Snow Fall

Snow Fall
by Eldraug

Story Notes

Rating: R. Very R. Rooning! Lots of rooning. In the bath. If you are under 18, NO CLIKA!

Pairing: Terzian/Cobweb

Beta: TNT

Author’s note: AU as always! Fluffiness. Extra fluffy fluffiness.

Disclaimer: Storm Constantine owns it all. I own six Reese’s cups and one third of my brain. Wooo.

Summary: Terzian takes care of a cold, injured Cobweb.

Snow Fall

Cobweb sat shivering in the snow. His left ankle was swollen and throbbing, sprained badly enough that it collapsed when he tried to stand. He and Tyson had been playing in the snow when he slipped, his ankle going one way and the rest of him going another. Ty had helped him pack snow around it before he left to get Terzian. The harling had been gone for a while though and Cobweb began to worry. What if Tyson forgot about him? He couldn’t make it back to the house on his own. Wrapping his wet coat closer to his body, he shivered and hoped that someone would come for him soon.

Tyson ran as fast as he four-year-old harling legs would carry him. His Webby was hurt and he had to get his daddy for help. He bolted into the house through the kitchen door where he was promptly stopped by Yarrow.

“Take off those wet boots!” Yarrow growled as he looked up from his soup.

“But . . . but . . .” Tyson began.

“Take them off! Now!”

Tyson kicked off his boots and tried to run out of the kitchen. Yarrow, however, wasn’t going to have puddles all over the house from a snowy harling. He grabbed Tyson by the back of the coat and pulled him back.

“You are soaked!” the har growled as he pulled the outerclothes off the harling. “Honestly, Tiahaar Cobweb lets you get away with too much sometimes!”

At the mention of Cobweb’s name, tears came to Tyson’s eyes. Throwing back his head, he screamed, “DADDY!”Within moments, Terzian’s blonde head popped around the door. He smiled at his son, but instantly sobered at the harling’s distress. Coming into the kitchen, he moved quickly over to Tyson, scooping him into his arms.

“What’s wrong, Ty?” He asked snuggling the harling close.

“C-Cobweb!” Tyson stammered through his tears. “H-He fell and . . . and . . . and he can’t get u-u-up! I was s’posed t’ get you, but HE stopped me!”

After flinging one accusing finger out at Yarrow, Tyson buried his face in Terzian’s shoulder and sobbed. “Daddy, get him! Please! Get my Webby!”

Terzian hugged Tyson hard and put him down. Bundling up in his long wool coat, he pulled on his high leather boots and put on a hat and a scarf. He kissed Tyson gently and crouched in front of the harling. He gazed deeply into his son’s eyes.

“Ty, go find Bryony and help her get a bath ready for Cobweb. Put in lots of bubbles and hot water. Then maybe you and she could make a snack for him. I know he’ll be hungry after his bath. Can you do that for me? Can you help me take care of Cobweb?”

Tyson sniffled and wiped his nose on his sleeve before nodding and trotting off to find Bryony. Terzian stood and strode out into the snow. Following Tyson’s path back to Cobweb was easy. In the harling’s desperation to get help, it looked like a deranged elephant had run through the garden. Terzian stepped into an open space that was grassy in the summer and there sat his shivering consort in the snow.

Cobweb looked up and Terzian almost cried out. His beautiful consort’s lips were turning a pale blue and he shook uncontrollably. One foot was packed deeply in snow. Cobweb made a pitiful, thin, keening sound – like a lost harling. Terzian rushed over to him, unburied his foot, and scooped him up. Cobweb screamed in pain; it was then that Terzian realized his consort’s ankle was swollen and bruising. Holding the Sulh close to his body, Terzian rushed back to the warmth of Forever to care for his chesnari.

Terzian stepped into the kitchen and went straight up to the rooms he shared with Cobweb – snowy boots and all. From the look on his face, all the househara, Yarrow included, knew not to get in his way. He gently placed Cobweb on their bed and began undressing him, being very careful with his injured ankle.

“What happened, Cobweb?” he asked throwing Cobweb’s wet sweater and shirt on the floor for the househara to collect for the laundry.

Shaking hard, Cobweb whispered, “T-Ty and I were p-p-playing and I s-slipped. I’m so c-c-c-cold!”

After taking off Cobweb’s skirts and adding them to the wet clothes pile, Terzian very gently inspected his consort’s ankle. It wasn’t broken, but it was sprained pretty badly. He knew that it had to be painful and would be more so when Cobweb warmed up. He rose and retrieved a glass of sheh for his love.

Handing him the glass, he said gently, “Drink this, darling. Then we’ll get you into the bath.”

Cobweb eyed the glass, blushed, then whispered, “You kn-n-now sheh makes me sleepy.”

Terzian smiled softly and motioned for Cobweb to drink. “It will help warm you, little one. And deaden the pain that you will soon feel from than ankle.”

Cobweb drank the sheh, making a face. He handed the glass back to Terzian and shivered. After putting the glass on the table, Terzian scooped his consort up in his arms and kissed him softly before carrying him into the bathroom.

Tyson looked up. His eyes grew wide and he gasped, “Daddy! You need to close your eyes! Cobweb doesn’t have his robe on or nothing!”

The Varr carried Cobweb to the tub and gently settled him into the warm water, soaking his shirt in the process. Growling softly, he took his shirt off and tossed it in the hamper in the corner. Tyson frowned.

“You need another shirt,” he said. “I’ll get you one.”

Terzian smiled at Cobweb then said to Tyson, “No, I’ll probably have to share Cobweb’s bath to help him get warm. Why don’t you go see to his snack?”

Tyson bound out of the bathroom, proud at being in charge while his daddy cared for his Cobweb. Once the harling was gone, Terzian slipped out of his leather trousers and stepped into the bathtub with his chesnari. He tenderly propped Cobweb’s injured foot on the side of the bathtub with a towel under it.

Cobweb shivered in the warm water, his eyes closed. He sighed happily at feeling Terzian’s hands on his body, so gentle and loving. As he warmed up, he relaxed and his shivering became less, wracking his body only every now and then. Terzian smiled gently at the little sighs his gentle stroking and washing was eliciting from Cobweb. He checked Cobweb’s injured foot, covering it with a towel to keep it warm too.

“Mmmmm,” Cobweb purred, stretching his shoulders. “Terzian, would you wash my hair? Please?”

The Varr felt his control slip at his consort’s purr. He thought he was doing pretty well. Here he was naked and in the bathtub with a very desirable har and he didn’t pounce on him. But, between the purring and the chance at burying his fingers in Cobweb’s luxurious mane, he wasn’t sure how long he could hold on to that delicate thread of control. He reached for the shampoo and, pouring some into his hand, breathed deeply the scent of jasmine. Moaning softly, he moved to sit behind Cobweb and began washing the other har’s hair.

Cobweb gasped and pressed back against Terzian’s body. He loved having his hair washed and fussed with. He also loved having Terzian’s strong body framing his own, making him feel safe and protected from anything that might hurt him. He moaned softly as Terzian massaged his scalp and ran his soapy fingers through the weight of Cobweb’s jet-black hair. Closing his eyes and tipping his head back, he allowed Terzian to rinse the soap from his hair, letting the length of it float around him like water plants in a warm pool. Once all the soap was gone, he rested his head back on Terzian’s shoulder.

“I knew you’d come for me,” he whispered, snuggling closer.

“Always,” the Varr answered, stroking his hands down his consort’s chest. “Always.”

Cobweb arched gently, wincing as he moved his ankle. He gazed up at Terzian, his green eyes searching the ice blue ones of his consort. He needed his Varr. His need and desire showed in his eyes as he gazed at his chesnari. Terzian gasped as his body reacted to the look in Cobweb’s eyes.

“Terzian har Varr,” Cobweb purred. “I need you to warm me within. Swim in my ocean, my love. I am soume har.”

Those words were the Varr’s undoing. Moving quickly from behind the Sulh, Terzian stood between Cobweb’s legs, pressing his blooming ouana-lim against Cobweb’s soume-lam. Grasping his consort’s hips and being mindful of his injured foot, Terzian gently pressed within the warmth that was his beautiful Cobweb.

Cobweb gasped, arching in Terzian’s hold. He made a soft, breathy little moan that almost put Terzian over the edge. Wrapping his uninjured leg around his consort’s hips, he bucked against the Varr, begging for more contact with his sikras, which were quickly growing aroused and sensitive. He could feel Terzian’s petals stroking against them, as familiar with the feel of the Varr as he was with himself. He moaned loudly and shifted his hips, urging his lover for more.

“Oh, Cobweb!” Terzian moaned, thrusting into the other har. “Oh, yeah, baby. That’s so good! Mmmm. Talk to me. Tell me what you need.”

Panting hard, Cobweb cried out, “Fill me! Fill me with your love and desire! Make me yours!”

Terzian grabbed Cobweb’s hips more firmly and thrust into the other har’s body. He hissed then cried out as his tendril whipped out to bite Cobweb’s fifth sikra. Both hara screamed and clung to each other as their world shattered into millions of colorful water droplets that rained down around them.

As their senses slowly returned to them, the chesnari snuggled in the tub — Terzian holding Cobweb protectively and Cobweb gently rubbing Terzian’s back. They relaxed in the warm water for a few moments longer, relishing the closeness and connection they felt after sharing aruna. Terzian finally stood and lifted Cobweb into his arms being mindful of the other har’s injured foot. Stepping out of the bathtub, he carried Cobweb to a small bench that sat under a warming lamp. He turned the lamp on and carefully dried his chesnari then himself. Dressing Cobweb in a warm robe, Terzian carried him to their bed and tucked him in.

After getting dressed, Terzian returned to his chesnari and tended to his ankle. There wasn’t much he could do outside of binding it and keeping it propped up as much as possible. He would make sure that Cobweb spent the next week in bed, even if it meant he had to stay with him. He smiled to himself at that thought – not all that torturous of a fate in the slightest.

Cobweb was asleep by the time Tyson and Bryony brought his snack to the rooms. Terzian took the tray and led Ty in to see Cobweb. The Sulh lay under a pile of blankets, his injured ankle wrapped and propped up on several pillows. Tyson looked at Cobweb, his huge blue eyes taking in the scene.

“Cobweb’s tired?” he whispered.

Terzian nodded and whispered back, “He’s very tired, little one. He hurts so daddy gave him some medicine that made him feel better and made him sleepy.”

Tyson crept over to the side of the bed. He gazed at Cobweb then gently placed a kiss on the Sulh’s brow. He pulled the blankets up a little higher and petted Cobweb’s hair before returning to stand with his father.

“You were very brave today, Tyson,” Terzian whispered. “You were also a big help to me in caring for Cobweb. I’m very proud of you.”

Tyson beamed and hugged his father’s legs. “He’s my Webby. I have to take care of him.”

Terzian nodded and silently agreed. After putting Tyson to bed, he returned and settled in next to Cobweb. He gazed at his consort as the other har slept. That was his Webby and he would always take care of him.

The End


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