A Worthy Cause

A Worthy Cause
by Em

Story Notes

Characters: Pellaz and Cal

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Cal/Pellaz Saltrock fluff and PWP. Pell POV *g*

Disclaimer: Characters and the world they inhabit belong to Storm Constantine. No offence is intended and no profit is being made.

AN: Happy long weekend present for Haylzee and anyone else on my flist who would like a Cal/Pell fix. Enjoy!

A Worthy Cause

Cal was more than happy to follow Orien’s instructions and help me practice my new arunic skills, and luckily for me he seemed to find my fumbling discoveries of my new form wonderfully endearing. He dispelled any embarrassment on my part in the way he reveled in my attentions. He would lie back passively, letting me explore him with my fingers and mouth, encouraging me with squirms and soft sounds.

Sometimes I would look over and see him watching me with bright eyes, in such a way that made me have to immediately drop what I was doing and scamper over to him. Cal would receive my eager embrace, letting me wriggle into him and press kisses over his face and mouth.

At other times he was equally willing to play a more active role and he filled me with pleasure. Our moans of pleasure would drift out of our bedroom window at any time of the day and I doubt we were really engaging ourselves as studiously as Orien would have liked but it felt too good to concern me.

When Cal appeared out of the mist I had had no prior sexual experience and the thought of it had even mildly embarrassed me, even if only because I had not given it much thought. After my althaia, or perhaps during it I had developed a seemingly insatiable appetite for aruna. Cal was a drug I couldn’t get enough of, the taste of his breath was like cold water after an afternoon in the cable fields.

The best part about the situation was that Cal seemed just as infatuated with me as I was with him. It seemed I finally understood what Flick had said when he said Cal was kelos over me.

After eating dinner with Seel and Flick, and sometimes other friends who joined us in Seels comfortable house, I would lie back in Cal’s arms and languorously share breath with him. Everhar else would fade into the back ground as Cal opened his mouth for me, letting his breath slip out for me to lap up. We would lie like that for what seemed like hours while the others conversed around us, by now used to our mutual and often public displays of affection.

Everhar had to pitch in and do their share of work in Saltrock, it was still a new town and Seal was a hard taskmaster when he had to be. Still, I remember the times we weren’t working better. The hours spent stretched in the sun somewhere with Cal. The smell of sulfur filling our noses as we lay beside the steaming lake, or enjoying time alone together in the grass, the stable, a hammock – anywhere we found each other.

We would spend equal amounts of time engaged in aruna, and simply enjoying each other, tracing the outer circles of pleasure the act encompassed. We would touch, kiss and share breath until it felt like I was born with Cal’s taste of fresh hay in my mouth.

Today Cal was attempting to be serious about Orien’s instructions to make use of the energy created during aruna. So far I was able to send out spears of intention with my release when Orien was training me and had once caused all the doors and windows in Seel’s house to blow open when I had laughingly attempted the same thing with Cal.

Cal pressed me down to sit on the edge of the bed, trying and failing to keep a straight face as I pawed at him.

“Pell! Sit down,” He pushed me away.

I gave him a pout which he ignored as he and started to undo the buttons on my shirt.

“Get this off,” he said and I eagerly bypassed the buttons and yanked it over my head. I grinned at him, expecting some kind of praise and he couldn’t help but smile back. He kissed me briefly before pressing his hand against my chest, pushing me to lie down, my legs hanging off the edge of the bed.

He knelt down between them, quickly reaching for the bindings of my trousers. I rose on my elbows to watch him then reached for his shoulder, squirming closer to the edge of the bed. I tried to pull him up to me.

“Cal…” I whined.

He gave me a mock glare but merely hummed as he pulled on my pants. I obediently raised my hips so he could slip them off. He spread my legs again and my head fell back onto the mattress. The Cal ran his hands up my thighs, pressing them apart. His breath against my groin opened me up and I felt myself becoming soume. He made an approving sound which caused me to let out a light laugh.

“Shhhh…” He gripped my thighs tighter.

I shifted my thighs to accommodate him. “What are you doing? Come up.”

“No,” Cal said. He slapped my leg lightly. “Concentrate, Pellaz.” His voice took on a stern tone, sounding so much like Orien that I laughed again. “Focus, Pell. Concentrating on your breathing.”

I squirmed as he placed light kisses around the edge on my soume-lam, nuzzling his face into my groin. All thoughts of my breathing immediately flew out the window and I sighed. He teased me mercilessly and I dug my fingers into his hair and gripped his shoulders. He pulled back and blew on my heated flesh, sending shivers through my body. His breath felt like frozen air. Frustrated I groaned and nearly yanked on his hair.

“At least take this off!” I demanded, fisting the collar of his shirt in one hand.

“Pushy!” Cal remarked but he obeyed, dropping his shirt over his shoulder.

I hummed in approval as he returned to his position between my legs, this time his skin was bare and my hands explored the warm flesh of his shoulders and back in abandon.

Suddenly he thrust his tongue into me and I practically jumped off the bed. My fingers dug sharply into his skin and my back arched off the mattress. I cried out loudly.


Cal moved his tongue inside me for a few moments, sending bright sparks across my closed eye lids. My body undulated beneath him and he had to keep a firm grip on my hips to keep me from shifting off the bed.

He pulled back. “Sit still!” He admonished.

“What?” I yelped, lifting my head. I could see Cal was struggling not to laugh as he tried to maintain his serious expression. I whacked his shoulder. “How can I when you’re doing that?”

I fell back again but Cal’s tongue didn’t return to my soume-lam. The organ was throbbing, contracting with need. I groaned and lifted my head again. “What are you doing? Don’t stop.”

This time Cal did laugh. His lips were about to touch my center again when he asked seriously, “Where is your breathing, Pellaz?”

I could only answer with a loud moan as his tongue pressed into me again. Logically I knew Cal was artfully activating one sikra at a time but I was far beyond the point where I could tell exactly what he was doing. He’d have to talk me though it if he wanted reciprocation. Unbelievable feelings of pleasure washed over me, radiating from my center which by now was saturated with arousal.

I was half aware of how much noise I was making but I was powerless to stop myself. Gasped questions about just what Cal was doing, how he was doing it, along with orders that he never stop doing it came out between moans of pleasure.

When Cal eventually pulled away from me, embarrassing yelps were accompanying my gasps. “No… No. What are you doing…Cal?”

Cal stood between my open legs as I lay helplessly before him. He was panting and his face was wet. I felt like crying; the need burning in my centre felt almost like pain. I arched up to him, both my hands and feet reaching to pull him over me. With admirable efficiency Cal pulled off his trousers and then he was over me, pressing down on me. I cried out in relief and my soume-lam grabbed his ouana-lim as it entered me. Cal let out a shuddering sigh at the movement and I realised his ministrations had aroused him almost as much as me.

I gripped his hips with my legs, tightly holding onto his head and neck as I pressed desperate kisses to face and mouth, tasting myself on his skin. Cal moved smoothly, thrusting hard and fast into me. With every movement I was pushed higher up onto the bed and I gripped him tighter with my thighs.

Then, finally he reached that aching spot inside me and I cried out again as orgasm washed over me. Visions of bright colours flooded my eyes and for a few moments I lost contact with my physical self. Then the waves ebbed away and Cal was collapsed on top of me, panting into my sweaty skin.

My arms were stretched across the bed, lying limply against the damp sheets. My entire body was aching in delicious pleasure and even though Cal’s weight on my chest was making it hard to catch my breath I never wanted him to move.

After a few minutes Cal raised his head, his hair was a mess and a smile wide across his face as he looked down at me. I managed to lift one of my arms, feeling like I were moving through water and touch his face.

“Oh, Aghama…” I sighed. “That was… awesome.”

Cal laughed aloud at my choice of word, suddenly reinvigorated. He pressed kisses across my face, licking my salty skin. Then he pulled back and regarded me seriously. “Now, did you focus your energy?” He asked. “What exactly received your intention, hmmm?”

I grinned at him. “I did,” I answered proudly, landing a wet kiss on his chin. “I decided to focus my energy on increasing my own pleasure.”

“Oh, really? How profitable of you.”

“Mmmm. Perhaps we should do it again, and this time I’ll focus on more noble things.”

Cal laughed and shared breath with me. “More noble things. Like my pleasure perhaps?” He nuzzled my neck, and purred, sending warm vibration across my skin.

“I like that idea,” I declared. “Sounds like a worthy cause.”

The End


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