Flickering Sway

Flickering Sway
by Em

Story Notes

Pairing: Seel/Cal pre inception

Rating: R-NC17

Summary: Is it wraeththu? is it just an excuse for boyonboy smut? Who can tell! Cal and Seel in their pre-inception days. Warning! Blatant boysmut!

Spoilers: Pre-Wraeththu, so none really.

Disclaimer Characters belong to Storm Constantine- borrowed with the best intentions. Has not seen a beta. Mistakes are my own.

Flickering Sway

It was growing dark by the time Cal and Seel reached Cal’s large white house. The evening air was thick and damp; the heat from the day still lingering. It clung to Seel’s skin, making him sweat and making his thin shirt to stick to his back. The smell of smoke hung in Seel’s hair and when he sniffed his shirt, he thought he smelt like Cal. They had left school early and spent the rest of the afternoon lying in sun warmed long grass out the back of a disused mechanics’.

The heat, cigarettes and Cal’s slim hands occasionally brushing against Seel’s skin as they lay and talked had left Seel feeling warm and sluggish. When the sky started to turn orange Cal had sat up and said, “Come to my house. We’ll get some food.”

So Seel followed him down the chipped and graffitied sidewalks to a neighborhood with fewer weeds and less graffiti. Cal led him into the dark house, pausing to switch on a light only when they reached the kitchen.

Seel dropped his worn satchel and sat on a stool beside the large work station in the middle of the room. Cal immediately disappeared into large pantry.

“Where are your parents?” Seel asked. He lifted his damp hair off the back of his neck, hoping the air would be cooler when it touched his sweaty skin.

Cal’s voice was muffled. “Out,” he said. He reappeared a moment later with a bottle of wine in hand and put it down in front of Seel. “There’s some pizza in the icebox,” he said. “Its a couple days old, but it’s still good.” Then he disappeared again into another room.

Seel pushed himself up and reached for the refrigerator. The door creaked when it opened and the dim light inside revealed a pizza box and not much else. Seel pulled it out and tentatively sniffed the contents. Cal was right, still good.

“You want me to heat this?” Seel asked when Cal returned with two large wine glasses.

Cal wrinkled his nose, “Naw. It’s good as it is. Come on.” He turned away again and Seel followed him out of the large kitchen and down the dark hallway.

In one room, once designed for families to spend time together in, Cal switched on a large television. The room was large, like all the rooms in Cal’s house, and opulently decorated, but despite the stifling heat of the evening the room felt cool and unreceptive. Seel and Cal normally spent time in Cal’s room when Seel visited. Seel doubted the room had ever hosted Cal’s family together at one time, despite its original design.

Seel sat on the couch across from the television, watching Cal’s long slim fingers open the bottle of wine. Dark red liquid splashed into the large glasses, a rich aroma accompanying it. Seel took a large swallow from the glass Cal offered him, relaxing back onto the couch. Cal sprawled down beside him, lean arms spreading across the back of the couch. His fingers brushed against Seel’s hair.

The television sent spirals of blue light arching off every surface of the room. It played across the angles of Cal’s face, making his skin glow. Seel wondered if it the dewy look on his friend’s flesh was from the heat. His own skin was damp, slightly sticky from sweat. He wanted to touch Cal’s face to find out if it was the same.

Cal must have sensed Seel watching him. He turned his head lazily and a smile spread across his face. He stretched, arms straight up and the movement made his torso lengthen into a flat expanse. His school shirt spread apart at the bottom where Cal had left a button or two undone. Seel could see the expanse of his friend’s lower stomach, could see where the soft skin beneath his belly button concaved to disappear under his dark shorts, where his hip bones reached up, jutting out of his flesh.

Cal shifted his legs and turned to lean against Seel, limbs uncurling and folding in again. He rested one arm around Seel’s shoulders and laid his head down, face against Seel’s neck. Cal’s breath was hot, but left a cold tingle against Seel’s damp skin when he exhaled against Seel’s neck.

Abruptly, Cal sat up and, taking the remote off the table in front of them, switched the television to mute. The silence seemed deafening; the flickering light from the screen strangely hypnotic without the blaring sound accompanying it.

“Everything on there is crap these days,” Cal muttered. He relaxed back down again and Seel’s leg tingled hot where Cal’s long thigh pressed against his. Seel sipped his wine and watched the silent images flicker across the television screen.

When he glanced to the side, he saw Cal was watching him with a lazy expression and heavy lidded eyes. “What?” he asked.

Cal smiled in his lazy, intoxicating, Cal way. “Nothing.” Then he pushed up and lightly touched his mouth to Seel’s.

Stunned, delighted, Seel stilled for a moment, as Cal’s lips lingered on his. When Cal pulled back and studied his face Seel asked, “What are you doing?”

“What? It’s no big deal.” Cal kissed him again, this time opening his mouth. Seel felt the wet slide of Cal’s tongue across his bottom lip and it made a pit open in his stomach.

“Stop it,” Seel protested and Cal released him again.

“Why?” Cal asked. He slid a hand around Seel’s neck his lips close to Seel’s face. Seel could feel them moving, lightly brushing his skin as Cal talked. “Don’t you want to?”

Seel felt himself blushing, and annoyed at himself said, “It’s not that…” he faltered. His hands slid onto Cal’s thighs unbidden. “It’s just– What if your parents come home?”

“So what? Like I care what they think. Besides, they won’t.”

This time when Cal kissed him again, Seel didn’t try to twist away. He opened his mouth to Cal’s questioning tongue, letting him inside. He let Cal taste him, returning his light kisses obediently and parting his lips whenever cal leaned close to lap at his mouth.

“There, isn’t that nice?” Cal purred, pressing closer to Seel, forcing him gently back into the arm of the couch.

“Mmmm,” Seel nodded, his hands sliding around to the small of Cal’s back, pressing that lithe body against him.

Cal let out a low chuckle, kissing Seel’s neck. His legs moved until one could slide between Seel’s, he pressed upwards. Seel let out a low moan, grip tightening around Cal’s waist.

“Does that feel good?” Cal murmured.

“You know it does.”

The soft material of Cal’s school shirt, washed too many times by a mother who had forgotten how to do anything else remotely maternal, slid up Cal’s back as Seel slid his fingers over Cal’s smooth skin. Cal kissed him again and again and Seel opened his mouth wide under the assault, tasting, smelling, feeling Cal until the other boy eclipsed everything else.

Cal pulled away a little and looked down at Seel with dark eyes. The blue light from the television flickered across his face and shone on his lips which were swollen and wet with saliva. Watching Seel’s face intently, Cal deliberately rolled his hips, up, forward, down into Seel’s. Seel grunted softly and Cal smiled.

He wriggled, pulling at Seel’s hips so Seel could shift down the couch. One of Seel’s feet kicked out, colliding with a forgotten wine glass on the floor. The glass clattered loudly in the silent room, spilling its dark red contents across the polished wooden floor. The wine seeped silently, red spreading slowly, sliding into the cracks between the wood. Cal ignored it, letting the stain spread across the pristine floor, sliding under the couch.

He pressed his full length against Seel, stretching out to lie across him. Seel slid his arms and hands around Cal, feeling the smooth length of him, embracing him tightly and Cal kissed his welcome, open mouth, his cheeks, his neck.

Cal was panting lightly. He bit Seel’s neck and Seel swore. “Shit, Cal. That hurts!” he yanked his head to the side.

Cal only laughed. He licked the spot he had bitten, then slowly twisted his hips. He was lazy and dangerous, his face flushed with heat as he watched Seel arch back against the couch. “Sorry,” he whispered, then nipped Seel again, lighter this time.

“No you’re not,” Seel moaned. He gripped Cal’s hips, urging the other boy to keep moving. He could feel Cal smile as they kissed again. Seel pinched the skin between Cal’s hips and ribs in reprimand but that only made Cal press his hips even closer.

Cal rocked above him, building a sweet slow tension in Seel’s stomach. Seel pulled him closer, leaving only enough room between them for Cal to have leverage to keep moving. Cal nudged against him, pressing up, and in and grinding until they both were panting. The couch creaked slightly beneath them as Cal’s movements grew more frantic and then Seel was crying out, shuddering back against the couch, or up into Cal. He dug his fingers into Cal as pleasure shot through him, blooming from the base of his spine, dimly he heard Cal cry out too.

Cal slumped down on his chest, breathing hard and Seel became uncomfortably aware of the damp wetness spreading in the front of his shorts. He wanted to move, to leave and his face flushed red at the thought of one of Cal’s parents discovering them there. But Cal was warm and heavy against his chest, his breath lightly fanning against Seel’s hot skin. He did not want Cal to move.

They lay pressed together for a long while but eventually Cal lifted his head and smiled in that lazy way again. He kissed Seel then sat up on Seel’s lap, stretching like a cat. “You should probably go home.” He stood up.

Seel sat up, wincing as the damp fabric of his shorts shifted. “Yeah, my mom will be going nuts.”

Cal disappeared for a moment and Seel pushed back his hair. He saw abandoned wine glass, lying in its own pool of red. He reached down and picked it up and placed it on the table.

Cal reappeared with his satchel in hand and Seel took it, looping the strap over his shoulder. “You going to school tomorrow?” he asked.

Cal shrugged lazily. “Come here in the morning,” he said. He turned and Seel followed him back down the dark hallway to the front door. “Maybe I’ll convince you to stay home with me.”

That would be easy, Seel thought. But instead he said, “Whatever. See you tomorrow.”

Cal shut the door behind Seel and Seel could see his figure, distorted through the frosted glass for a few seconds before Cal disappeared into the darkness of the house again.

Seel’s shorts were uncomfortable as he walked the few streets back to his own house. He stuck his hand down them to shift them into a more comfortable position and the pit in his stomach opened again when his fingers encountered sticky wetness.

Back at home he stared at the pile of his discarded uniform as he lay in bed in the dark. He could see Cal’s face above him; feel Cal’s warm body pressed against his. Heat flooded from his stomach and after only a moment’s hesitation, Seel slid a hand downwards and took hold of himself. He bit his lip as he began to stroke firmly. He was sure Cal was going to be able to convince him to do a lot of things.

The End


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