by Em

Story Notes

Pairing: Seel/Cal

Summary: Continuation of pre-inception Cal/Seel boysmut (Flickering Sway). As requested: what happens when Seel tries to get Cal up for school.

Rating: R

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Storm Constantine and are borrowed with the most sincere respect.


All roads lead to Cal’s house – or so it seemed. Seel was drawn there like it had a magnetic force. A current swept down the cracked and dirtied streets; one that left Seel floundering helpless, struggling. No matter how hard he tried he could not fight its strength and so ended up exhausted, blissfully drifting towards the large which house that had dead leaves strewn across the once immaculate lawn.

This morning the front door was slightly ajar so Seel was drawn there instead of sliding down the side of the house to creep into Cal’s room the way he otherwise would have. There were no cars in the driveway and when Seel called out a greeting as he hesitantly pushed the door open there was no reply.

Hesitating a moment, Seel considered leaving; thought about sliding the door closed again and simply walking to school. His satchel hung heavily on his shoulder. But that current still swirled around his ankles, trying to draw him into the dark, mute house. He stepped through the threshold and pushed the door behind him. It closed with a loud click that seemed offensive in the silence.

Seel’s sandaled feet barely made a noise as he walked down the dark hallway. He paused in the doorway to the lounge where he and Cal had embraced the night before. Empty glasses and a bottle stood on the table in front of the couch. The stain of the wine Seel had spilled still clung to the floor. It had spread- a dark stain, matte and black against the shining wood.

Seel stared at it a moment before making his way up the stairs. The house’s silence seemed stifling. Was Cal even here? He paused at the door to Cal’s room then knocked softly.

There was no reply, but when Seel pushed the door open he peered through the gloom and saw a small lump covered in blankets on Cal’s bed.

“Cal?” Seel whispered. He pushed the door closed, eager to shut off the rest of the house.

Cal’s room was dark but it glowed with a deep red light from the sheets of material he had hung over his windows. Clothes littered the floor along with empty bottles, books and records. Pictures, torn at the edges, fluttering in an invisible breeze, covered the walls. Images of life, death, ripped up pieces of articles. Seel had never studied them too closely, perhaps afraid of what he might see in them.

“Cal? Wake up.”

Seel stopped at the edge of Cal’s bed. The lump in the middle of it didn’t move but Seel could see the white straw of Cal’s hair sticking out the top of it. Seel sat down on the edge of the mattress and eased his bag over his shoulder, letting it slump to the floor. He nudged what he thought was Cal’s shoulder and finally Cal emerged butterfly-like from the nest of blankets.

He flipped the covers back and, eyes closed, stretched languorously, arms above his head. He smiled slowly them opened his eyes. “Mmmm, Seel. Come to take me to school have you? Go away.”

“Yes, come on. You should come.”

One side of Cal’s mouth twisted. “Why? Those bitches can’t teach me anything important.”

Seel rolled his eyes and Cal grinned when he saw it. “Oh virtuous Seel!” he said dramatically. “Have you come to save me from my heathen ways?” His sentence was punctuated by a wide yawn.

“You have been to school for four days,” Seel reminded him.

Cal squirmed against the pillow and smacked his lips, grinning. “And neither have you.”

“Well, I’m going now. You should come.”

Cal’s eyes darkened slightly, a colour rose to his cheeks. He pushed himself up on one elbow and moved his face closer to Seel’s. “I’m not going to school,” he said in a low voice. “And you’re not going either.”

Seel felt a deep pang somewhere low in his stomach. “Cal, what are you talking about? Yes I am. Get up.”

Cal lay back against the pillows and shook his head. He gazed up at Seel and Seel felt himself falling into those strange blue eyes. The appeared bluer than they should have been in the dim red light of the room. Cal’s gaze was dark, and Seel thought he could see something there that sent a shot through him. A warning flickered in the back of his head- he will hurt you- but the pang in Seel’s stomach quickly twisted into a deep, dull ache and a desperate desire. All he could do lean over Cal’s passive form and press his mouth against his friend’s.

Cal let out a soft moan. His lean arms slid around Seel’s neck, his fingers twisted into Seel’s hair and held him in place. Seel’s eyelids fluttered when he felt the swipe of Cal’s tongue, and the ache intensified, hardened. He found himself kicking off his sandals as Cal urged him down onto the mattress.

The protesting part of Seel’s mind diminished and curled into itself – or perhaps it had never existed at all. He allowed Cal to slide his shirt away and pull him under the blankets. Cal was naked beneath them and it made Seel’s heart speed up as his hands slid over Cal’s warm flesh. Cal purred.

“God, Seel…” Cal hissed when Seel slid his fingers skatingly across the hard flesh between Cal’s legs. Seel’s face warmed – he loved to hear Cal ‘s low voice as he said Seel’s name, as he groaned softly.

Then Seel was lost and Cal’s hands were sliding over his bare skin, pushing his shorts away, climbing over Seel, his mouth sliding down on him. Seel was groaning and his hands were in Cal’s white hair until he was not groaning any longer, he was crying out and clasping Cal to him.

Cal’s lazy smile had corrupted him easily. There had not even been a fight; just a slow sweeping of a tide which pushed everything towards the dark warmth of Cal’s arms. Seel stretched out in the den of Cal’s room and slept smelling Cal with every breath. He smiled.

The End


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