One Happy Day

One Happy Day
by Orleans

Story Notes

Originally posted to the “Pinkboard,” Dec. 2006.

This story is set somewhere after Wraiths of Will and Pleasure.

Characters: Ulaume, Flick. Lileem, Terez and Lianvis mentioned

Rating: R

I was bored today, that’s the result. I hope you like it. The story is not checked by a beta. All mistakes are mine.

I’m wishing you a Happy New Year!

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters , they all belong to the genius Storm Constantine. And no money is made with that story.

One Happy Day

Some days, Ulaume regretted his choice to leave the tribe of the Kakkahar. It was not often the case but on special days he wished he could just leave everyone and everything behind, run back into the desert and hide inside Lianvis’ tent.

It was one of those days. One of those days when really everything was going wrong and the idea to run was becoming more and more appealing. He should have know better than to get up in the morning at all, but despite all the powers he had, he was unable to see what the future might bring.

The day had started nice enough and the morning light didn’t gave any hints that something – or better, almost everything – would go downhill from the moment he left the safe nest of his bed.

He blinked into the bright light that woke him this morning and smiled with contentment. He felt warm and happy and lazily stretching he reached out to touch his beloved Flick who was sleeping beside him.

Well, normally sleeping beside him. Ulaume’s hand encountered nothing but a pillow. Frowning he looked up and found the bed beside him empty; Flick was no longer beside him.

Frustration welled up inside him and caused his hair to move restlessly against his back. Why did the other har always have to get up so early without waking him? Couldn’t he just stay in bed a bit longer? He knew how Ulaume liked to cuddle a bit before getting up but lately there had not been many chances for that.

”There’s so much to do. You know, the work and all the problems don’t resolve themselves. We can’t afford being lazy.”

That was Flick. Work, work and some more work. But hey, Flick was not the only har responsible to keep things in shape and the damned work wasn’t running away, was it? Truth to be told, the house looked beautiful and thanks to the help of Terez and Lileem, there was almost nothing left to repair.

But Ulaume knew that he couldn’t change Flick, and truth to be told, he didn’t want him to change at all. He fought the frustration down but was unable to make it go away completely. He knew that if he tried to convince Flick to have a break, the other har would listen to him and then get his own way in any case. Perhaps he should just tie Flick up to the bed and force him to rest; that was an interesting thought and he filed it away for later.

Yawning widely he decided that he could just get up as he was already awake, stretched and left the bed to go into the bathroom. He was tempted to take a hot bath but decided to have a quick shower. That way he could join Flick quickest and help him to slow down a bit. Smirking, he didn’t look where he was walking and therefore didn’t see the water puddle on the floor.

Then it happened: his left foot slipped and, unable to keep his balance, he fell down; his head missed the hard edge of the bathtub only by a hair’s breadth but landed on the hard ground instead with an audible thud.

He didn’t loose consciousness but saw bright stars dancing in front of his eyes for a while; not to mention the terrible ache that settled between his temples once the shock passed by.

It took some time for him to collect himself and dazed as he was he managed to get to his feet and cursed Flick.

Fetching a towel he removed the water and almost slipped again in the process. When he was composed enough he started to curse Flick in earnest. He knew that his chesnari didn’t care about cleaning the floor after a shower or a bath. That was one of his few bad habits.
But who knew? Perhaps Flick intended to kill him one way or the other, and this was just one of his attempts to get rid off him!

Grumbling he tossed the towel away and his mood turned dark.

He skipped the shower and decided to have a quick wash instead – after having a look at his injury. For a moment he studied his pale face in the mirror and combed his hair back from his forehead, only to see a large bump growing there. The skin already started to bruise and shone in bright red and violet.

“Wonderful. That’s just so wonderful,” he muttered, annoyed, and almost rammed his fist into the mirror. But the prospect of flying glass and more wounds to take care of stopped him from doing that.

Instead he took a cloth out of the board, wetted it with cold water and carefully put it on the lump. Luckily the skin was not broken and he didn’t bleed. Luckily Lianvis had taught him how to focus his inner powers to heal such minor injuries!

Closing his eyes he tried to concentrate, but it was difficult for him in that state and with that headache. He tried for some minutes but nothing did happen. Ulaume was about to give up, tears of anger and frustration already started to build in his eyes, but then he felt the energy surging up. His skin tingled; opening his eyes again he could see that the lump was growing smaller and the unhealthy pallor disappeared; most of the pain was gone as well, but there was still an uncomfortable numb ache left.

Not very pleased with this poor result, he sneered at his reflection he started to carefully comb his hair back into a loose ponytail. Perhaps he should just go back to bed? That would be the most sensible thing to do.

But then he thought that he’d better lecture Flick about flooding the bathroom and went back into the bedroom to dress. Cursing when the bright light coming through the window helped to intensify the pain in his head he stepped to the wardrobe and opened it to fetch his favourite shirt first.

But then he stopped and stared: there was indeed a large hole and one of the sleeves was gone! What the hell had happened to that shirt? His mood sank considerably now; with another curse he threw the garment to the floor.

Still he hoped that the day would turn out to be fine after all. It couldn’t get any worse than that!

After dressing himself he went down into the kitchen. Lileem was already there, collecting the used dishes from breakfast. How lovely, they didn’t even wait for him!

Ulaume really had no idea how it happened; one moment they were talking politely, the next they were yelling at each other. The argument became heated and in the end Lileem stormed in tears out of the room while he furiously collected the dishes from the table and made his way over to the cupboard.

It was then that Terez entered through the backdoor and ran into him, sending them both, and the dishes, crashing to the ground. To make it short, Terez barely escaped with his life.


At the moment, Ulaume was working outside in the garden, repairing part of the fence and trying very hard to get rid off that all consuming anger raging inside of him. But the fact that he’d managed to rip his trousers and had already small sticks of wood imbedded in his skin didn’t help much.

Together with the mild but persistent headache this was an almost lethal combination. Somehow the other hara felt that, because no one was bothering him here.

“Perhaps I should start packing! Lianvis will surely forgive me for running away when I play a bit dirty to please him,” he growled while punching a piece of wood. He shouldn’t have done that. The wood splintered and a particularly sharp piece found its way beneath the nail of his thumb.

“Damn it!” he swore loudly and stubbornly ignored his hurting hand and continued working. But no matter how hard he pushed himself, it didn’t help but made things even worse.

Even the weather was against him! How he hated the summer months in this region; there was almost no wind to cool him off! And the euphoric chirping of the birds got on his nerves, especially on a day like this!

And that blasted heat! Ulaume could easily deal with the dry heat of the desert, but this climate here was driving him nuts. The smallest movement made him break out in sweat. He had long shed his shirt but it was not helping much.

By the time noon arrived he was not only feeling incredible hot and sticky, but his mood was as foul and as dark as it possible could be when he realized that he had a sunburn developing on his shoulders.

It was then that he straightened up from digging a hole for a post and brushed some stray looks out of his face. His back hurt from the slouched position he’d been in and he stretched.

Hearing a shift of fabric he looked back to the fence that was already finished and saw Flick leaning against it, watching him with ill concealed amusement.

Ulaume growled lowly in his throat, “If I were you I’d buzz off right now. I’m not in the best of moods.”

“I noticed,” Flick said casually, “I felt your anger from over the courtyard.”

“Fuck you. It’s your entire fault. Now leave me alone.”

“My fault?” Flick asked puzzled. But he was clever enough not to ask further when he realized how angry Ulaume actually was.

“Why are you here?” snapped an irritated Ulaume. “To make some fun of me? Get your ass out of my sight!”

Slowly but with purpose Flick silently left his vantage point and approached Ulaume. Before the angry har could do anything he was grabbed by strong arms and enfolded in a snug embrace.

“What are you…? Let go of me!”

He drew some breath to start complaining but when he opened his mouth soft lips descended on his and effectively shut him up.

The kiss was light, almost fleeting and Flick sent small puffs of deep affection, his love and admiration he felt for Ulaume with his breath. Somehow he managed to take the anger away and somehow the headache and the pain in is hand disappeared as well, only to be replaced with calm and peace.

Slowly Ulaume relaxed into the embrace, simply accepting the gift and let himself filled with the love Flick bore him. He no longer resisted and felt Flick’s warm hands caress the bare skin of his back. But too soon they ran out of breath.

“Better now?” Flick asked a bit breathlessly and studied his chesnari’s face.

With a sigh Ulaume nodded, closed his eyes and rested his forehead against Flick’s shoulder. “Much better. You should kick my ass for behaving like that.”

Flick chuckled affectionately,“ I don’t think so. I like your ass too much for that. Besides, I’m sure Terez might want to do that in my stead. He’s still recovering from your verbal lashing.”

“I don’t know what came over me today. How’s Lileem?”

“She was upset but no longer. I talked to her.”

“I’m sorry, you know.”

Flick smiled, cupped Ulaume’s cheeks and gave him a smack on his nose. “Don’t be sorry, Lormy. It’s my pleasure to help you come down again. You should let me tend to your shoulders. Or you’ll be insufferable tomorrow because of that sunburn.”

With a smile Ulaume nodded and hugged his chesnari tighter.

His head was no longer hurting, the sun was shining, the birds were singing beautifully and a soft breeze was blowing into his face. Who cared that his shirt was damaged or that his trousers were ripped or he had sunburn? He did not care as long as he had Flick to take care of him.

Some days Ulaume regretted his choice to leave the tribe of the Kakkahar. But not today. Definitely not today.

The End


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