Even The Longest Day

Even The Longest Day
By Camile Sinensis (Teapot)

Story Notes

Editor\'s PickI was asked to write this by a fellow Wraeththu fan. It’s not something that I would have thought of doing, otherwise, because generally I don’t like to blatantly contradict The Author (tugs forelock respectfully), but I hope a little suspension of disbelief and/or intervention by the Dehara will account for it!

Characters: Caeru, Cal and Pellaz. Also the long-suffering Doctor Sheeva.

Spoilers: Major spoiler for “Shades”, and also for “Ghosts”

Summary: A memorable day results in serious repercussions for Caeru, and each member of the Royal Triad finds himself caught up in his own dilemma.

Author’s email: teapot@doramail.com

Website: http://red-shellac.livejournal.com, http://www.mudsharks.org/stuff/

Even The Longest Day

“Even the longest day has its ending”

Some days were so beautiful, so perfect, they could only be Almagabran days. Cal lay on his back staring up at a sky which stretched from one side of eternity to another in an arc of glorious blue. Not even the faintest wisp of cloud sullied those pristine heavens. The sun was golden and warm on his body and all around him the bearded stalks of grain whispered and rustled in the warm breeze. Poppy flowers trembled delicately, the paper-thin scarlet blooms scattered throughout the field like unexpected drops of blood.

He stuck a piece of straw in his mouth, and sucked on it rustically, because it seemed the appropriate thing to do. He could hear voices – comforting sounds of pleasantly unimportant conversations, but they were distant, and he could block them out if he wished.

His whole body felt completely relaxed, and he deliberately put from his mind all thoughts of work and responsibility. Today was Cuttingtide, and the entire Arilisan family had left Phaonica behind to indulge in the traditional outdoor festivities. An empty bottle of wine lay at his feet, together with the remains of some bread and fruit. He had nothing more strenuous to do than digest his lunch, or possibly even take a nap.

“Hello Cal.”

He tilted his head back to locate the source of the greeting, but the voice was instantly familiar, and he wasn’t displeased to have his woolgathering disturbed. He raised one hand lazily in greeting, and waggled his straw.

Rue laughed, a bright, summery sound that matched the glorious day.

“You look very relaxed down there. Mind if I join you?”

“Be my guest.”

Caeru sat down primly, pushing down some of the barley stalks with his hand, and Cal rolled over on his side to face his consort, propping himself up on one elbow.

The Tigrina was dressed all in white; a simple muslin shift which draped loosely around his body. The material was fine enough to flutter gently in the soft air currents. His hair was long and unbound, and matched the colour of the ripe grain perfectly. It too was stirred by the breeze. The sun was behind him, and the wispy material seemed to absorb the light making him look as if he was surrounded by a gauzy, glowing halo. A soft-focus vision of ethereal beauty. Cal gazed at him and felt oddly moved by the simplicity of the scene before him.

“What are you staring at?”


“What for?” Caeru feigned innocence, with wide blue eyes, but Cal knew he enjoyed flattery

“Because you are the loveliest har in all of Immanion – possibly even the whole of Almagabra. Well, except for that cute red-haired creature who performs those exotic dances in the market square every evening….”

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The Secret Is Out

The Secret Is Out
by Morgana

Story Notes

Author’s Email: morganalebeau@yahoo.com

Web page: http://www.paranoid.nl/avalon

Pairing: Vaysh/Ashmael

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers up to Book 6 “The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence.”

Summary: Vaysh has been keeping secrets from Ashmael.

Disclaimer: Not mine. No copyright infringement is intended. All characters, except for Arjuna, belong to Storm Constantine.

Warning: AU of course.

Beta read by Patricia and DA, thanks sweeties!

All remaining mistakes are mine.

The Secret Is Out

Part 1

Normally Cal wasn’t that curious and certainly not where Vaysh was concerned, but for some reason the other har had piqued his curiosity that day. It was already late in the evening and all other hara had retired for the night. Vaysh however was sneaking through the palace and seemed to be headed for the stables. Cal pressed against the wall to avoid detection and soundlessly followed Vaysh down the corridor.

Vaysh had always remained something of a riddle to Cal. Ever since Cal had returned to Immanion with Darqueil and had been reunited with his ‘little family’, he had grown disinterested in matters of the state, which Pellaz and Caeru attended to most of the time. Thiede had kept a low profile lately and that meant life in Immanion had become a bit boring. Cal therefore craved a new challenge and Vaysh seemed to be providing him with one.

As he followed Vaysh into the stables, he considered the little he knew about the red-haired har. Vaysh was always at Pellaz’ side and was helping him, guiding him, and even guarding the Tigron at times. As far as Cal could tell the two hara had become close friends, but there was always something about Vaysh that made Cal wary on befriending him as well. Mystery clung to Vaysh and Cal wanted to know what secrets the other har was hiding.

“Be quiet,” Vaysh ordered as he guided the sedu out of his box. “I don’t want anyone to notice us.” It wasn’t strictly necessary for him to be this careful, but he wasn’t taking any chances with Ashmael staying in the palace as well. Ashmael seldom paid him any attention and that was just the way Vaysh wanted it, but he also knew that Ashmael had a curious streak within him and he didn’t want to wake that particular trait in his former chesnari.

He swung himself onto the sedu’s back and buried his fingers in the mane. Telepathically he told the sedu where to take him and a moment later they disappeared from the realm to appear on the Otherlanes.

Cal disliked that particular means of travel, but he had no choice but to make use of the sedim if he was to follow Vaysh. He selected one of them and hopped onto his back. Luckily for Cal this particular sedu was a pliant being and agreed to take the har to the Otherlanes. Telling the sedu to follow Vaysh, Cal kept his eyes wide open in the hope of catching sight of Vaysh on the Otherlanes.


Vaysh told his sedu to wait and headed for the tower that had materialized in front of him. A genuinely warm smile surfaced on his face and his whole demeanor changed with it. His gray eyes sparkled with joy and his lips curled into a warm smile as a glow appeared from somewhere deep inside his core.


Vaysh laughed and caught the har that came running toward him. He buried him in a tight embrace and pressed him close. “I have missed you, Arjuna.”

Arjuna’s sky-blue eyes fastened on his hostling’s face and he returned the smile. “I’m glad you’re back!” Life in the tower always became boring after Vaysh left. He had his books to keep him occupied and he slept a lot, but he preferred for his hostling to spend time with him instead. That way he felt less lonely. “Come with me!” He started to pull Vaysh toward his room to show him a drawing he had made. Drawing was his newest passion.

Vaysh willingly followed his son and sat on the floor next to Arjuna so he could admire the drawing. It was a clumsy attempt at drawing Vaysh’s face, but he praised Arjuna nonetheless and his son radiated pride. Vaysh ran his long fingers through the blond hair and pulled Arjuna close. “I can’t stay for long.”

“Can’t you take me with you?”

Huge blue eyes pleadingly gazed into his and denying Arjuna broke Vaysh’s heart. “You can’t come with me. You wouldn’t be safe, but here, you are. I need you to stay here and be a good harling, Arjuna. I visit as often as I can.” Arjuna’s features contorted with disappointment. “I’m sorry, Arjuna. If I could, I would stay with you forever.”

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