One Happy Day

One Happy Day
by Orleans

Story Notes

Originally posted to the “Pinkboard,” Dec. 2006.

This story is set somewhere after Wraiths of Will and Pleasure.

Characters: Ulaume, Flick. Lileem, Terez and Lianvis mentioned

Rating: R

I was bored today, that’s the result. I hope you like it. The story is not checked by a beta. All mistakes are mine.

I’m wishing you a Happy New Year!

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters , they all belong to the genius Storm Constantine. And no money is made with that story.

One Happy Day

Some days, Ulaume regretted his choice to leave the tribe of the Kakkahar. It was not often the case but on special days he wished he could just leave everyone and everything behind, run back into the desert and hide inside Lianvis’ tent.

It was one of those days. One of those days when really everything was going wrong and the idea to run was becoming more and more appealing. He should have know better than to get up in the morning at all, but despite all the powers he had, he was unable to see what the future might bring.

The day had started nice enough and the morning light didn’t gave any hints that something – or better, almost everything – would go downhill from the moment he left the safe nest of his bed.

He blinked into the bright light that woke him this morning and smiled with contentment. He felt warm and happy and lazily stretching he reached out to touch his beloved Flick who was sleeping beside him.

Well, normally sleeping beside him. Ulaume’s hand encountered nothing but a pillow. Frowning he looked up and found the bed beside him empty; Flick was no longer beside him.

Frustration welled up inside him and caused his hair to move restlessly against his back. Why did the other har always have to get up so early without waking him? Couldn’t he just stay in bed a bit longer? He knew how Ulaume liked to cuddle a bit before getting up but lately there had not been many chances for that.

”There’s so much to do. You know, the work and all the problems don’t resolve themselves. We can’t afford being lazy.”

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