, for sure, a recreative use for that body of yours.”

A warm hand brushed my cheek, pushing locks of dirty hair away and for a while I had a glimpse of a beautiful, hard face, tanned by the sun, and of lips that were not used to smiling. A second later, the lock twitched and wrapped around Lianvis’ arm, clenching the limb in a tight grip. The air smelled of burned flesh and Lianvis’ mouth winced in pain.

“Damn you!” The blow hit my face so hard that my sight went black and something like a shriek, or perhaps a cry of pain, escaped my lips.

Before dozing into unconsciousness, a voice inside my head warned me.

“You need to be tamed, dirty little snake… And I’ll be the one doing it.”

A booted foot kicked my leg but I was already blacking out and barely registered the new pain.


I had lost sense of time and reality. I didn’t even know how long I had been laying in the dark; if it were mere hours or days.

I had hoped and begged for a death that had never come, rolling constantly between a feverish awakened state and a sleep full of nightmares. The only thing I could do was lay curled up under my hair; so weakened that even the faintest movement, like bringing the cup of water to my lips, left me exhausted. But when I had stopped drinking by myself, someone had come and forced into me the nauseatingly sweet juice.

I had begun to remember who I was and why I had ended there: I was a slave har of the Colurastes tribe and I had tried to kill my master, my inceptor, the har who had taken me away from my former life not more than one year ago to turn me into… into something I still wasn’t sure what it was all about. Not that I was attached to my former life as a stray boy who, at thirteen, had already sold his body to strangers for money, not at all. What I really regretted was to not have been allowed to choose. Me! The legendary little slut who was able to reduce the oldest and richest men of the city into a disgusting mass of begging desire with my uncanny, feminine beauty!

I had been captured, incepted and used for pelki in their dark rituals. And I had tried first to kill myself, then to kill my master. No, not me… my hair. My long, strange hair that seemed to move and vibrate by it’s own will, changing colour from a dark brown to a deep blue-black, depending on my moods. I wasn’t sure if I could command it, or if it followed its own scheme; what I knew was that sometimes, I lived under the impression that I shared my body with something else. Something very strong and powerful.

Even now, while I dozed into delirium, it seemed always alert, ready to warn me if somebody was in the tent with me. It seemed to particularly dislike the Kakkahaar’s leader, Lianvis. Every time he entered my prison my hair hissed and curled around my thin frame, ready to bite, if only Lianvis dared to touch me.
It happened every day, and every day the scary har snorted at me and left me alone with the same words.

“You will give in.”

And, in the end, I did. It took me seventeen days, or so I was told; not that I was conscious of the passing time anymore. It only happened that, one afternoon, Lianvis walked in for his daily inspection and my hair simply didn’t move. It stood still like a huge constrictor around my body.

Somebody lifted me from the stained floor and when I opened my eyes again, I thought I was either dead or dreaming. Whatever, it was a wonderfully pleasurable dream: first, the soft warmness that enveloped my body, then the delicate scent of incenses, and last but most importantly, my body was pleasantly numb. I wasn’t aching anymore.

I woke up definitively one night of a full moon. At first I didn’t understand where I was. Soft linen, candles, floating curtains and a moon, round and big that lit the room with a strange, silver light. Under the sheets I was naked. I observed the incredible amount of fading bruises covering my emaciated body and everything came back to my mind.


I wasn’t sure if I spoke the word or if I thought it, what I knew was that I had to run away from this place as fast as I could. The cold crystal eyes of that tribe’s leader had haunted me during my delirium and I had no intention of becoming one of his “experiments”, as Lianvis had called them. I pushed the sheets away and managed to stand up. But my body, too weak from starvation and injuries, couldn’t accomplish the task and I slumped back on the bed, my head spinning with dizziness.

“Where do you think you are going?”

The whisper echoed in my head, a liquid and slightly amused tone. I raised my head but the tent was empty.

I’ve lost my mind.

“No, you have not.”

I jumped. I was sure this time I hadn’t spoken aloud. I turned around. Nobody. My sight was blurred by the candles and the incense and I had to press fingers over my eyes to clear my sight.

When I opened them again, he was there, just in front to me. A tall, solid figure, clad in the colours of the desert. His mouth was half turned up, if in disgust or amusement, I couldn’t tell; my eyes were seized by something else. The long waving mass I had thought to be a cloak, was, in fact, hair. Long to his knees and pale blond; luminous, slightly wavy. Wonderful. I had to restrain my hand from touching it.

“So, you didn’t answer me… where are you trying to go?”

I didn’t answer, bewitched by the sight of this magical creature.

“Very well… Let’s see if you are worth my money.”

Lianvis lifted my chin and studied my face. My hair quivered behind my back.

“Yes, your master was right. Beautiful beyond imagination, completely soume. And wild, I was told. Not that I can see this as a problem.”

A gentle brush along my torso and I felt my knees going weak. This was my damnation, this body of mine that was so easy to arouse. My ouana-lim withdrew gently while a soft throbbing made my soume-lam swell into fullness.

I wanted to scream, I wanted to command my body to not surrender so easily. Panic and a dull rage ran through my whole being. Everything was happening again… but this time I wanted to fight.
Trying to fight the weakness and my fear, I managed to kneel on the bed, sitting on my heels. Lianvis rose one hand and I felt invisible flow of energy aimin at me, trying to push me back. But, with the little remnant of concentration I was able to gather, I resisted. A strange tingling radiated from within my skull and I felt a sudden surge of strength; I closed my eyes and began to imagine my hair moving, sliding around my body, sneaking on the bed and reaching for Lianvis, spiraling around his legs, his torso, his throat… killing him.

A moment later, we were somewhere else: a desert land; an infernal landscape made of ashes, sharp stones and burnt trees, their skeletal branches clawing a sick, white sky.

We were facing each other, me and Lianvis, ready to fight. I felt my hair moving nervously. Only it was not my hair; thousands and thousands of tiny snakes, hissing, twitching, alive, each with its own will and purpose, danced wildly around my head.

For the first time since our first encounter, I saw a hint of hesitation on Lianvis’ otherwise unreadable face. The hesitation turned into something else when the snakes began to cling around his body; it wasn’t properly fear, it was more surprise. In a moment, I had him on his knees, pinned by the horde of my ravenous little friends. I could smell the burnt of his flesh and see the little droplets of blood where they bit.

I was exhilarated, I was going to pay him back for all the shit I had gone through.

“So is that what you aim for”? Again, the voice was inside my head, and it froze me still. “Killing me as a revenge for your sick life? And then what? Will you escape? Will you hide for the rest of your life? How long do you think it will take my hara to find you and kill you, or worse, cutting your hair and keeping you as a slave? You don’t even know what I have in mind for you here, you might be responsible for your own misery.”

I faltered, loosening the mental hold on him for an infinitesimal moment, but that was enough. I saw a flash crossing his eyes and his lips turned into a malevolent grin, then, strange words flowed from his mouth, filling the air with a cacophony of sounds; a sick lullaby that made my snakes shriek in pain and my whole body shake.

He kept on singing and I was enveloped in a suffocating black.

When I opened my eyes, I realized that all of that had happened in the time it took to blink.

My hair lay slack and motionless on the covers, it looked like it was dead.

“Are you going to kill me, now?” I asked with a defiance I really didn’t feel.

Lianvis sneered and approached me with a calculating, sensual swaying of hips. He was bared-chested and his upper body was decorated with beautiful, strange symbols.

“I don’t think so, you will be of greater use alive. Besides,” his hand caressed my head and my hair rustled, “grant me your submission and I’ll give you more than you could hope for.”

I stared at him, with eyes and mouth wide open. He was bewitching me and there was nothing I could do. I smelled power, and I liked that scent, a lot.

“Freedom?” I dared to ask.

He brushed my ear with the following words, “Freedom will bring you only misery. Surrender to me and I will make you my chesnari.” And I knew he had me. My time of starvation was over.

When I looked at his eyes, I saw hunger. I knew what was going to come next and I prepared for it, like the willing victim I had chosen to be.

I leant my weight on my elbows and I let him part my legs and touch me intimately. My ouana-lim closed again, like a sleeping flower, while the petals of my soume-lam blossomed, becoming thick and ripe. His fingers were gentle while stroking me there, enticing, slow and somehow tentative. When he pushed inside and began to rub on a spot I wasn’t aware off, I cried and felt the urge to ride them, to get more. But something was keeping me in place and I realized it was my own hair. It had curled around my thighs, my waist and my ankles, offering me, open and vulnerable, to my new master.

Nobody had ever cared for my own pleasure till that moment. I was a mere tool, an instrument for other hara’s enjoyment.

Lianvis worked on my body and on my sensations as if his only goal was to make me cry for pleasure and beg for more. And I loved it. My whole being was craving more and screaming for release; I had tears in my eyes and I could feel the gentle pull of my hair spreading my legs wider as Lianvis moved his long fingers first and his tongue later inside of me, touching, rubbing, grazing, driving me close to insanity just to hold back a moment before I thought I was going to shatter.

When he pulled away, I felt suddenly empty; only the intense throbbing of bare nerves inside of me told me that it was happening for real. He brushed my lips with his fingers and I tasted myself, it was delicious and decadent at the same time and I sucked slowly, enjoying the strange, sweet flavour.

“Look at me.” He ordered, and I obeyed. He was standing between my legs, tall and towering and beautiful, lips glistening with my juices and eyes flickering with a warm light. He wanted me, he needed me. In a way, I had my part of victory. I followed his hand caressing his stomach, playing with his nipples, while the other stroked the oversensitive skin of my inner thigh, making it quiver.

With a quick motion he unfastened his belt and lowered his loosened riding pants. His ouana-lim pulsated with warm colours under his touch, hard and thick, dripping with golden and purple fluid.

The throbbing inside my soume-lam became unbearable and I felt it contracting painfully. I was unable to control the little rolls of my hips.

I had to have him, now, or I’d gone insane. I extended a shaking hand and he took it, and then he was bending over me, his hair covering the both of us, tingling my skin, and his ouana-lim pierced inside of me.
I arched my back and screamed. But it was not from pain.

He rode me with the same domination a master shows his pet and the same devotion a lover shows his beloved. He was hard and perfect inside of me and I felt full and owned. Sometime during our coupling, my hair had released me by it’s gentle but firm grip and I had my legs clutched around his waist, trying to push him deeper.

In the whirls of emotions and physical sensation, I barely registered when he reached for my lips and opened them with the teasing touch of his tongue. I froze. Never before had I shared breath; never, so aware was I of the deep, intimate implications of this simple act. But I was so lost, so close to reaching something that I needed so badly that I surrendered without event trying to fight.

And I tasted his soul, cold and dark like the desert nights and, at the same time, warm and bright like the daylight, and golden as his skin. I tasted power, strong and dangerous, and I tasted blood, and death too, but I also felt the brush of rich fabrics grazing my skin and the heaviness of gold around my neck and ankles. I saw endless nights of passionate aruna and the rustle of light curtains dancing around our spent, entwined bodies. I felt his lips worshiping me again and again and the fear of the ones who dared to defy me.
I felt power and I wanted it. I felt my submission, and I wanted it as well.

Lianvis’ hands slid along my arms and entwined his fingers with mine. I knew he was waiting for a sort of answer and I opened up to him, completely, offering my soul on a golden tray and screaming, with my mind and my body “yes, yes, can’t you see you already own me?”

I felt his triumph as a sort of new, spiraling surge of erotic energy. His lips left mine and closed on my jugular. Something stirred inside of me, he stiffened in my arms while the darting tongue of his snake bit an inner chord deeper inside and his teeth marked my neck. I jumped to an impossible height while my body was shaken by a ravaging release, wave after wave of unrestrained pleasure washed over me until I felt I couldn’t handle anymore. I blacked out.

When I came back to reality I felt like I could sleep forever. Through heavy-lidded eyes I watched Lianvis tending and cleaning my body as if I was a precious furnishing. And, in a way, I was. But I was alive and I was going to have more than I had even dared to dream. So, I close my eyes, and dozed.

That night Lianvis slept with me. I woke up with the heavy pressure of his arm upon my belly. He was lying facedown, almost vulnerable in his sleep. My body was numb and sore, my lips swollen; I touched my neck where his teeth had marked me and there was dried blood. A sudden burst of rage made my hair, the living appendix to my true feelings, shudder and hiss. A few locks began to creep over the messy sheets, aiming at Lianvis’ bared neck.

It would have been so easy, quick and clean. And then I…

Then what? Then nothing.

A rush of chilly wind made me shiver.

I lay back on the pillow and my hair sneaked back, as well-tamed hunters. Lianvis moaned something and turned onto his side, without letting go of my waist. I nestled close to him, seeking warmth.

I had forgot how cold the nights could be in the desert.

The End



  1. niennaainur said,

    April 12, 2008 at 7:02 am

    Lianvis and Ulaume are two of my favourites.

  2. Ingrid Williams said,

    March 1, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Ah, very decadent and sensuous; I love Ulaume!

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