The Longest Night (Ever)

Editor\'s PickThe Longest Night (Ever)
by Haylzee and En

Story Notes

Paring: Pellaz./Cal, Caeru with appearances from pretty much everyhar.

Rating NC17

Warning Drunken displays of affection, sap and fluff!

Spoilers: Nothing specific, although characters from as far through as Ghosts to appear.

Summary: After being separated for some weeks, Cal and Pell are reunited. Unfortunately, the reunion takes place at a formal dinner during which Pell gets drunk and roony. Will Cal be able to resist Pellaz? Will he want to?

Disclaimer: All characters and the world they inhabit belong to Storm Constantine, we are simply borrowing them for our own amusement.

Authors’ note: We wrote this to soothe our own self inflicted angst wounds.

EXTREME SILLINESS WARNING. If you are looking for something deep and meaningful, best to move on. After all the doom and gloom, we just felt like a bit of comedy…with some sex thrown in.

The Longest Night (Ever)

Part 1

Walking a few steps ahead of the Tigrina down an ornate marble corridor, Cal tried to ignore his consort’s last minute attempts to improve his outfit. When Cal arrived at Caeru’s apartment to escort him to yet another gathering of Almagabra’s finest, he thought his chosen outfit of simple leather pants and a black shirt were more than appropriate. Caeru, however, had other ideas. Rue had immediately attacked Cal’s hair with a brush, ignoring Cal’s protests that it had already been combed and quickly followed that by holding up various jeweled adornments for Cal to pick from.

Cal had eventually conceded to wear a gold cuff bracelet and a second pair of earrings before exasperatedly pulling the Tigrina out of his apartment and towards the banquet room.

Cal battered Caeru’s hand away from his hair before shooting a glare over his shoulder at the other har. “Would you stop fussing?” He asked, rolling his eyes at Rue’s innocent expression.

Cal sighed and stopped walking, turning to face his consort. “Fine. Fluff away.”

Caeru grinned before reaching up to smooth his thumbs under Cal’s eyes, smudging the kohl that lined them a little more. “I just want you to look your best,” He laughed. “You should be thanking me.”

Cal grimaced slightly, letting himself be pampered and polished by the Tigrina, while still attempting between attacks to edge towards the hall where the dinner they were already late for was being held. “I’ll thank you when you’re finished,” he muttered. He started when Caeru pulled what appeared to be a small jar of coloured eye dust out of nowhere. “What are you doing?”

Deftly, the Tigrina unscrewed the jar, which was full of sparkling gold powder. “Just some final touches!”

Cal was tempted to jerk away, but simply sighed as Caeru raised a gold coloured finger towards his eyes. “I don’t need any of that stuff,” he said uselessly.

As if reading his mind, which he probably was, Caeru grinned wickedly. “Resistance is futile, Calanthe,” he tutted. “Now, close.”

Cal grumbled, but complied and let the Tigrina pat the cosmetic onto his eyelids.

“You want to look nice for Pell,” Caeru said.

“Do I?”

“You haven’t seen him for weeks,” Rue said, standing back to admire his handy work. “Don’t tell me you’re not excited to see him.”

Cal just raised his eyebrows. “Will he even recognise me, one wonders?”

Rue rolled his eyes, then, ignoring the hara who stood around them holding glasses of bubbling wine, stepped forward and pressed his lips against Cal’s. He pulled back and smeared the lip gloss he had left behind neatly across Cal’s lips. “There. Perfect.”

Pausing just outside the door to the hall where the night’s festivities were to take place, Cal shook back his hair and held out his arm for the Tigrina. “Glad I’m presentable enough to escort you now, tiaharr.”

Rue smiled and took Cal’s arm. “Always presentable enough for that, Calanthe.”


Pellaz was fidgeting.

“Something wrong, tiaharr?”

He looked up to see the concerned face of General Ashmael, who was extending a hand towards the Tigron, and in that hand was a glass of Immanion’s finest sparkling wine.

“Oh Ashmael, you know I can’t handle that stuff, the bubbles go straight to my head. Is there not any red wine?” Pell’s eyes were darting around the room; he couldn’t seem to look at any one thing for longer than a second.

“Oh come on, one glass won’t hurt – it’s a celebration! We are celebrating are we not? Cal’s back and…” Ashmael paused, as he finally figured out why the Tigron was so scatterbrained tonight. “Ah I see.” He said with a knowing grin. “That’s why you are behaving like a har going through feybraiha, you’re anxious to see Cal!”

Pellaz looked into Ashmael’s grinning and face and huffed. “Oh give me that!” He quickly downed the offered glass, and handed it back to the baffled looking har.

“Get me another will you please?” Pell said, wringing his hands.

“As you wish.” Ashmael, still baffled, backed away slowly from the most uncharacteristically nervous looking Tigron.


“How many of these things do we have to go to?” Darquiel whined to Loki as he grabbed another glass from a passing tray.

“Oh this is nothing, brother of mine.” Loki replied, grinning.

“But it’s so boring.” Darq moaned, surveying the crowd of stuffy looking hara, dressed in their finest and giving their most haughty expressions.

“Oh shut up and get drunk.” Loki said, affectionately slapping his brother on the back.

“What’s this about getting drunk?”

Loki and Darquiel spun around to see Ashmael standing behind them, looking as frightening as ever.

“Oh…nothing, nothing!” Darq answered. “Just saying that we hope nobody gets too drunk!”

Loki tried to hide a smile; it amused him that Darquiel seemed so intimidated by Ashmael. Everyone knew deep down that he was a softie.

Ashmael looked at Darquiel suspiciously. Surely he knew that by the end of these things, they were practically rolling the guests out the doors? “Well don’t mind me, you’re both old enough… just don’t embarrass your fathers!” he warned, as he carried on to wherever it was he was going.

Darq waited until he had gone and then sniffed. “Don’t know what he’s so uptight about; he had a glass in each hand!”


Cal gave his brightest smile as he escorted his consort through the main doors, leaving a path of devastation in his wake, as it was hard to resist Cal when he was in top form.

“You certainly know how to turn a few heads.” Rue teased, as they made their way across the room.

“Never mind that, where’s Pell?” Cal asked anxiously, craning his neck to see if he could spot him.

“Settle down!” Caeru exclaimed. “Remember where, and who you are Cal.”

Cal never heard that last part though, because he’d finally caught sight of his chesnari, looking breathtakingly beautiful as always. His smile grew into a huge grin as Pellaz finally spotted him in return. He quickly dragged Caeru through the crowd, towards the dark haired beauty that awaited him.

“Cal!” Pellaz threw his arms around his counterpart. “I missed you!”

Surprised, but nevertheless touched, Cal returned the hug and pressed a firm kiss on the top of Pell’s head, why Rue looked on in amusement.

“I want you so much Cal.” Pellaz had pulled back and was now giving the object of his desire the sultriest look he could muster.

Cal looked at him, wide eyed and open mouthed. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted somehar shifting guiltily in the corner. “You’ve given him bubbles haven’t you?”

“Errr…I just have to go…do something over there.” Ashmael muttered uneasily, and shuffled away as quickly as he could.

Cal looked down at the adoring face peering up at him, and then over to Rue, who had his hand over his mouth, covering a smile.

“And I thought this was going to a boring evening!” the Tigrina said, ever so helpfully.

Cal’s attention was caught between Rue’s laughing expression and Pell’s wandering fingers. Pellaz clutched him like a harling with its hostling, he leaned into Cal’s face grinning blissfully at him. Cal gave him a bemused smile and Pell relaxed into him further, his face cracking open before he reached up to kiss Cal’s cheek.

Cal turned to Rue and he complained exasperatedly, “See, he hasn’t even noticed the eye makeup!”

Rue handed him a glass of wine, “I think he has, Cal.”

Cal was about to take a sip of wine when Pellaz grabbed it off him, taking a large swallow. Cal exclaimed in surprise and took the glass back as Pell smiled sheepishly at him. “It’s nice,” Pell said, and then burped. His hand flew to his mouth in embarrassment, then just as abruptly he dissolved into soft giggles, winding his arms around Cal’s waist.

He stared at Cal his face turning earnestly serious. “I want you, Cal,” he repeated which made Cal smile.

“Hmmm…” Cal said, caressing Pell’s flushed face. “Seems Ashmael gave somebody a little too much wine.”

“Well, if you hadn’t taken so long getting ready…” Rue sang.

Cal glared then shifted slightly as Pell leaned up to nuzzle his neck. “Pell!” He hissed. “Settle down.”

“Why?” Pell murmured, taking delight in having Cal close by again. “No har here cares. They know I’ve missed my chesnari.”

Cal groaned a little. If only Rue hadn’t insisted on making sure he looked just right they might have got here earlier and prevent Ashmael from getting Pellaz quite so…. tipsy.

Suddenly Ashmael was back, and holding another glass of wine. Pell eyed it greedily before grabbing hold of it. Cal tried to intervene but Pell pulled away like a stubborn harling, he backed up a few steps, grinning seductively at Cal and eyeing him with through lowered lids.

“Pellaz….” Cal warned softly, but Pell only let out a tinkling laugh before taking a sip of wine. After he swallowed he artfully slipped his tongue into the glass to lap at the sweet liquid.

Cal felt fire pooling in his stomach and suddenly lost his motivation to get Pell to behave himself. Rue only laughed, while Ashmael looked slightly mortified at the beast he had unwittingly let loose.

Pellaz slid back to Cal again, pressing close. He picked up Cal’s wrist and admired the bracelet circling it. “I like this,” he said.

Cal couldn’t help but glance at Rue who was grinning proudly. “See?” the Tigrina asked.

Pell was sill studying Cal’s wrist, suddenly he pushed the bracelet up and brought Cal’s arm up to his mouth. He latched onto it, sucking hard and letting his tongue swirl over Cal’s skin, placing wet kisses along the inside of his wrist. Cal’s eyes widened and he jerked back a little, even as he felt desire driving through him. Pell smiled against his wrist but didn’t release it. He let a soft moan which Cal felt against his skin rather than heard, and Cal gulped, his eyes closing briefly.

Ashmael cleared his throat, and Cal glared at him. The General looked like he was going to speak but thought better of it.

Pell pulled back from Cal enough to say slyly, “Ashmael has been keeping me company while I waited for you two.” His words were deceptively defined and his breath played across Cal’s wet skin. Pell glanced up and caught Cal’s eye for a second before lapping at his wrist again.

Ashmael tried to smother his grin with his hand, clearly amused by Cal’s discomfort. “Yes,” he said conversationally. “What took you so long, Calanthe?”

Torn between Ashmael’s words and Pell’s licking tongue, Cal was at a loss to answer. He looked up at Ashmael and opened his mouth to speak, but Pell’s movements stopped any words coming out. His eyes slid back to watch the Tigron’s tongue slip in and out of his mouth as it trailed along his arm.

Rue sniggered. “Oh, that was my fault,” he said smoothly. “Had to make sure Cal was presentable.”

Suddenly Pell’s teeth closed along a tendon and Cal groaned inwardly. This was going to be a long night.

“Presentable?” Ashmael snorted. “It looks as though he wants to eat him for dinner.”

This caused Rue to choke on the wine he himself had just taken a sip of, and he started to laugh, both at Ashmael’s comment, and himself, for he was now covered in the stuff.

“Oh well, looks like I’ll have to go find someone to lick it off.” He said with a wink, and went off to clean up himself up.

“Oooh, now there’s an idea.” Pellaz purred. He threw the remaining drops of wine he’d managed to steal onto Cal’s neck and chest, which was now not only covered in sticky sparkling wine, but also Pell’s tongue.

Cal hissed, and looked around frantically as he felt the tickling sensation of bubbles against his skin, mingled with the warm wet tongue of his more than tipsy chesnari.

Ashmael had managed to sneak off, but Cal had no doubt he was still watching and laughing, from wherever he was now hiding.


“Drunk yet?” Loki slurred.

“Not quite enough,” Darquiel replied distastefully, “I’m still aware of my surroundings.”

The two had found some plush armchairs to sink into, as they downed more and more of the intoxicating liquid that seemed to keep appearing from nowhere.
They were trying to entertain themselves by making up conversations between hara across the room.

Darquiel snickered as he spotted two more victims.

“If I were that one, I’d be saying “Woah! Steady on!”

Loki joined in his laughter, but quickly lost his mirth when he took a closer look at who Darq had been pointing out. “No.” he gulped, he stood up, all of a sudden feeling very sober.

“Hmm?” Darq murmured, looking up at him blearily.

“It can’t be. I’m seeing things!” Loki looked horrified.

Darquiel stood up so that he could get a clear look at whatever had disturbed Loki so much. “What are you talking -? Oh. Ohhhhhhhhh.” It all suddenly became clear. He sported the same gob smacked expression as his brother.

He could clearly see his fathers in a rather…intimate embrace. If you could call it an embrace; Pellaz had Cal up against the wall and was practically devouring the other har’s neck and chest. Cal looked like he was battling an internal struggle, between wanting to stop this embarrassing display, and wanting to ravish Pellaz right there on the spot.

“Well,” he said grinning, “looks like someone was missed.”

“Missed? Looks like someone should be arrested for inappropriate public behavior!” Loki spat.

“What is wrong my darlings?” Rue appeared behind them, putting an arm around each of the young hara.

“THAT’s what’s wrong!” Loki pointed at the spectacle on the other side of the room.

“Oh yes, that.” Rue said smiling. “Aren’t they adorable?”

Loki couldn’t even reply, he just gave Rue a look of disgust.

Darquiel heard someone laughing beside him, and looked over to see Ashmael watching the Tigrons with relish. “Ashmael,” he said, with his new found confidence, brought on by the large amount of wine swirling around his bloodstream, “did you just…giggle?”

Ashmael abruptly stopped and gave Darquiel a look that made him edge closer to his hostling, clutching Rue’s robe and forcing himself to look away from the General’s glare.

“Actually,” Darquiel said, turning his attention back to his groping, grinding fathers, “it’s quite nice to see them like that. Loki, you’ve seen them together for years, but I’ve never seen Pellaz look so free, so happy, so… Oh no. He didn’t just do that.”

Loki groaned and covered his eyes.

“Oh! Oh no, you can NOT do that in public!” Darquiel cried.

“I’m not even going to look. I am not even going to look.” Loki mumbled, eyes still hidden.

“Oh, you two!” Rue scolded, grinning at Ashmael. “Grow up! Get a grip!”

“I think it’s Pellaz that needs to loosen that grip.” Darquiel replied.

“Don’t Darq. Just… don’t.” Loki moaned.

“Oh I say! Look at that would you!” came the voice of a passing har, who had obviously just seen the Tigron’s display for himself.

Rue turned to see the sparkling eyes of Valexis and he couldn’t help but smile back as he let go of Loki and Darquiel to embrace the other har.

“They really are creating quite a stir,” Valexis commented. He raised an eyebrow at Ashmael. “I take it this is your doing, general?”

Ashmael balked, “Me?” He spluttered. “Why is everyhar blaming me? I was completely innocently keeping the Tigron company before Cal arrived. I can’t help it if Cal and Pellaz want to roon each other stupid. The Tigrons should have better self control!”

He couldn’t keep his straight face over and had to admit, “It was quite fun watching Pell down all that wine.”

“Ah, so we can blame you for this!” Loki declared, giving Ashmael a glare. Much to Loki’s annoyance, the General merely winked at him.

“Here,” Rue thrust a glass of wine at Loki. “We all might as well enjoy ourselves.”

At that moment an annoyed looking Thermafex arrived with an abashed Pellaz in tow. He thrust the flushed Tigron at Caeru and snapped, “You can look after him.”

Caeru laughed, grabbing Pellaz to stop the inebriated har from toppling over his sons. “I hardly think he needs a babysitter, tiahaar.”

“No?” Thermafex asked. “He was about to take aruna in front of some very important hara!”

“They wouldn’t have gone that far,” Ashmael interjected, hands raised.

Thermafex turned to him with narrowed eyes. “I practically had to get a crowbar to separate them!” He snapped. “At least keep them apart until they’ve spent an appropriate amount of time at the dinner. Then they can go do whatever they want.” He turned to go before glancing back at Ashmael. “General, I’ll be wanting a word with you later.”

Valexis sniggered at Ashmael’s indignant expression but Thermafex swept away without listening to any of the General’s protests.

Loki and Darquiel stared somewhat squeamishly at Pellaz who was currently busying himself playing with the sparkling jewels on Caeru’s necklace.

“Do you think he’s okay?” Darquiel whispered to Loki, who just made a face and shrugged.

Suddenly Pell looked up and noticed his two sons for the first time. He gave them a wide smile. “I’m quite drunk,” he announced.

Loki smiled gingerly, “Yes.”

Pellaz laughed. Suddenly he turned serious, “Did I ever tell you about the time Cal and I took aruna on the dining table in Rue’s room?”

His sons stared at him, aghast.

“Pell!” Rue cried.

Pellaz turned an innocent face towards the Tigrina. “What? Its true. Don’t worry, nobody was eating on it. I could tell you about it if you want.”

Loki shuddered and Darquiel started laughing somewhat hysterically.

“That’s alright, thanks,” Valexis said smoothly.

Pell’s eyes shifted, he raised his head and looked around frowning then asked, “Where’s Cal?”

“Don’t worry about Cal, I’m sure he’ll be along in a moment.” Rue soothed the Tigron, putting an arm around the drunken har to keep him steady.

Pellaz looked up at the Tigrina from his somewhat slumped pose. “You’re not Cal.” He said, sounding mystified.

“No, that’s right, I’m not.” Rue said gently.

“But you are pretty.” Pellaz returned the smile, and gave Rue a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Oh my,” Rue said, turning his head towards the Tigron’s sons. “One could pass out on that breath alone!” he declared, which caused Pellaz to collapse into a fit of giggles.

“Help me would you?” Rue said, and with the assistance of Loki and Darq, he managed to get the Tigron settled in one of the armchairs they had found earlier. “You keep him here,” Rue told them, “I’m going to go and find Cal. DON’T let him out of your sight.”

After Rue had gone, Pellaz looked at his sons in turn. “I was wondering why these chairs seemed familiar,” he said sounding proud, “Cal. Me. Aruna. Right here.”


Rue had searched the hall far and wide for any sign of the blonde Tigron, but had come up with nothing.

He had to laugh to himself as he passed through many conversations, all rampant with different tales of the Tigron’s display. Not everyone had seen it of course, but they all seemed to know what had happened. By the time Rue got to the bathroom just off the hall, he’d heard that Pellaz had not only exposed Cal’s ouana-lim to the entire room, but that they should be expecting to hear the pitter patter of little feet soon, because pearl creation had definitely happened. Rue had to roll his eyes at that one.

“Cal, are you in here?” Rue asked, knocking on the door.

He heard a small groaning sound coming from inside, and wondered if he should interrupt whoever was in there. Praying that he wasn’t about to walk into something… devious, he turned the giant knob and opened the door.

As it turned out, the only har in there was Cal, who was standing in front of the mirror, splashing his face with cold water.

“Cal! Your face! What about the makeup?” Rue demanded, closing the door behind him.

“Oh Rue, I hardly think it’s the time to be worrying about that!” Cal threw him an exasperated look.

“I guess you’re right.” Rue said quietly, chewing his lip and sounding defeated.

“How’s Pell?” Cal asked, a slight smile forming on his lips.

“I think you know how he is,” Rue replied, “and of course he’s asking for you.”

Cal sighed. “Then I should go to him.”

“Oh no you don’t.” Rue said firmly, standing in front of the door with his arms crossed.

“But I need to see him.” Cal whined, with a ridiculously sappy look on his damp face.

“You know exactly what will happen if you do,” the Tigrina warned, “Thermafex is already fuming, I’m not going to let you back out there just for you to get jumped in front of everyhar.”

“Oh but the things he was doing Rue,” Cal sighed, “I can’t remember the last time I felt that much passion coming from him. His touch is like magic.”

“Yes, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat breakfast at my table again without thinking of that magic touch.” Rue said dryly.

Cal looked at him in horror, saying nothing.

“Don’t worry,” Rue pouted, “you’re just lucky I have a sense of humor.”


“Well, if it’s anyhar’s fault, it’s Cal’s. He completely surprised me!”

Loki held his hands over his ears trying to block out Pellaz’s rambling. Beside him, Darquiel was frantically signaling to a househar for another glass of alcohol…. or anything!

“I’m sure you two understand,” Pell continued, slurring his words slightly. “Sometimes you just get so roony you don’t care where you are!”

“Where’s that wine?” Loki suddenly interrupted.

“Wine?” Pell perked up. “That sounds like a great idea.”

“No more for you, Pellaz,” a voice said.

Pell looked up and could just about focus his eyes enough to see Caeru standing in front of him, a faint smile on his lips. Pell grinned lazily. Rue. Pretty. He reached out a hand and promptly nearly fell of his chair before Darquiel grabbed a hold of him. Wait… what were they talking about again?

Then Pell looked around and saw the object of his deep affection standing beside and a little behind Rue. “Cal!”

He daintily (he felt) leapt to his feet and was about to grab hold of his Cal when Caeru stepped in front of. Pell frowned.

Caeru took hold of Pell’s shoulders and gently pushed him back into his chair. “Sit down, Pell.”

Pell looked confused; he shook his head to clear it. “But Rue, I just want to talk to Cal. Is that so wrong?” He blinked innocently up at his consort and smiled beguilingly.

“It is when you can’t keep your hands to yourself!” The Tigrina answered, smoothly taking a seat between Loki and Pellaz.

Cal stood twisting his hands trying his best to ignore the sinful looks Pell was shooting in his direction. Caeru flicked a hand motioning him to take a seat on Pell’s other side, next to Darquiel.

Cal sighed through his nose. “Rue, I don’t think this is necessary. We’re adults.”

With Cal and Pellaz safely separated by Darquiel, and himself to supervise Rue was comfortable. He shot Cal a withering look before turning to Loki. “Darling! You don’t have a drink!”

Caeru snapped his manicured fingers and instantly a har dressed in white appeared with a tray full of wine glasses. Cal took the opportunity to grab one and gulped down a mouthful. Perhaps alcohol would make the evening easier to get through?

Suddenly he felt the tickle of fingers on the back of his neck. Shifting, he looked to his left down the couch and behind Darquiel’s shoulders to see Pell reaching around to stroke him. Cal coughed and tried to assume a neutral expression, though Pellaz’s fingers sliding through the hair at the nape of his neck was making that increasingly hard.

Suddenly he felt the whisper of Pell’s voice in his head, “Calanthe….”

Rue was happily sitting there with his Tigrons and sons, not appearing to notice anything odd going on in Cal’s seat. He was observing the party around him, the night’s earlier scandal seemingly forgotten for now.


Cal tried to keep his groan inwards, just the tone of Pell’s voice in his head was enough to send desire shooting through him like a rocket. ”Yes Pellaz?”

”I need you.”

”I know my sweet, just a little bit longer, okay?” Cal was trying to keep his breathing even. Pellaz wasn’t keeping his intentions hidden within their mind touch.

”But I need you inside me. I’ve been waiting so long!”

Cal didn’t dare look over to where Pellaz was sitting, he could still feel the wandering fingers caressing his neck, and the images Pell was projecting to him made him gasp out loud.

Darquiel, having been none the wiser, heard this gasp and glanced over at his father to see what was wrong.

Nothing was wrong, it seemed. Cal’s eyes were closed, and his hand was moving suspiciously too close to the front of his pants for Darq’s liking. It was then Darquiel looked back and noticed a hand, lovingly caressing Cal’s hair and neck.

There was only one har that hand could belong to.

Darquiel swung around to look at his other father, who looked at him defiantly, a look that clearly said just you try and stop me.

“Ruuuuueeeeee….” Darquiel sang, not taking his eyes off Pell’s.

“What is it Darq?” Rue looked at his son in time to see him jump out of his seat. “Oh for…! Cut! It! Out!” Caeru growled, between whacks to the Tigron’s head.

“Ow!” Pell exclaimed, releasing his hold on Cal and giving Rue a hurt look.

“I think I need to go back into the bathroom.” Cal moaned.

Loki rolled his eyes. “Why don’t we shove them both in the bathroom and let them get it out of their systems?”

“What? In the guest bathroom?” Darquiel said, screwing up his face.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” Cal murmured, eyes still closed and a lazy smile upon his smug face. He had stretched his arms back to rest his head upon.

Pellaz was looking at him adoringly.

“Oh please,” Rue said, with a firm grip on Pell’s wrist, “haven’t you heard them when they go at it? No har would leave this room without being scarred for life.”

“I can’t believe I’m even having this conversation.” Loki mumbled, putting his face in his hands.

By this time Pellaz had started to get angry. “This is ridiculous!” he snapped, his arms waving. “Cal and I haven’t seen each other for weeks. Hara have no right to be trying to keep us apart like this! We just want to catch up!”

He glanced at the disapproving faces around him. “What!” he cried folding his arms across his chest indignantly.

Caeru rolled his eyes, “You want to do a lot more than just catch up!”

Cal who had apparently only just got his breathing back under control offered a weak smile. “Really, Rue… I think you are all over reacting.”

Unfortunately for Cal, at that moment, Rue spotted the hand that Pell was sneakily sliding along the couch towards Cal. With an annoyed ‘hrumph’ the Tigrina rose and promptly sat back down between the two Tigrons.

“I don’t care how long its been since you’ve seen each other,” he snarled. “There are important hara here who don’t particularly want to see their Tigrons taking noisy aruna right in front of them.”

Pell had somehow managed to snag another glass of wine from somewhere and sipping it, he said seriously, “Rue, I don’t think they would mind. I mean, everyone does it right?” He turned to Caeru and nodded vigorously, eyes wide. “I mean, maybe they want us to!”

Caeru chose not to dignify that remark with and answer and instead settled back, taking a small amount of pleasure at Cal’s obvious discomfort. Surely he must be regretting choosing those leather pants now.

They sat in relative peace for a few minutes as Loki and Darquiel tried amiably to engage their fathers in conversation about anything but aruna, however it was clear both Cal and Pell’s minds where elsewhere. A moment of uncomfortable silence fell over the group until Pell slyly turned towards Caeru leaned in close to his Tigrina.

“You know, Rue…” he breathed.

Caeru looked suspiciously at Pellaz. “Hmmm?”

“You really are looking lovely tonight.” Pell walked his fingers up Caeru’s arm and smiled beguilingly. “Cal is not the only har I’ve been missing…”

Without warning Pell leant up and licked the Tigrina’s neck before leaving a soft bite there. Rue jumped and heard Cal’s low laugh beside him.

“Not so funny now, is it Rue?”

Pellaz was focusing his attention on Caeru’s neck much like he had been on Cal’s wrist earlier. “I’m sure Cal has missed you too…” he whispered.

Caeru suddenly became aware where this was going, and even more so when he felt Cal lean into him from the other side. He felt Cal’s breath hot against his ear. “Yes, Rue…” Cal sang. “I did miss you.”

Caeru squirmed, not wanting to give in to the Tigron’s obvious ploy so easily. “Don’t think you can trick me into letting you two leave!”

“Never!” Pell admonished. His fingers slid down Caeru’s chest and lightly caressed a nipple.

Rue shot a slightly panicked look at Cal then wished he hadn’t. Keeping the two Tigron’s apart was one thing; fending them both off while they were in full seduction mode was something else entirely.

Meanwhile Loki and Darquiel were staring at the entwined hara on the couch with looks of undisguised horror on their faces.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was going to be like this?” Darquiel hissed.

Loki looked at his brother helplessly.

“It’s not normally like this!” he hissed back. “You know Pell, he never behaves this way. Some days you’re lucky to even get him to crack a smile.”

“Well, if they get to Rue, it’s over,” Darquiel said, sounding alarmed, “we can’t stop all three of them.”

“You won’t need to.” Rue insisted, tearing himself out of Pell’s grip, looking flushed. “Some of us still know how to behave at these things.” He gave the Tigrons scolding looks, which were returned with annoyance and Pellaz even poked his tongue out.

“What’s that supposed to do – turn me on?” Rue asked, his amused tone returning.

“Did it?” Pell asked, sounding hopeful.

“Turned me on.” Cal put in, as Caeru rolled his eyes.

“You know,” Pellaz said, trying his best to sound authoritative, “it’s getting on, probably about time we brought this thing to an end, don’t you agree?” he punctuated his sentence with a fake yawn.

“Oh my sweet Pellaz,” Rue sighed, “we haven’t even had dinner yet.”

Part 2

“Can somehar PLEASE pass the potatoes?!” Pellaz demanded loudly, looking at the hara around him expectantly.

“The potatoes are already on your plate darling,” Rue whispered, “our meals have been brought to us, this isn’t a smorgasbord!”

He looked around; trying to make sure no har had noticed the Tigron’s sudden outburst. A few hara were giving odd looks towards the head table, but most were happily engaged in their own conversations and enjoying the delicious feast.

“Yes, and make sure he eats those potatoes,” Loki whispered down the table. “He needs something to soak up all that wine.”

If any of the guests had found it odd that the two Tigrons were sitting as far apart as possible at their table, no har had said anything.

Ashmael, who had been placed on the other side of Pellaz, gave Loki another wink. “Don’t worry,” he said. “By the time this party is over, he’ll be back to normal and hanging his head in shame at the way he behaved. Just no har give him any more wine!”

“Speak for yourself.” Loki replied, implying he wasn’t soon going to forget who was responsible for getting the Tigron tipsy in the first place.

“You know, there’s really no need to just talk about me like I’m not here!” Pellaz slammed the handle of his fork down on the table to emphasize his point.

“Then shut up and don’t give us any reason to.” Darquiel muttered under his breath, and was rewarded to a light wrap on the head from his other father, who he had forgotten was sitting right next to him. “Sorry.” Darq said sheepishly.

Cal patted his back. “Don’t worry about it,” he reassured his son. “It’s not your fault Pell’s an annoying drunk!”

“You don’t seem too bothered by it.”

Cal glanced down the table and locked eyes with his flushed chesnari, who gave him a glowing smile that was full of promise.

“That’s because I love him so much.”

Even Darquiel had to smile at that and could almost forgive his fathers for their shocking behavior earlier. After all, they were both managing to get through their meals quite well.

Or so he thought; Cal on the other hand was not finding things quite so easy. His desire for Pell was completely unabated despite Caeru’s attempts to calm things down by placing them at opposite ends of the table. It didn’t help that Pellaz sending aruna filled images to Cal every so often. When Cal looked up he could see the Tigron idly playing with his hair or stroking his neck and he fought to keep from groaning aloud.

Hara came to take the dinner plates away, but Cal hardly noticed. Had he even eaten? The main course was quickly replaced with dessert. Trays of fresh fruit and sweets were laid out along with large vats of melted chocolate for them to be dipped into at the guests’ leisure.

Cal moodily grabbed a slice of apple and bit into it. This dinner was taking entirely too long! Surely it had gone on longer than any state dinner in the history of time. Cal sent a glare in Caeru’s direction and then caught the eye of Pellaz who was smiling at him from across the table.

Cal gulped and half rose from his seat as he watched Pell dip his finger in a bowl of chocolate beside him before bringing it up to his mouth. His tongue snaked out and he lapped the chocolate off his hand before plunging a finger into his mouth and sucking hard.

Cal had to shut his eyes. He gripped the table hard with both hands. His ouana-lim felt like it was going to rip off and take care of business all on its own in a minute. He looked up only to see Pell seductively biting into a chocolate covered berry.

Darquiel’s voice broke through the heady fog filling Cal’s brain. Cal blinked and frowned, confused. “What?” he asked, having completely missed what Darq was saying.

Darquiel saw he had lost Cal’s attention and didn’t need to look to see who had stolen it. He sighed and shook his head, smiling slightly. They were lost causes. He didn’t know why Rue was even bothering to hold things up.

Cal’s attention quickly turned back to the lovely display Pellaz was presenting him with.

”I want to do this to you.”

He watched, mesmerized as the Tigron’s chocolate covered fingered disappeared into this mouth, then reappeared, and this carried on until Cal could stand it no longer.

He leapt out of his seat, apologising to Darquiel who he almost clipped in his haste, and hurried from the room.

Naturally, this didn’t go unnoticed by some, and a murmur could be heard throughout the guests. It could have been any number of things, only more for them to gossip about, which was exactly the thought running through Rue’s mind.

He cast Pell a sharp look, and saw that the Tigron looked decidedly sad.


”Cal? Cal?!” came the frantic mind touch. ”Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?”

”No of course not my love, you are just too much for me sometimes. I can hardly wait to touch you.” Cal sent through soothing vibes. He had managed to make it to the stairs before he felt Pell in his head.

”I think you know already that I can’t wait either.” Pellaz was thinking dirty thoughts; Cal blushed even though no har was around.

He started making his way up to his rooms, but never lost contact with the Tigron, still stuck down in the main hall with all his guests.

”Not long now, you have to stay and make a good impression.”

”Me? What about you? You are Tigron too!”

”Tell them I have taken ill. Maybe it was the potatoes.”

”Oh Cal, I think the wine is starting to wear off.”

”That’s good! I want you completely aware when I ravish your delicious body.”

”I don’t want to be here!”

Cal felt a slight panic coming from Pellaz, and he stopped, wondering if he should go back down. Pellaz must have sensed this though, and told him through mind touch that he would be okay.

Once he reached his rooms, Cal sauntered lazily over to his bed, throwing himself upon the silky covers with a sigh. He couldn’t help imagining what he would get to do to his Pellaz when this night was finally over.

Now, all he could do was wait.


As the wine started to wear off Pellaz found himself all the more eager to disappear upstairs and ravish Cal who was now waiting for him in their apartment. Fortunately, he was able to control himself a little better as the warm alcoholic fuzz began to lift, and even engage in some civil conversation with Valexis and Caeru who were sitting to his right.

Valexis seemed to be finding the whole evening incredibly amusing, despite Pellaz’s valiant attempts to regain some dignity.

Pellaz leaned over to Caeru and murmured, “I think you can handle things now, don’t you, my love?”

Caeru raised a hand to his throat and turned to Pell with wide eyes. “Oh no, Pellaz. I couldn’t possibly!” He gasped with a grin. “Besides, one has to stay here and be sociable, and since Cal has bolted, I guess that’ll be you.”

“We’ve found out rather more than we anticipated about the private life of the Tigron this evening, tiahaar,” Valexis said conversationally.

Pellaz scratched his cheek and shrugged nonchalantly. “Yes, well.”

Valexis and Caeru dissolved into giggles and Pellaz frowned. “Oh, shut up.” Grumpily he picked up the glass of wine in front of Vaysh’s plate beside him and took a gulp. He had been having much more fun before when he was drunk!

Vaysh cleared his throat and tried to take the glass back before Pellaz glared at him and pulled it out of view. “Get your own!” Pell told him.

Vaysh, Caeru and Valexis continued to converse about him as Pellaz moodily bit into a piece of fruit. Desert wasn’t nearly so interesting now that Cal wasn’t there to watch him lick it. He sighed dejectedly. What was Cal doing right now? Probably lying around waiting for him, drinking some more wine. Perhaps he was taking a bath? Letting the water soak over his smooth skin…

Pell coughed suddenly and shifted. Maybe thinking about Cal wasn’t such a good idea after all. He lifted his glass. “Don’t we have anything stronger than this?” he asked grumpily.

Before the others could protest a har stepped to Pell’s side with a glass of bright orange Gelaming liqueur. “That’s more like it!” Pellaz smiled at the har who promptly blushed and nearly stumbled over as he stepped back. Pellaz took a tentative sip of the thick drink then grinned as the flavor and alcohol hit his tongue. “Mmmm.”

Caeru rolled his eyes but all the same he motioned for them all to be given a glass. “If we are all drunk, perhaps we won’t notice him,” He murmured to Valexis.

Having entirely too much fun, Valexis ignored Vaysh’s warning look and turned to the Tigron. “Cal was looking lovely tonight, wasn’t he?” He asked slyly. “Truly the embodiment of…. sex. Wouldn’t you say?” His tone remained conversational despite his mischievous look.

Pell’s face turned dreamy, the liqueur clearly already having a strong effect. He started off into the distance, presumably picturing Cal in his mind. “Yes…. he was. Wasn’t he?” He grinned goofily.

“Well, you can thank me for that,” Rue told them. “When he arrived at my place you’d have thought he hadn’t even looked in a mirror.”

Pell turned to regard Rue seriously. “You know he looks fantastic whatever he wears.” He leaned in conspiratorially. “Or whatever he doesn’t wear!”

“Stop it!” Loki cried.

Rue turned to look at the horrified, who up until then had gone quite unnoticed. “I am sorry my dear, you may be excused if you wish.” He told him, much to Loki’s relief.

“How come they get to go but I don’t?” Pellaz sulked, as his sons made a hasty getaway.

“Because you’re much too fun to have around.” Valexis purred and motioned for another glass of liqueur for the Tigron.

Before Pellaz could down it, Vaysh swooped in and removed the glass. “Alright, I’ve said nothing until now, but I’m putting an end to it!” he announced. “It doesn’t surprise me that you encourage him,” Vaysh stared down at Velaxis, who was slowly shrinking under the harsh glare, “but you Caeru! I thought you were trying to keep him under control!”

“I… oh what’s the use Vaysh?!” Rue replied, chugging back a glass of wine. “In case you hadn’t noticed, no har is even paying attention; they’re already over the groping incident. They probably wouldn’t even notice if the Tigron disappeared!”

“Rue…” Pellaz looked at his consort with a guilty expression. “I’ve behaved terribly tonight haven’t I?”

“Just caught on, have you?” Vaysh sneered.

“Oh, Vaysh.” Rue ushered the bitter looking har away, and put his arm around his Tigron. “Best not to think about it tonight Pell, we’ll save this conversation for tomorrow.”

Pell smiled at him gratefully, and laid his head on the Tigrina’s shoulder.

“Finally, I think they’re leaving.” Ashmael noted.

Pellaz seemed to brighten up much more after that announcement, and was practically bouncing in his seat. “I can see my Cal now, yes?” he looked at Rue with such a hopeful expression; the Tigrina couldn’t help but laugh.

“Very soon, my dear, very soon.”


Pellaz proved once again why he was made Tigron by the extraordinary display he gave to his departing guests. He smiled graciously, shook hands and even made a few witty remarks, as more and more hara passed by to give thanks and farewell.

“Unbelievable.” Valexis whispered in Rue’s ear, as the Tigrina also smiled and shook hands as he stood by Pell’s side.

“You ever had a doubt?” Rue whispered back, never losing his composure for a second.

“I do hope Calanthe is alright,” somehar said to Pellaz, as he shook his hand. “He left in such a hurry!”

“Oh not to worry about him,” Pell replied, with a wink. “Cal and potatoes… just don’t seem to mix I’m afraid.”


Cal had grown tired of waiting for the Tigron to come to his rooms, and he started pacing the carpet anxiously.

What’s taking so long?

In a huff, he took off his clothes and threw himself back down onto the bed; face down so he could feel the cool softness of the sheets beneath him. Soon, he found himself drifting off to a dream world filled with nothing but a certain dark haired har, and chocolate covered fruit.

It would be with a happy smile on his face that the object of his dreams and desires would find him not long after that.


Pellaz had to employ all his concentration and patience to be gracious to the guests who all felt they had to personally come and talk to him or say goodbye if they were actually leaving. Of course, many hara were hanging about to sample more of Phaonica’s treats so eventually Pell gave up.

He turned to Rue who was standing beside him with a soft smile on his beautiful face. “Right,” he announced. “This has gone on long enough. I’ve been good and played along but now I am leaving.”

He turned to leave, his hair swinging behind him when Caeru reached out a hand to grab his arm. “Wait!”

Pell whirled, an indignant look across his features. He shook his head, “Oh, no. No more waiting!”

Caeru reached up to smooth his hair back and began fussing with the Tigron, much like he had with Cal earlier. Pell tried to pull back, “What are you doing?” He hissed.

“You want to look your best, don’t you?” Caeru said absently, smoothing his thumbs across Pell’s eyebrows. “Cal’s been waiting up there all this time, you might as well really give him a present to unwrap!” he laughed.

Pell was mortified when Caeru pulled a pencil of kohl out from somewhere and proceeded to touch up his eye makeup, but he relaxed and let the Tigrina do his work. He did enjoy being pampered after all. He tried to picture what Cal might be doing upstairs, a faint smile playing across his face.

Caeru was busy dabbing sparking power across Pellaz’s eyelids. Did the Tigrina carry his whole makeup collection everywhere with him?

“Best to leave Cal up there squirming anyway,” Rue was saying and Pell had to laugh. The idea of Cal lying in their bed squirming in anticipation was not an unpleasant image….

Suddenly it was Pell who was squirming in anticipation! “Alright, alright,” He pulled away from Rue’s fingers. “That’s enough now, Rue.”

Caeru looked at him and touched his cheek. “You’re a picture, Pellaz.”

Pell smiled at his consort and kissed Rue’s lips. He made a grand gesture, eyes wide, “As are you, Rue. Quite the most magnificent har in the room!”

Caeru laughed at Pell’s slightly slurred words and shoved him towards a side door. “Only because a certain other har already left!”

Pellaz was happy to go in the direction Caeru was leading him, seeing a slightly concealed exit a few feet away. Suddenly Vaysh stepped in front of him and Pellaz let out an exasperated cry. “Out of my way!”

He pushed past Vaysh and swept out the door, ignoring both Vaysh’s protests and Caeru’s laughter.


Loki and Darq had found themselves a pleasant little niche to hide in, both having what they thought was a well deserved drink (or two, or three) of very strong liquor they’d swiped upon escaping from dinner.

Not saying much, the two brothers gulped down the hot fiery liquid, until the unpleasantness of the evening started to fade from the forefront of their minds.
After awhile, they heard a bit of noise coming from the main foyer, and could only assume that the party was coming to an end.

Not long after that, they witnessed the extremely hasty departure of the flushed Tigron, who went bounding past, not noticing them as he flew up the stairs.

Loki looked at Darq.

Darq looked at Loki.

“I think it’s time to get well out of Phaonica for the night, Darquiel.”

“I’ll drink to that!” Darq slurred, as he shoved himself off his seat to make for the door.

Loki helped his brother as he stumbled forwards. “You’ll drink to anything!”


Pellaz practically flew through the marble corridors that separated his apartment from the wing where the dining hall was. He discarded his shoes halfway through the journey as the heels were only holding him up.

Long robes left he ran up a flight of stairs and round a corner, nearly colliding with a har dressed in white coming the other way. The har reached out to steady the Tigron then promptly dropped his hands when he saw who it was.

“My apologies, tiahaar!” the har gasped, and looked ready to drop to his knees in mortification.

Pellaz was slightly puffed. He barely spared the har a glance before waving his hands in a flurried motion and calling, “No matter!” before running on.

He finally reached the door to the Tigrons’ rooms, and came to a halt before opening it. Smiling to himself, mischief took over and he slowly, silently opened the door, planning to surprise the har waiting within.

But it was he who was surprised when he found nohar.

“Cal?” he whispered, to no response.

Then he noticed the open bedroom door.

Ahhhhh. Of course.

Pellaz ripped off the ornate outer robe he was wearing, leaving it in a pile in the foyer. Tiptoeing over, Pellaz made no sound as he approached the door, but could not suppress the groan of desire as he found what was waiting for him inside.

Cal was sprawled face down on the bed, wearing nothing but a smile. It took what was left of the Tigron’s willpower to stop him from doing a running dive at the bed. Instead, he slipped out of the rest of his clothes, and crept over towards his slumbering chesnari.

At the foot of the bed, he carefully crawled up and began softly kissing Cal’s calves, thighs, buttocks and back before lowering himself down to completely cover Cal’s body with his own. He wrapped his arms around the waist of the stirring har, and gently nibbled on the closest thing he could find, which happened to be an ear.

Cal moaned. He had awoken from his pleasant dream to feel a tickling sensation travelling up his body, Pell’s long hair caressing him as he moved up the bed. “I think I must still be dreaming.” He said sleepily, and Pellaz could tell without seeing his face that a huge grin was plastered upon it.

“Oh no my love,” Pell whispered. “It’s really me.”

Cal twisted his neck around to look at the Tigron. “What took you so long?”

“Rue. Makeup.” Pell said as he pushed Cal’s head back, wanting to concentrate on Cal’s soft skin.

“That’s it. We are confiscating every single kohl liner in Phaonica,” Cal mumbled into his pillow.

Pell busied himself with placing light kisses across the back of Cal’s neck which he had so sneakily been caressing earlier in the evening. Mmmmm Cal definitely tasted more delicious than any of the other desserts Phaonica could serve up. He bit down gentle on the juncture between Cal’s neck and shoulder and smiled, hearing Cal purr like a cat.

Cal tried to roll over but Pellaz pushed him down into the mattress. When Cal made a protesting sound Pell just laughing throatily. He reached up to meet Cal’s turned head and pressed his lips to Cal’s. Their breath mixed as Pell lapped at Cal’s mouth and their mutual desire swept over them both.

Pell moaned and couldn’t believe that part of him was silently thanking Rue for holding them up and dragging out the evening so long. Now that he was finally free to savor Cal, his chesnari tasted even better.

Releasing Cal’s lips, Pell slid downwards, leaving a trail of kisses down the other har’s spine. He nuzzled between Cal’s ribs, teeth nipping and fingers teasing. Cal gave up trying to turn over and let himself be plundered, occasionally making soft sounds that boiled Pell’s inside.

He cried out louder when Pell slide one hand between Cal’s legs and touched him softly, then shuddered. “I thought I was on top tonight?” he gasped weakly.

Pell rose to his knees behind Cal smiling. Cal didn’t need to look over his should to see Pell’s darkened eyes, which was a good thing since he didn’t think he could move right now even if he wanted to. Pell pulled on Cal’s hips, helping him to his knees also and breathed softly, “Later…”

Cal simply groaned as Pell teased his soume-lam with his fingers, resting his forehead and upper body on his folded arms.

Pell leant forward to mouth a kiss on Cal’s shoulder blade, one hand caressing his chesnari’’s lower back before he finally did what he’d been wanting to all evening and thrust inside.

Cal cried out as he felt Pellaz deep inside him, hands clutching at the slippery satin sheets as he was pushed forward by Pell’s thrusts.

After waiting all night to finally be able to touch the beautiful har who possessed him so expertly, Cal couldn’t hold in his feelings and showered Pell with affection through their mind touch. He braced himself so that he was better able to control the movements of his hips, and started undulating slowly, knowing this would drive Pell insane.

Pellaz let loose a guttural sound from deep inside and clutched onto this lover tightly as the sensations forced him to increase his pace. The sounds coming from Cal were traveling straight to his groin, and he was hardly even aware of the sounds coming from his own mouth.

“Oh, Cal!” Pellaz moaned. He needed to see Cal’s face, needed to be as close as possible. He quickly pulled himself out of the body rocking in front of him, much to Cal’s bewilderment.

“Turn over.” Pellaz gasped, crawling forward as Cal quickly complied with his request, and nestled himself back inside, wrapping Cal’s legs around him.

He peppered Cal’s face with kisses and settled his face into the crook of the other har’s neck as he continued his assault on Cal’s willing body.

Orien had taught Pellaz well the art of aruna and years of practice with Cal meant Pell knew exactly what to do draw out Cal’s pleasure for as long as possible.

The Tigrons shared breath, and their colours and feelings lapped over each other and got mixed up until neither knew or cared where one ended and the other began. Cal had lost all ability to talk audibly, but still encouraged Pell through their mind touch, though with simple feelings and images rather than actual words. His ability to form words in general seemed to have left him as Pell’s assault continued.


Neema, the serving har who had serve Pellaz his liquor earlier at dinner, and then had narrowly avoided being barreled over by the Tigron in the corridor was returning to the kitchen area of Phaonica to continue his duties when he came across a pair of shoes apparently abandoned in the middle of the empty hallway. He frowned, bending down to pick one up.

The shoe was delicate and golden; intricate straps looped across it, designed to wrap around the wearers foot. It was decorated with swirling designs of glowing jewels. Neema was astounded. Surely nohar would just leave a pair of shoes such as these! But how would one not notice if their shoes fell off?

He turned the shoe over in his hands then gasped as he saw the royal seal stamped on the sole of it. They were the Tigron’s shoes! The har hurried to pick up the other shoe, lying some feet away and turned back towards the Tigron’s apartment. The Tigron must have abandoned them when he was running through the corridor earlier. He would want them back.


Cal was crying out with abandon now. Speech gone yes, but his vocal ability was my no means diminished!

Pellaz revelled in Cal’s moans for more, caressing the other har’s face even as he continued to thrust into Cal. By focusing on his chesnari Pell was able to put his own overwhelming feelings to the side and concentrate on increasing Cal’s pleasure.

He shifted slightly, adjusting his position which caused Cal to release another delighted groan. Then caressing Cal’s cheek with his hand Pell leaned in to share breath with him. Cal’s eyes opened at the same time as his mouth and he smiled at Pell. Pell wanted to say something, to tell Cal how beautiful he looked. His heart felt so full it was as if it might burst. Unable to put his feelings into words Pell was frustrated.

Then Cal reached up to caress Pell’s face, his eyes bright. “I know,” he whispered before drawing Pell down to share breath.


Neema rounded the corner to stop in front of the Tigron Pellaz’s apartment. He had walked past many times, though never entered. Guards stood at the door, talking. They glanced up.

“Yes?” One barked.

Neema flushed and held up the shoes. “I- I believe these are the Tigron’s,” he stammered.

One of the guards took one and looked it over. “I think you are right, tiahaar,” he said.

When he didn’t say anything else Neema said hesitantly, “I found them in the corridor. I thought I should bring them here.”

“Good thinking,” the other har spoke up, nodding seriously. “Perhaps you should take them inside?” he motioned to the Tigron’s door.

Neema looked aghast; he didn’t think he would have to go inside! Although admittedly, part of him burned with curiosity to look inside the apartment of the Tigron, and perhaps even speak to Pellaz himself.

The other guard was frowning, “I don’t think…”

“No, no, it’ll be fine,” the first guard cut him off. “Go on in, tiaharr. I’m sure the Tigron will be pleased to see you.”

He opened the door with a flourish and handed the shoe he held back to Neema before ushering him through the grand doorway.

Neema stepped through the threshold hesitantly. The apartment was dark. He took a few steps forward and promptly nearly fell over something. Glancing down he saw what looked like an ornate robe in a pile on the ground. He frowned slightly then stepped forward.

“Tiahaa?” he called softly, not entirely sure how one returning the Tigron’s shoes should address him. “Tigron?”

Suddenly he heard what sounded like a muffled moan and froze. Surely that wasn’t.

But it was! A much louder moan punctuated the silence of the apartment. Now Neema could hear panting breath as well. He was mortified. The Tigrons were taking aruna! Hastily he dropped the shoes onto the abandoned robe, belatedly recognising it as the one Pellaz had been wearing earlier. He turned and ran for the door and yanked it open.

Once outside the apartment he was about to tell the guards what he thought of them when he nearly bumped into a har with bright red hair and a cold expression. The Tigron’s aide!

Neema flushed bright red and started spluttering.

“What were you doing in there?” Vaysh asked. He took in Neema’s terrified expression and the amused ones of the guards and rolled his eyes.

Neema was quickly shoved on his way and was glad to leave. As he hurried back down the hall he heard Vaysh speaking harshly to the guards and was glad he wasn’t blamed for his…..interruption of the Tigrons. Vaysh could tell the guards off much better than he could.


Cal threw his head back and felt his toes curl as the climax felt by both him and Pellaz washed over their sweaty, writhing bodies at last.

Pell collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily and pulling Cal towards him until they rolled to their sides, facing each other.

Cal pushed the sodden strands of hair back from Pell’s forehead, and planted a gentle kiss there which bought a smile to the Tigron’s lips. “Still drunk?” he teased.

Pellaz laughed softly and opened his eyes, which were sparkling with merriment and gazed at Cal. “Yes, but not on wine.” He replied, before leaning in to share breath with the other har, who hungrily took it.


“Yes, you simply must come and visit us again next month.” Rue was still saying goodbye to a few stragglers who seemed reluctant to leave the party. He thought by standing around the door they might get the hint.

Finally, he’d gotten rid of all but one, a rather drunken har. Rue didn’t know who he was or how he’d gotten in either. Valexis was still there, to keep him company and help him send the last of the guests on their way.

The drunken har was regaling them with some very non amusing tales, which Rue and Valexis greeted with polite laughter as they tried to nudge him towards the door.

Just as they finally got him out to the foyer, a loud, strange noise came wailing down the stairs.

“I say,” the drunken har slurred, stopped in the middle of his story, “what on earth was that? Do you keep animals here in Phaonica?”

Rue blinked innocently, giving the har his most dashing smile. “I’m not sure I heard anything tiaharr, perhaps all that wine has affected your hearing?” he looked to Valexis for support.

“Yes, because I didn’t hear a thing.” Valexis put in, just before another groan could be heard throughout the palace.

“But…but…” the har sputtered as Rue gently took him by the arm and led him outside.

“Come, come,” the Tigrina said amicably. “I’ve been meaning to show my friend here how my garden is coming along. Won’t you join us?”

“Well… I suppose a moonlight stroll could be nice…” the har said uncertainly, trying to peer up the stairs from outside, before the door was slammed shut and Rue’s beaming face appeared in front of his.



Pell was lazily running his hand through Cal’s hair as the pair lay staring into each other’s eyes, every now and again sharing soft kisses.

“So tell me what’s been going on around here while I’ve been away.” Cal murmured, tracing circles across Pell’s back with his fingers.

“Nothing exciting,” Pellaz sighed, and then looked at Cal shyly, “I missed you.”

“Really? I had no idea.” Cal teased, earning a gentle ear tug as a hand wound through his hair.

“Cal… don’t go away again.” Pellaz whispered, a blush forming on his cheeks as he buried his face in Cal’s neck so he couldn’t see it.

Cal felt a jolt, like butterflies in his stomach as he watched his normally so controlled chesnari break down the wall he built for himself and let Cal see a glimpse of the old Pell who still lurked inside. He hadn’t found Pellaz so enchanting since the first night they took aruna together, when Pell had clearly been terrified, but nonetheless eager to explore the wonderful new sensations Cal showed him.

“Oh Pell,” he chuckled, and pulled Pell’s face towards him again, using his finger under the Tigron’s chin.

“You know we have to be separated sometimes, its part of our responsibilities to rendezvous with other tribes. I hate it too, but it’s never for that long.” He tenderly caressed Pell’s cheek, hoping he sounded reassuring.

“I know.” Pellaz pouted. “I just… always have this fear… that you won’t come back.” His eyes shifted down, he didn’t want to see the hurt expression he knew would be on his chesnari’s face.

Cal blinked. It had hurt a bit, but only because he knew Pellaz had felt let down by Cal’s past disappearances. He never wanted to leave Pell; he would just have to show him that. “If I could have my way, I would never leave this bed.” Cal whispered, and smiled at Pellaz when he looked back at him.

“If I have my way, you won’t ever leave this bed.” Pell gently nipped at his nose, before rolling over onto his back, bringing Cal with him so the blonde har now lay between his legs.

The Next Day…

Rue hummed contentedly as he plucked a handful of grapes from the large array of fruit in front of him.
It was a gorgeous day, he’d had a wonderful sleep-in and was now enjoying a late breakfast in the relative peace and quiet of his apartments.

All was quiet, it seemed that no har else was moving about yet, and Rue soaked up the sunlight that streamed through the windows into his dining area.

He heard a knocking at the door, and looked up to see Ashmael smiling in at him.

“Come in, come in.” the Tigrina waved him into the room. “How are you this morning tiaharr?”

“I’m fine, great in fact. Thanks for asking.” Ashmael replied, still smiling.

Rue peered at him suspiciously, since when was the General ever this chirpy?

“Oh but I think I might know a couple of hars who won’t be feeling so terrific this morning.” Ashmael added smugly.

“Who – Cal and Pell? I don’t think we need to worry about them, I’ve never seen such stamina. Probably still going at it now.” Rue waved his hand dismissively.

“No, not them.” Ashmael said, sounding horrified. “I’m talking about their sons.”

“What’s wrong with Loki and Darq?” Rue was suddenly concerned, a grape pausing midway to his mouth.

“No nothing’s wrong…not really anyway.” Ashmael smirked. “I got up this morning to find Darquiel curled up on one of my living room loungers, well kind of. His body was on the lounger but his head was resting on the floor. I’d say he’ll have quite the headache when he wakes up.”

“Oh dear.” Rue said, pursing his lips to try and hide his amusement. “And Loki?” he added, before popping the forgotten grape into his mouth.

“Ah well, he obviously didn’t quite make it inside.” Ashmael said, and expelled a short cough. “He’s sprawled out on the path to my front door…he’ll be getting a nice tan.”

“It’s not that hot.”

“He’s completely naked.”


They both looked at each other for a second, saying nothing, before erupting into raucous laughter.

“How rude of me,” Rue said, once they’d calmed down somewhat. He pulled out a chair. “Won’t you join me for breakfast?”

Ashmael looked down at the table, a slight shudder passing through his body. “Oh no… that’s ok, I was really just stopping in on my way to a very important meeting!” He said rather enthusiastically, as he backed away towards the door. “Give my regards to the Tigrons won’t you?” he was out the door before Caeru could even protest.

Rue sat back in his chair with a pout. That was the second time he’d been rejected for breakfast just that morning. Valexis had stayed with him for the night, but made a rather speedy retreat at Rue’s mention of brunch.

Moodily, he ate a banana and sat there feeling sorry for himself.


“Good morning my lovely Rue!”

The Tigrina looked up to see a yawning Pellaz, dressed in his shiniest satin pyjama pants and robe, accompanied by a sleepy looking Cal, who had foregone the robe and simply wore the pants.

“Good morning you two.” Rue grinned at the pair.

They shuffled over hand in hand, till they were standing either side of him and leaning in to each kiss a cheek.

“I think you’ll be busy today Pell,” Caeru sang, “do you even remember last night?”

“I remember the good parts.” Pellaz said, raising an eyebrow at Cal, who grinned in return. “As for the rest… I don’t want to think about that right now. I want to enjoy breakfast with the two most gorgeous hara in existence.” He grabbed a soft bun and shoved it into his mouth.

“Well, we’ll be the only hara you’ll ever have breakfast with if it’s served at this table.” Rue said sulkily.

“We’ll get you a new table Rue.” Cal promised, ruffling his hand through the Tigrina’s hair.

Pellaz smirked. “Yes, a nice big one.”

“Very sturdy.” Cal added, plopping a strawberry into his mouth and then winking at Caeru.

“Oh come on Rue.” Pell laughed at Rue’s rolling eyes, sliding his hand up the Tigrina’s thigh. “Have you ever done it on a table? You might like it.” He whispered the last part, before kissing Rue’s exposed shoulder.

Cal was catching on. “That’s right Rue,” he pulled in close to Caeru’s other side, so the Tigrons were now flanking the panicked looking Tigrina. “How do you know till you’ve tried it?”

“But…this table has food on it.” Rue said weakly, trying to ignore Pell’s wandering hand and Cal’s gentle nibbling of his neck and collarbone, without much success.

“All the more fun!” Pellaz said brightly, swiping a strawberry from the table and pushing it into Rue’s mouth.

Well, it was no use trying to resist now. There was no har else around to witness, and those lips and hands did feel good…


“What time is it?” Loki asked, or rather gasped as he and Darquiel made their way back to Phaonica in the sun that was now sitting high in the sky above them.

“I don’t know.” Darquiel mumbled. He was sore.

“I need water.” Loki moaned.

After scrambling around trying to find his clothes, Loki had located them buried in some bushes out the front of Ashmael’s house and quickly put them on, before going inside to retrieve his still unconscious brother.

Now the pair of them stumbled on, both needing to collapse somewhere soft and cool, preferably with some ice for their heads.

“Do you think Rue’s got anything good for breakfast?” Darquiel asked, sounding a bit brighter at the thought.

“Bound to. Let’s go see.”

The End


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  1. vic said,

    January 31, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    Ha ha ha 🙂 Something good is surely available for breakfast. Welldone!

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