Tyson’s Bath

Tyson’s bath
by Eldraug

Story Notes

Rating: Hmm. PG. I think. I’ve never posted non-smuttage before.

Author’s notes: VERY AU – as always. Ty is about three in this – at that fun age when harlings know everything and their parents are total idiots in their minds.

Beta: Three guesses. As, always, TNT.

Disclaimer: As always, I own nothing. It’s all Storm Constantine’s – character, places, etc. The brain is still on lease-to-own option and I just finished my last Diet Coke. Such is my life.

Summary: Terzian gets Tyson ready for bed.

Tyson’s Bath

“NO! I won’t! You can’t make me!”

With one well-aimed kick, Tyson had freed himself from Terzian’s arms. While the Varr was doubled over in pain, Tyson leapt off the floor where he has been dumped when harling foot had connected with ouana-lim. The harling looked up at his father then bolted down the long hallway. He skittered into Cobweb’s sitting rooms and hid under the couch panting softly.

Feeling smug about getting the best of his father, he didn’t keep a good eye out for Terzian’s boots coming into the room. Tyson soon found himself being yanked out from under the couch and whisked into his father’s tight grip. The harling tried to place another liberating kick but Terzian was expecting it and tucked the squirming harling under his arm so Tyson’s feet flailed safely behind him.

“Tyson,” Terzian began evenly. “You need a bath.”

“No. I don’t,” Ty answered, cocking one eyebrow and looking very much like his hostling.

Terzian sighed through his nose and said, “Yes. You do. You smell and Cobweb will have a fit if you get into bed like that.”

“You don’t have to tell him,” Tyson suggested, smiling.

Terzian had reached the end of his patience. Putting the harling down, he growled softly, “Tyson. Get naked and into the bath. Now.”

“Fine!” Tyson shouted. He stomped back down the hall, grumbling about not stinking and Cobweb not even being there and that he didn’t have to know everything. He grudgingly stripped off, dumping his clothes in a pile on the floor of Cobweb and Terzian’s bedroom and stomped into the bathroom. He stared at the tub.


Terzian poked his head around the door. Tyson stood, his arms crossed and tapping his foot while frowning. It took all his Varrish control for Terzian not to burst out laughing. The harling looked ridiculous, trying to look fierce while stand in the bathroom naked. Clearing his throat, he came into the bathroom.

“Yes, Ty?”

“There’s no bubbles,” Tyson pouted.

“You don’t need bubbles.”

“Yes I do!” the harling howled. “Cobweb always gives me bubbles! See? You don’t even know how to help me with bath so I shouldn’t have to take one!”

Terzian grumbled and poured bubble bath into the bathtub and turned the water back on. The tub quickly filled with jasmine-scented bubbles. The blonde Varr smiled softly – the scent of Cobweb’s soap always made him smile. Tyson, however, wasn’t as pleased.

“Daddy! That’s Webby’s soap! Mine’s the one that smells like vamilla.”

“Vanilla,” Terzian corrected softly. Sighing, he added, “And Cobweb won’t mind you using his soap for tonight.”

Tyson grumbled but got into the tub. “I don’t wanna smell like Cobweb. He smells like flowers then you kiss all over him. Yuck.”

Terzian smiled and said, “Oh really? Is that so?” He then proceeded to kiss Tyson’s face all over, grinning at the harling.

Tyson squealed and splashed water at his father. Terzian leapt back and stood slowly. Cobweb would have a meltdown if there was water and bubbles all over the bathroom when he got home. Terzian wasn’t really wild about the idea of Cobweb being out in the evening, but his consort wanted to take a drawing class in town and he just couldn’t say no — even though he didn’t see the use for learning how to draw flowers. And it was only one night a week for six weeks.

“Ty, you need to get washed. I’ll wait for you in the bedroom then help you with your pajamas,” Terzian said turning to leave.


“Yes, Ty?” the Varr asked with a tired sigh.

“You forgot the duckies.”

Looking over his shoulder, Terzian stared at his son. “The duckies?”

Tyson sighed through his nose and said, “Yes. The duckies in the closet. Cobweb lets me play with them while I’m taking a bath.”

“Sounds to me like that’s a rather inefficient way to take a bath,” Terzian said as he walked to the closet. He grabbed seven rubber ducks from the shelf in the closet and threw them into Tyson’s bathwater. “There. Duckies. Now don’t play around. You have to get to bed.”

“I’m not tired,” Tyson answered beginning to line the ducks up.

“No, but I am,” Terzian answered before striding out to settle into a chair by the fire.

While he listened to Tyson play in the bath, talking to the ducks and splashing, Terzian thought about his consort. Sometimes he didn’t know how Cobweb did it. He kept Forever running smoothly, kept up with Tyson, kept Swift out of trouble, kept up after him, and still had time to make it all look easy. Here he was – Supreme Varrish Commander and Lord of Galhea and he was worn out after one evening chasing after Ty. After what seemed like hours, Tyson finally called to him.

“Daddy! I’m done!”

Dragging himself to his feet, Terzian walked slowly to the bathroom. After fishing Tyson out of the tub, he wrapped the harling in a fluffy towel and let the water out of the tub. He rubbed Tyson dry and wrapped him up before carrying him to the bed. Flopping the harling down on the bed, Terzian wrestled him into his pajamas – light blue with horses on them. Scooping Tyson up, he carried him to the chairs by the fire and gently brushed the harling’s hair until it shone.

Tyson yawned and snuggled against Terzian’s chest. The golden Varr wrapped his arms around the harling’s slight body and held him close. He missed this with Swift. His first born never snuggled with him or was affectionate with him; that was saved for Cobweb. Terzian was afraid of spoiling Swift if he was affectionate with him. Oh, how wrong he had been! He refused to make that mistake with Tyson.

“Daddy?” Tyson asked softly.

“Yes, Ty?”

“I love you,” the harling said snuggling closer. “And I love Cobweb too.”

“We love you too, little one,” Terzian whispered, stroking Ty’s hair.

“Can I sleep with you and Webby tonight?” Ty asked, yawning. “Please?”

Terzian sighed. He didn’t want to say no, but he also wanted his consort to himself that night. He stroked Ty’s hair, trying to think of the best way to handle this situation. Cobweb would say just the perfect thing to make Tyson want to sleep in his own room.



“Did you forget that I asked you a question?”

Terzian stood and carried the harling to the bed. Lying him down gently, the Varr lay next to him. He whispered softly, “Let’s just lie here until Cobweb gets home then we’ll see.”

Tyson snuggled close to his father, wrapping his arms around Terzian’s chest and resting his head on his shoulder. Terzian held his son snugly against his body, gently stroking his hair and his back in hopes of lulling the harling to sleep. Within the hour, they were both sound asleep.

Cobweb padded into the room he shared with his consort. He put his sketchpad and supplies in the closet and undressed in the dark so not to wake Terzian. Moving silently to the bed, he stopped and smiled. There lay his beautiful, fierce consort with a harling wrapped around him. No one would believe Terzian har Varr had that sort of gentleness in him. Gently kissing each of them, Cobweb lifted Tyson out of the bed and carried him to his own room.

After tucking him in and kissing the harling once more, Cobweb went back to his rooms. He smiled softly and shook his consort very gently.

“Terzian? Love? I’m home,” he murmured, still shaking his chesnari gently. “Terz, you need to get undressed, love, so you can get in bed. Come on, love. Please?”

Terzian opened eyes and blinked sleepily at Cobweb. He smiled and stood, staggering a little as he was still half-asleep. After dumping his clothes in a pile on the floor, he crawled under the blankets and snuggled down. Cobweb slipped between the sheets and cuddled closer to his love, moaning softly as Terzian snaked his arm around Webby’s waist.

“Cobweb?” he murmured sleepily.

“Yes, love?”

“Taking care of harlings is work,” the Varr said softly, snuggling closer. “I love you.”

Cobweb smiled to himself and snuggled back against his chesnari. Tyson must have been active tonight. He gently stroked Terzian’s arm and listened to his deep, regular breathing. He giggled softly at the idea of Terzian har Varr, Supreme Commander of the Varrish Armies and Lord of Galhea, being defeated by a harling. But, by watching Ty and letting him take his drawing class, Cobweb knew how much Terzian did love him.

Before drifting to sleep, he kissed Terzian’s hand and whispered, “As I love you, my fierce Varr. Sleep well for Ty will be wanting to play with his daddy tomorrow morning.”

The End


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  1. wdarling said,

    April 16, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    This is pretty funny. My only question about this is, where’s Cal? I know this is AU, so is part of that Tyson not being Cal’s? Or Cal being gone and Terzian being there? Just wondering!

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