2,220 Words of Gratuitous Smut

2,220 Words of Gratuitous Smut
by Em

Story Notes

Summary: This is flat out PWP and the title reflects this. I didn’t even know what to call it. Cal’s POV.

Characters: Pellaz/Cal (of course)

Rating: NC17

Spoilers: Takes place during Enchantments but the lack of a plot means there is not really much to worry about. XD

Disclaimer: Characters and the world they inhabit belong to Storm Constantine. I’m sure she didn’t intend for them to be used this way, and I apologise for my lack of morals.

AN: Honestly guys, this was really just an excuse to write smut. This is probably me at my most debauched so if you have a problem with overly graphic aruna fics, just stay away.

2,220 Words of Gratuitous Smut

“So, show me what you’ve been learning in Orien’s den of iniquity.”

Pellaz looked up at me from across the room and gave me a quizzical look. Flickering lamplight played across his bare torso, his dark hair hung down his back. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

I grinned at him over the rim of my wine glass. Seated in a low arm chair I had a good view of Pellaz as he pottered around the room tidying things up and occasionally stopping to sip his wine.

“Show me something,” I urged.

He studied me warily, but even from across the room I could see his eyes darken. He hesitated then dropped the shirt he was holding. “Like what?” he asked and his light tone opened a pit in my stomach.

A spread my legs in the chair, slouching down to make myself comfortable. This could be a good show. I watched Pellaz’s face heat up as I stared at him and he slowly shuffled across the room to stand between my legs, almost as if he couldn’t help himself. His cheeks burned red by the time he reached me and I loved it. I sat up and, sliding my arms around his waist, nuzzled my face into his bare stomach. He awkwardly rested his hands on my shoulders.


I lightly bit the skin around his belly button then looked up at his red face. “You’re adorable,” I declared.

A smile broke across his face and it only made me tighten my arms on his hips.

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Back Again

Back Again*
by Mnschoen

Story Notes

So, thanks to all of you who helped me find the two awesome Azriel/Aleeme fics that exist, and those of you who commented on my last fic (Don’t Leave Forever) so positively. I appreciate the feedback! Here, for Christmas, is some smut, before I get down to finishing what I started in the little “Aleeme is a nut-job” ficlet.

* Editor’s note: This fic arrived w/o a title, so I added one.

Back Again

Galhea had shed the fiery skin of autumn and was buried beneath heaps of snow before Aleeme reappeared at the gates. Azriel was out when he rode in: for what purpose Cobweb couldn’t say, except that his high har was restless and ill-tempered recently, and liked to spend his time alone. So Aleeme waited in the kitchen, nursing a cup of warm cider while Yarrow went about his business. He was getting a bit anxious, watching as the sky bled against the long line of the horizon, the sun slipping away as night captured Galhea.

Aleeme, staring into the dregs of his cup, began to doubt that Azriel would be glad to see him. They’d been children when they parted, making promises they weren’t fit to make, and it had been long months since they’d last seen each other. Perhaps Azriel—-kind soul that he was—-was with another lover even now, imagining a way to let Aleeme down gently. The fire guttered; there was a bustle of activity as Yarrow began to make ready the dishes to be served at dinner. By the time the table was to be set, Aleeme’s stomach was twisted into such knots that even the smell of shellfish in wine sauce couldn’t whet his appetite. He pulled restlessly at a lock of dark hair, laying his plans to be on the road by tomorrow; he was unwilling to overstay his welcome, and surely if Azriel had another lover he would be unwelcome.

Yarrow put a hand on his shoulder. “Dinner’s set. Come on out to the dining room. It’s not as warm out there, but I’m putting the fire out anyway.”

Making his way to the table, Aleeme frantically planned what to say to a bewildered Azriel, what excuses to make for returning. Of course the vows hadn’t been in earnest — only a child could make such hasty promises.

Determined to put these thoughts aside and appear polite at dinner, even if he was not longer a desired member of the household, Aleeme hurried his step and ran straight into somehar. With a little yelp he fell back, but hands clasped his and pulled him upright once more.

Azriel stood there, face flushed, breathing heavy as though he’d been running, still holding Aleeme’s hands in his own. At the sight of that familiar face, Aleeme felt relief and desire go rushing through him, and he couldn’t help but offer up a smile. “Az,” he said, careful to disguise the huskiness in his voice. He might be a fool for love, but Azriel was a fool for nothing.

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Don’t Leave Forever

Don’t Leave Forever*
by Mnshoen

Story Notes

And here is Azriel and Aleeme in all their PG-rated glory. No spoilers, sort of short.

Sequel: Back Again

* Editor’s note: This fic arrived w/o a title, so I added one.

Don’t Leave Forever

When Azriel had first met Aleeme, he’d thought the har to be a little insane. Cheerful in a degree that was unseemly and rather more forward than was polite, Aleeme made himself a home in Forever with little more than a smile. His charm was much more obvious than Cal’s had been, but he was well-loved by Cobweb, who said he had an innocence that was rare in second-generation hara (who grew too old too fast).

In the morning, when Azriel was still half-asleep and sluggishly attempting to free himself from the confines of his bed, Aleeme would make an appearance and tug him up into the chilly air and into a long shirt. Azriel learned to appreciate the sunrise, for all that he ended up snoozing in his oatmeal half an hour later.

In the afternoon, when Azriel was engrossed in a thick tome of history and the sun was shining mercilessly outside, Aleeme often stole the book and made his friend chase him for it, eventually surrendering it on the terms that having finished a named number of pages, Azriel would join him outside for a walk or a ride. Cobweb said that Azriel looked like he’d been stained with clay, his skin a deep satiny brown. Eventually Aleeme brought out books of his own — traveling companions, as he called them — and gave them to his friend in trade.

In the evening, Aleeme snuck into his room and climbed into bed with him. The first night, Azriel had panicked and pushed him out, warm as he was. Despite that deterrent — ever the optimist — Aleeme had returned the next night, which Azriel had spent fitfully awake and very aware of Aleeme’s arm around his waist, and the head against his shoulder. The third night, Aleeme had said, “I want to take aruna with you,” quite seriously, and then flashed one of his incapacitating smiles. Azriel had nodded dumbly, and now whenever Aleeme showed up he gladly lifted the covers, even though the other har had a tendency to pull on the blankets.

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Advent Treasures

Adventure Treasures
by Deathangelgw

Story Notes

Every year, I do ficlets for Advent up until and including Christmas. To me, they are a symbol of the best things and the not so great things for Christmas. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. All of them are owned by Storm baby… Wah!

Rating: G/PG for innuendo

Timeline: HA! Who needs a timeline!

Warnings: AU, fluff, sap.

Part 1: Peppermint and Cocoa

The very soft sounds of humming floated through the halls of the Tigrons’ home as Caeru made his way towards the balcony with a cup of steaming cocoa that had an old fashioned candy cane in it. He grinned as he went out onto the balcony and tugged his cloak around him tighter against the cold wind that was blowing up with the snow that was falling softly to the ground. It wasn’t often that they’d get snow, but when it did, it was a sight to behold. The snow would glitter with the lights from the active city and would becoming almost like trimming on the bodies and hair of most of the hara that were wandering around the city, whether on errands or in search of enjoyment.

But for the Tigrina, it was a time to just watch the world change into a blank slate, wiped clean and white with each new flake that floated down from the overcast sky. In many ways, he found it heartening to know that even nature had a way of making things new. Whenever it began to snow for the first time, or actually at any time, he would wrap himself in his warmest cloaks and come out onto the balcony with a cup of traditional hot cocoa and a candy cane in it and would watch the snow fall. He was never cold for his thoughts and the cloak along with the drink would keep him toasty warm.

But this time, his ponderings were broken as his son peered out onto the balcony before coming out. “Caeru? What are you doing here?” he asked his hostling as he rubbed his hands on his arms in a weak attempt to warm up.

“Watching the snow fall. Care to join me?” Caeru answered with a grin as he patted the seat next to him on the wrought iron bench that he was lounging on. The cushion he patted was fairly hard, but it dipped a little in response to the patting.

Hustling over, Darquiel sat next to his hostling and grinned when Caeru opened the cloak he was wearing to share it with him. He leaned his head against Caeru’s shoulder as the cloak was tightened around them both and sighed happily. He felt so warm against his hostling as that hole in his heart was filled once more with the scent and feel of his hostling holding him close. “So, why are you watching the snow fall?” he whispered through his slightly chattering teeth and grinned when Caeru offered him some of his drink. “What’s this?”

“Hot cocoa with a candy cane. It’ll warm ya a bit,” Caeru explained with a chuckle before placing a kiss on his son’s head. “And I’m watching the snow fall because it’s peaceful,” he added in answer to the previous question.

“Yea I guess, but it’s cold too,” Darquiel pointed out and smiled when Caeru laughed. He didn’t hear Caeru laugh often enough he felt.

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