Ebony and Ivory

Ebony and Ivory
by Angelo Ventura

Story Notes

Originally written Sept. 20o5.

I was waiting for somebody to do this, but… guess I have to do it myself.

Featuring: Panthera and Zack

Ebony and Ivory

My chesnari Panthera, Crown Prince of Jael, urges me to try to write a story.
Here at Ferike all hara are very learned, almost nohar is without an artistic skill, be it pictorial, poetic or musical. Panthera is a very good painter, and he urged me to try that, too. Well, my efforts were labeled “interesting and original” by my beloved. I know what those words mean. He’s the most thoughtful and gentle har I’ve ever known. An exquisite person, who doesn’t want to hurt me with a frank appraisal.

Where do I begin, then? My inception? I don’t remember it very well, some white guy called Orion (or something like that) telling us we will finally rise over stupid white men who despised us.He seemed something of a white man, but he was more than a man..He seemed to glow with an inner light. He was beautiful, kind and gentle, more than any white man I’d known before.

Unfortunately, it was not he who incepted us. He left us with our already incepted leader, who shortly succumbed in an attack led by a brute called Wraxilan and his goons. His tribe was a motley very cruel band of a cruel tribe, called the Uigenna. The juice of Gehenna, they were, apt name. Their blood infected me, I was possessed by a savage lust for blood and revenge against white men. Still, a white har caught my young fierce heart.

Ah, Cal! Fair as I’m black, savage and fierce, my soul mate…at least so I believed.. I suffered exile from the Uigenna with him, and then it was only two of us, alone against a maddened, crumbling world. Cal, my lover, my addictive, poisonous pleasure.

I wish it had been different…Cal was very mean, embittered, and so was I. We were tiring of all the savagery, yet we kept drifting on, until a band of rogue bully hara separated us. This story is known, Cal left me for dead, yet I managed to survive, and after days orf wanderings joined a band of gypsies led by a human woman called Te-lan-kaa. With her I ultimately went to the sculpted heights of Roselane, and in that mystic landscape I cleaned my scarred, mean soul. A new har, I helped to rehabilitate my old friend Cal (you must have seen his face, when he saw me!), who (surprise, surprise) had a beautiful pureborn har who accompanied him, and was on his way to Immanion, to reunite with his most improbable conquest…the Tigron himself!

My poor Pantherine! He insisted following Cal to the bitter end,that is, Cal abandoning him for his Pellaz. The more rational part of him knew very well it would end thusly, but love made him hope beyond reason for a miracle that didn’t happen. Since then, Cal’s memory has always been a thorn in his gentle heart. Though he loves me dearly, he never got really over his dismissal by the har who saved him from unspeakable slavery, teached him how to love, then left him for a more powerful lover.And now the New Tigron had the gall to announce an official visit for the next December, and to say he’d be glad to meet old friends. Why can’t he leave Panthera alone? Hasn’t he wounded his heart enough?

“I have to see him”, Panthera had said the other night, when we were in bed. “It’s an official visit, and my father want me to be there”.

I embraced him gently, and kissed away a tiny tear from his lovely face.”I know you want to see him, too. I can read your mind very well, my dear”

His beautiful cheeks reddened. How I love him doing this! He’s so innocent!

“I’m so sorry. I mean, I should have gotten over him, and yet I can’t. I don’t want to forget his face, his loving, but if I don’t I’ll go mad! “ He began trembling, pounding his pillow.

“How can I remember the face I dare not forget?”, he cried at last.

He embraced me fiercely, sobbing on my chest.” It is you I love, Zack, but the memory of him still lingers between us. So, let’s make aruna fiercely as you used to do with him, let’s erase his painful memory with a different pain”

He was very upset. “I promised Cal never to hurt you in any way”, I reminded him.

“You know”, I went on,”seeing us together reminded me of an ancient song my grandmother used to sing to calm me down. Do you want to hear it?

This kindled a faint interest. “Go on”, he said,”It’s the first time you mentioned songs. I’m curious”

So I began to sing softly:

“Ebony and Ivory
Stand togheter in perfect
Harmony-as the keys of my piano…”

“What in the world is a “piano”? , asked my beloved.

“An ancient musical instrument. Black and white standing near and loving each other as you and me are going to do..now,”

Panthera smiled, and we shared breath briefly, then my pantherine murmured “Let’s do it, my ebony beauty. Make my ivory glow,”

So I laid sweet Panthera on his back, his pale, translucent body in my hands. His beautiful, cherry –colored nipples I began to lick softly, whilst caressing his supple thighs. “Surrender to me”, I whispered, whilst my black bluish skin made a a beautiful contrast with his pearly white complexion.

He was prepared to be water to quench my fire, his soume-lam swallowed my ouana-lim eagerly, as we entwined our limbs. I begun to press him further toward release, then retreated. He eagerly clung to me, imploring me to let go. But I kept caressing him softly, engulfing him with my love. Only when he couldn’t resist no more, I gave way.

After the climax, I kept caressing my beloved softly, murmuring soothing words. Panthera in return embraced me, kissed me eagerly all over, then said “Now is my turn. I’ll be fire for you” So I was soume for him.

I stood firmly, as the full force of Panthera’s lovemaking crashed over me, bringing me to the very limits of passion. Panthera could be fierce as I used to be “Zack, I can stop now, if you want,”, he suddenly said, his voice surprisingly even.

I was maddened by desire, all I could said was “Go ahead, I’m all yours”

He erupted into my cauldron of creation, and our souls commingled, our hearts beating in unison, in that blissful state when the two become one in love, and a new life is created.

And it was so we gave an heir to the throne of Jael. Our harling, Loven, is a marvel, golden brown of skin, proud as my pantherine and reckless as yours truly.

Panthera is no more haunted by his memories of Cal. If anything, he’s more than pleased to see him again, and rather curious to see how he‘s changed. We heard rumours than the Royal Triumvirate’s menage isn’t exactly in perfect harmony. In any case, it was Cal’s choice, wasn’t it?

Our harling will sit on Panthera’s lap during the official ceremony for the Tigron’ visit.
I can’t wait to see the face of Cal.

So does my Pantherine.

The End


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