Four Rotating Hips

Four Rotating Hips
by Em

Story Notes

Pairing: Pellaz/Cal

Rating: Most definetly NC-17

Summary: Cal is annoyed and Pellaz distracts him. Includes dancing and aruna… pretty much just blatant smut. *g*

Spoilers: Takes place after the first trilogy so read accordingly and at your own peril.

Disclaimer: The characters and the world they inhabit belong to Storm Constantine, I am just playing.

Feedback is craved and most welcome!

Best enjoyed while listening to Inertia Creeps by Massive Attack. Thems the beat of the drum, yeah?

Four Rotating Hips

Calanthe har Aralis had been planning on having his chesnari’s attention to himself tonight. Unfortunately, the Hegemony had other ideas as Cal had been frustratingly informed by Velaxis while he was making his way to Pellaz’s apartments. Now, instead of a night of bliss in Pell’s arms he was here, in a large room full of ridiculously over-trumped hara, drinking expensive wine and making polite conversation.

He did manage to keep the scowl off his face while innumberable hara fawned over him, he was a practiced performer, but he was far from happy. Pellaz stood as far from him as he could get, across the room and currently surrounded by his own hoard of admirers.

“You can’t be selfish with him, you know,” a voice in Cal’s ear made him turn.

Caeru stood behind him grinning and Cal rolled his eyes. He snorted. “I would prefer if not every night was taken up with some social event.”

Suddenly they were interrupted by the entrance of several scantily clad hara who were decorated with dripping pearls and gold and little else. Groaning, Cal turned his questioning face to his consort.

Caeru shrugged but could not hide his gleeful smile. “Entertainment,” he said by way of explanation. “A tribe from the east wanted to share their…. Delights with us.”

“And how long is this going to last?” Cal asked before angrily swallowing the rest of his wine. He could quickly see that any chance of getting Pellaz alone tonight was moving further and further from his grasp.

The room cleared as hara stepped back to make room for the performance. Hara with large drums and other instruments followed behind the dancers and made themselves at home.

Cal barely tried to suppress his frown now.

He felt a smooth hand glide across his shoulder as somehar stepped close to his side and turned his head to see Pellaz beside him. Cal groaned; more annoyed than ever when presented with the sight of Pellaz in all his glory. Pellaz wore a dark red robe that practically dripped off his shoulders, leaving his chest exposed and bare. A gold necklace encircled his throat and trailed down to his stomach. This was exactly the sight he had hoped to be faced with in the privacy of his own rooms – not while surrounded by this mindless crowd of dignitaries!

He turned back to watch the dancers who had now started to move gracefully to the music their accompanists provided. They had positioned themselves directly in front of the Tigrons and the Tigrina and were decidedly too close for Cal’s liking. He stared moodily at their twisting limbs as they undulated before him.

Pellaz stepped behind Cal, and the blond could feel his chesnari’s breath brush against the nape of his neck. His grumpy and slouched posture meant Pellaz could still see over Cal’s shoulder. Pellaz’s hands slid over Cal’s shoulders and he pressed close against Cal’s back.

His breath danced on Cal’s ear and his voice cut through the music like only his could as he whispered, “Do you like them?”

Unfortunately, Cal’s now sour mood meant he could not enjoy Pellaz’s caresses as much as he would have liked. He shrugged non committedly. “They’re flexible,” he remarked.

Cal sipped lazily at the fresh glass of wine some thoughtful househar had put into his hands. He stared at the dancers, slowly being lulled by their sensual movements at the heavy beat of the music. He felt Pellaz’s hands slide from his shoulders and down his back to squeeze his hips.

“They’re beautiful,” Pell murmured in his ear and Cal merely grunted in response as he watched.

Pellaz stepped around to his side again, keeping one arm around him. He seemed completely aware of Cal’s bad mood and probably knew the reason for it but offered no apology.

One of the dancers stepped closer to them and Cal almost sneered as the har writhed before the Tigrons. The har was beautiful, undoubtedly, but Cal was entirely unmoved by his sensual performance. As if sensing this, the dancer shifted his attention to Pellaz, his eyes trained on the Tigron’s face as his hands slid over his gold decorated body.

This at least did provoke a response in Cal, though perhaps not what the dancer expected. Heat curled in Cal’s belly and anger flushed his features as his masculine side uncurled and filled his being with a possessive jealousy. He clenched his jaw remembering Caeru’s words which echoed those of another har from long ago, You must not be selfish with him…

Cal saw Pellaz watching him from the corner of his eye and turned an exaggerated smile in his chesnari’s direction. His grimace made Pellaz smile, and when the dancer turned away from them he discretely took Cal’s hand and pulled him back, away from the front of the audience. Cal was startled, but luckily, the dim lighting and the performance detracted any attention and they were swallowed up by the crowd.

As they left the hall through a discreet exit guarded for their use, Pellaz entwined his fingers through Cal’s. “I take it you had other plans for this evening?” he teased lightly.

“Oh, a few.”

Pellaz’s knowing smile only aggravated Cal further. As they made their way towards their apartment he let loose on a rant of annoyance. He flung his hands dramatically.

“It would be fine if they gave us some kind of warning! But no, naturally the Tigrons don’t have any prior plans, we’re happy to watch you troop prance about!”

Pellaz let him vent his anger, hiding his slight smile and Cal was pushed gently into their apartment still letting loose.

“How many of these events are we supposed to sit through? I never knew being popular was such a trial!”

Cal caught Pellaz rolling his eyes as he was shoved backwards into a lush arm chair. “Hey! I’m serious.”

Pellaz straightened up. “I know,” he said giving Cal an exaggerated pout.

Cal gave an angry snort through his nose.

Pellaz took a few steps backwards and raised a hand when Cal looked up questioningly. “No. You stay where you are.” Then he quickly disappeared into another room, leaving Cal to stew in silence.

Pellaz’s servants had thought fully lit the room with low candles and left wine sitting on a low table within Cal’s reach. He grabbed a glass and downed its contents quickly, sighing as the warmth of the alcohol hit his stomach. Pellaz had provided an escape from the function, and that was great. But now where was he? For a second Cal was alarmed to think perhaps Pellaz had gone back to the ballroom and stood up to find out when Pellaz reappeared.

“Sit,” Pellaz commanded and Cal fell back into the chair.

Cal noted with pleasure that Pellaz had changed his clothes, so he obviously wasn’t planning on returning to the ballroom. Perhaps he would get the night with his chesnari after all.

Pell wore simple, flowing cream pants that sat low on his hips. His chest was still bare and the necklace remained on his throat. He had released his hair from the elaborate style it had been in earlier and it tumbled down his back in shining waves, curling very slightly from being pinned back.

Cal smiled, letting a hum of approval rumble forth. Pell’s feminine beauty suited his ouana mood quite nicely and he greedily took in the site before him. When Pellaz walked towards him Cal smiled wider as he saw his chesnari’s pants were slit to the hips on either side, allowing glimpses of the tanned flesh of his legs as he moved.

Cal parted his legs and Pellaz stopped between them, looking down at the now contented face of his chesnari. He reached out and ran his hands through Cal’s hair, tipping his head back in the process. Leaning down he opened his mouth over Cal’s face and blew hot breath over it. Cal groaned lightly beneath him.

“The dancers…” Pellaz whispered to Cal’s closed eyes. “Did you like them?”

Cal’s hands came up to rest on Pellaz’s waist. They squeezed.

“Hmmmm?” Pellaz breathed.

Cal shrugged, mildly irritated by the irrelevant question. “Yes, they were nice.”


Cal opened his eyes and saw Pellaz’s smiling mischievously at him. He parted his lips to take Pellaz’s in a kiss but Pell pulled away from him. Cal’s hands were left in midair, grasping air where Pellaz’s form had been. “What…!”

Pellaz regarded him from a step away. He smiled somewhat predatorily and Cal frowned slightly. What was he doing?

“I’m glad you liked them, Calanthe,” Pell murmured and to Cal’s surprise started to sway slightly. “I thought you might like a personal performance.”

Cal stared at him in disbelief, one side of his mouth curving up into a smile. “Really? I think I’ll enjoy this. Please,” he gestured. “Dance away.”

“There are rules,” Pellaz told him.

“Hmmm?” Cal replied, his blood already heating up.

“You must sit there, do not move. No touching.”

Cal frowned. “Come on—”

Pell would not be moved. “Or no dance.”

Cal relented, falling back into the chair and resting his hands on the arm rests. “Fine.”

Pellaz smiled and turning his back to Calanthe, began to twist his hips lightly. There was no music, but Cal had no problem recalling the heavy beat of the drums from the hall as he watched Pellaz moving before him. The candle light flickered enticingly across Pellaz’s bare skin and Cal’s eyes were glued to the backside that swayed before him.

He knew Pellaz could move well, having danced with him and watched him dancing with others over the years, but never had he been privy to such a performance as this.

Pellaz’s hands twisted in circles as he raised his arms over his head, he turned in lazy circles, his body undulating to the rhythm pounding in Cal’s head. He ran his hands over his chest, fingers sliding through the chain hanging there; his hair swung free, its shining waves calling to Cal like a siren’s song.

Before he knew was he was doing, Cal found his fingers twined through the dark locks. Pell looked over his shoulder with a mocking pout. “No touching!” He swung his hair free and Cal guiltily returned his hands to the arm rests.

“Do I have to restrain you?”

Cal studied Pellaz’s delighted expression, considering….. but no. That was another game. “I’ll be good.”

“Hmmm,” Pell tilted his head and a second later Cal felt his wrists clamped firmly to the arm rests, though Pell had not made a sound.

“Hey!” He cried struggling to pull free. He could have easily broken the enchantment Pell had placed over him to bind him down but one look at Pellaz’s still moving hips and Cal decided to play along. “Okay,” he sighed in surrender.

Pellaz stepped back from him and continued to move. His body and hips undulated in waves and with a flick of his fingers, lights appeared above his palms which he spun around himself. Cal smiled, impressed. Had Pellaz been planning this particular little seduction?

His awe soon turned to burning heat in his belly however, the longer Pellaz’s dance continued. He shifted his hips in a vain attempt to ease the hot aching between his legs. Damn these restraints! He let out a groan of desire and frustration.

“Pellaz, come closer!”

Pellaz glided towards him and Cal wasn’t sure whether he should groan in relief or fear as he straddled one leg, his hips still moving seductively. “Yes?” he asked innocently.

Cal groaned deeply as Pellaz leaned over him, letting his hair slide across Cal’s chest. “Untie me,” he muttered.

Pellaz let out a faint laugh as he slid his hands over Cal’s bare arms. When he reached Cal’s wrists, Cal felt the restraints holding him in place relent and he immediately reached up and grabbed hold of the har in from of him.

Pellaz let out a startled yelp as Cal turned him so he was standing between Cal’s open legs, his back to his chesnari. Cal gripped his thighs tightly, his face pressed against the edge of his pants on the curve of his backside. Pellaz pressed back against him, feeling the need rolling off Cal go straight to the pit in his stomach.

Cal greedily ran his hands up and down Pell’s exposed legs and then around over the fabric to the front. One hand slid up to Pellaz’s bare stomach while the other slid down and around between his legs. Pellaz let out a soft sound and Cal groaned as he found Pellaz already soume beneath his clothing, the juncture between his legs leaving his thin trousers damp.

“Siren…” Cal hissed and Pell leaned back, arching against Cal’s head as Cal’s fingers slid up to grasp his nipples.

“Wasn’t this what you wanted?” Pellaz gasped, his legs shaking slightly.

Cal didn’t answer, just turned the other har around again and pulled him on to his lap. Pellaz straddled him eagerly and pressed in to the hardness of Cal’s groin, causing Cal to let out a soft gasp.

Cal looked into Pellaz’s eyes, now black with desire and tenderly pushed his hair back. When he had thought of their evening together even he hadn’t imagined this! He pulled Pellaz flush against him and they shared breath ravenously. Cal’s hands slid around Pellaz’s thighs and he once again silently thanked his chesnari for his thoughtfulness at wearing such easily accessible clothing. His hands slid beneath the fabric and he gripped Pellaz’s bare backside. Pellaz rocked above him and he let out a cry as Cal’s hands continued around further and his fingers came into contact with the edge of his soume lam. Cal shuddered as he encountered the wetness leaking from his chesnari’s centre.

Abruptly he pushed Pellaz to his feet and before he could remove those trousers completely Pellaz dropped to his knees. Cal let out a frustrated growl, his ouana nature inexplicably fired up and wanting to control Pellaz’s movements.

He stopped fussing however when Pellaz’s fingers moved to the fastenings on his trousers and made light work of them. He lifted his hips so Pellaz could slide the garment off him, but when Pellaz reached for his fully erect ouana lim Cal stopped him. “No.”

He grabbed Pellaz’s hips and spun him again so the other har stood facing away. Then he grabbed the edges of Pell’s trousers at his hips and yanked downwards, pulling them off. Pellaz wordless stepped out of them and kicked them away. He tried to turn back around, to return to Cal’s lap but Cal stopped him, pulling him down the way he was facing.

Pellaz let out a happy sigh as he realised what Cal wanted. He slid down on Cal and his soume lam clutched Cal’s ouana lim, greedily taking it inside. Cal cried out loudly as he was engulfed in heat and Pellaz began to rock above him. Groaning, he pulled Pellaz back against him.

Pell’s back arched as he rocked and he turned his face towards Cal. “Did you like it?”

“Mmmm,” not really capable of words at that very moment Cal mouthed his approval against Pellaz’s face, leaving a wet trail with his tongue.

Pell was very quickly beyond words too as the energy centres within him opened up to Cal’s essence. He happily surrendered to Cal’s plundering, moaning as Cal’s hands swept over his skin, teasing his nipples.

Experienced as they were Calanthe and Pellaz were able to extend their pleasure further than most hara. They moved together for what felt like hours, their bodies slick with sweat, and the room filled with the sound of their cries and their bodies meeting. Finally Cal gripped Pellaz’s hips tightly, digging his fingers in as the tongue inside him shot out to ignite their orgasm. Pellaz fell back against him, his head tipping into Cal’s neck as he shuddered against him.

Cal bit down on Pellaz’s shoulder as he shook with his own release, pleasure shooting across him, made all the more intense by the pleasure he could feel running through Pellaz at the same time.

When they came back to earth they were panting. Pellaz’s hair was damp, thrown over his shoulder. With a soft sound he stood up and turned around, only to climb back into Cal’s embrace. He caressed Cal’s cheek, studying his chesnari’s contented expression as he brushed kissed over Cal’s wet skin. He blew softly on the dampness there as Cal pressed him closer.

“There,” Pellaz murmured. “The night didn’t turn out so bad after all, did it?”

The End


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  1. hdheidisofttail22 said,

    January 23, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    Ah, got my heart racing! I’m new here, but a loyal Storm fan. What a joy to have found a place where she is worshipped! All of you here are fab writers. I do hope all of you are exploring the possibilities of writing in your own imagined worlds!

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