Not Too Short

Not Too Short
by Em

Characters: Pellaz, Cal, Flick

Rating: G(!)

Summary: Cal decides it is time for a haircut.

Spoilers: None really but set while Cal and Pellaz are in Saltrock so perhaps Enchantments if you’re really fussy.

Disclaimer: Characters and the world they inhabit belong to Storm Constantine, I am simply trying to pass the time in a boring afternoon.

Unbeta-d so any mistakes are my own. Apologies in advance!

Not Too Short

When Pellaz and Cal first met, Cal’s blond hair hung down to his shoulders and bright strands slipped out of the ponytail he would tie it up in. After his inception, Pellaz would stroke his fingers through the long locks, mourning his own dark hair which had been sacrificed. The loss of his hair was still a sore point with Pell and in the rare event that Cal would tease him about his new hair style Pellaz would bristle and never fail to react.

“You’re vain, Pellaz,” Cal would tell him.

With one hand covering the shorn side of his head Pellaz would glare. “So what? My hair used to be beautiful!”

“And you’re learning to release modesty!” Cal chuckled. “I’m sorry, Pell. Look, it’s growing back.”

It was growing back, but Pellaz still found his new hairstyle hard to deal with. The hair at the sides, while no longer short and bristly still had to be tied or clipped back, less it constantly fall in his face. His ponytail still hung long and smooth down his back, however. He had ignored Cal’s suggestion to cut it all off to one even length. Parting with some of his hair had been traumatic enough!

Flick told him to get over it, he had never understood Pellaz’s stubborn insistence on growing his hair back. In contrast to Pellaz, who wanted his hair to grow back as quickly as possible, Flick had retained the style forced upon him during inception. He routinely shaved the sides of his head, an act that had Pellaz shuddering with disgust but unable to look away.

“I like it,” Flick shrugged. “It’s easier this way. Don’t even have to tie it up to keep it out of the way!”

So when Cal announced one evening that he wanted to cut his hair Pellaz reacted with outrage.

“No!” he cried. “Why would you do that?”

Cal shrugged easily. “It’s annoying me. I don’t normally wear it this long.”

Before he knew it, Pellaz had crossed the room and his fingers were entwined in Cal’s hair. Cal watched Pellaz’s mournful eyes with amusement. “Not all of us want long flowing locks like you, dearest. If you want, I’ll keep the hair and make you a wig- ow!”

Pellaz soothed Cal’s abused scalp where he had yanked on Cal’s hair. Finally he relented. “How are you going to do it?”

Cal shrugged again. “Chop it off myself, I suppose.” At Pellaz’s horrified look, Cal held up his hands in surrender. “Ok, ok. I’ll get Flick here to do it.”

“Flick?” Pellaz cried in disgust. He eyed their friend’s shaved head. “You can’t have it that short!”

Even Flick was laughing by now. “I can cut more than one length, Pell. You can supervise if you want.”

Cal hugged Pellaz round the waist and pouted at him with an exaggeratedly pleading expression. “Please, Pell? It’s too hot… It sticks to the back of my neck when I’m working… when we’re rooning….”

Pellaz rolled his eyes but sulkily agreed and five minutes later was pacing up and down in front of Cal who was seated in the middle of the kitchen. Flick stood behind the blond, a pair of large sharp scissors in his hand. Flicks studied Cal’s hair (currently a tangled mop hanging past his shoulders and all over his face) with pursed lips. He raised his scissors and was about to make the first cut when Pellaz burst out with a panicked, “Wait!”

Flick lowered the scissors.

Cal blew his hair out of his face. “Pell, calm down.”

Pellaz stopped pacing and obediently sat down opposite Cal. He pinned Cal and Flick with an intense stare. “I’m serious,” he said vehemently. “Not too short, Flick.”

Flick rolled his eyes. “I get it, Pell.”

Pellaz managed to remain silent long enough for Flick to make the first cut into Cal’s hair, but when he saw a blond lock float to the ground he let out a mournful cry.

“For Ag’s sake!” Cal exclaimed. “Pell, get out.”

Pellaz started to protest but Cal shoved him out the door and down the steps into the sunlight outside. “You can see when it’s finished!” Cal declared and slammed the door.

Pellaz groaned but sent a worried cry back through the door. “Not too short!’

Approximately twenty minutes later Pellaz was dejectedly swinging in the hammock, waiting for Cal to reappear with his new hairstyle. It was taking far too long in his opinion. Why would it be taking this long unless Flick was cutting lots off? Pellaz sighed, using one foot against the dusty ground to swing the hammock lightly from side to side. He didn’t know why Cal insisted on cutting his hair anyway. You would think that some hara would be satisfied that they had long hair at all! And not want to just chop it off for no good reason–

“What do you think?” Pellaz jumped and opened his eyes to see Cal leaning over him, blocking the late afternoon sun with his head.

His hair was definitely shorter, it hung to his chin or shorter to his ears at some points. A choppy fringe hung artfully over his forehead and locks curled around his ears. Pellaz tilted his head thoughtfully, studying the new style with squinting eyes.

“It’s….. not bad,” he said slowly.

“Not bad?” Cal crowed gleefully. “Is that what you said? Do you agree that it is better?” Cal shook his head like a wet dog, sending a light sprinkle of cut hair over Pellaz’s face.

Pellaz spluttered, snorting hair away and laughed as he struggled with Cal who was attempting to climb into the hammock with him. “It’s not bad!” he yelped as Cal’s wandering fingers found a ticklish spot. “That doesn’t mean I like it!”

“Yes you do!” Cal yelled.

Eventually, with much maneuvering, Cal managed to lower himself into the hammock so he lay sprawled across Pellaz’s body. The hammock swung wildly for a few seconds when Cal took his weight off the ground, but didn’t tip over. Once he was comfortably settled Cal looked at Pell with smiling eyes.

“Admit it,” he murmured. “You like it.”

Pellaz reached up and ran his hands through Cal’s newly short hair. “Mmmmm.” He grabbed a fistful and gave a light tug. “It’s good for getting a grip.”

Cal growled playfully back at Pellaz and nipped him lightly on the neck. “So… Not too short, then?” Cal asked.

Pellaz smiled and used his hold on Cal’s hair to draw the other har closer so his breath could answer for him.

The End


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