Gold Digger

Gold Digger
by Lusa

Story Notes
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Pairings: Caeru/Pellaz

Rating: Pg-13

Summary: Rue makes the decision to bring his son to Immanion.

Spoilers: Just for the end of Bewitchments, which I assume you’ve finished if you’re reading fan fiction.

Gold Digger

I’ve read the article a dozen times now, sitting here in the dark, but I still don’t really know my own reaction to it. Kate found it printed in the local paper, usually nothing more than a jumble of Ferelithia gossip but tonight containing something more interesting. The Gelaming have a new Tigron – I guess that’s supposed to mean king. Nice ring to it. His name is Pellaz.

Maybe I should have put that together when I met him, but I’m not very good at that sort of thing – case in point; how long it took me to realize I was with pearl. He was so beautiful he could only have had some sort of great destiny. You don’t have that air of confident command for no reason. He was just special; one look made that obvious. Like some sort of god or angel who blessed me with a single night of attention and magic before being lifted off into heaven once more.

I thought that was the end of it. I missed him, and even before I realized what had happened I felt like he had changed my life in some way. Like I had a brush with something great and nothing, not even time, could ever take that memory away from me. I don’t know if its normal to fall in love with someone after such a short time, to only have one night together but know you want it to be forever. It sounds like the sort of thing that only works out in fairy tales, not real life. It didn’t work out for me, after all.

It’s almost embarrassing how long it took me to figure out I was carrying a pearl. I thought I was just getting sick, gaining weight, a thousand other excuses. Maybe I knew and just didn’t want to face it. Eventually there just was no way to lie to myself anymore. Kate admitted she knew and we had a fight before she stormed out.

I remember the second that door shut behind her, I just lost it. All that anger I’d been able to hold onto when facing her vanished in a second. I probably spent hours just curled up sobbing, because how else was I supposed to react? I’ll admit to being scared. A part of it was that I used to be male, and this idea of giving birth was just so alien. Most of it, though, was just worry I’d screw up. I didn’t know how to raise a child, I wasn’t ready for this. It’s something that is so terrifyingly easy to mess up and all I could think about were the thousand ways it could go wrong.

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by Elenien

Poem Info

Author: Elenien


Acknowledgments: El, Thanks for convincing me to send it in 🙂

Contact:   (not private)


The light flickered
Upon the sleeping cat
His face moving to follow
The light

His muscles tighten
His eyes flash open
Cat’s eyes in human form
The door knob rattles

The chains around the cat
Echo through the eternity of his mind
Years spent imprisoned
Awaiting the door knob
Forced to live for it

The big cat twitched with energy
A Har steps into the cat’s den
Slowly, frightened
Through the slits of those cat’s eyes
He sees….and waits

Har to Har
Cat to Mouse
The big cat lets out a primal scream
The ephemeral Har recoils
The bonds snap the cat back
His laugh is a low rumble

This Har would get no rooning tonight
Too afraid of the wild cat
He lays back into his nest of chains
One eye still upon the strange Har
The Har who would spend all his money
Only to watch this feral figure
Until his time runs out
Until another takes his place with this Kanene

Playing with Matches

Thevina Editor's Pick

Editor's Pick

Playing with Matches
by Elfscribe

Story Notes

By elfscribe,

Characters: Calanthe, Terzian, Pellaz, Cobweb, Swift, Ithiel, OC
Rating: Adult

Beta: Thevina
Spoiler: Enchantments

Disclaimer: Storm Constantine owns all to do with the Wraeththu universe. I am borrowing her characters for my own nefarious purposes.

Summary: What exactly happened during those hours when Terzian seduced Cal “with the fire power of a volcano?”

Author’s note: A few lines of dialogue have been taken from The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit.  They are indicated with italics.

Playing with Matches

Terzian was drunk.  That, right there, was cause for alarm. The first crack I’d seen in the cool, controlled exterior. He paused at the door. “Cal, I have to speak to you,” he’d said ominously, then walked into the room, his leather garments creaking softly as he moved, the sound vaguely menacing.  He dropped into a chair at the table where we were finishing dinner.  “Pellaz!” he growled with a dismissive jerk of his chin.

Pellaz, sweet, innocent Pell with the face of an angel, took the hint.  Got up from his chair, excused himself, and left.  Left me to my devils.  Oh Pell, why? I’m not strong, you know that.  I’m a tramp, a cat in heat.  And Terzian is stretching his claws.

I smiled at him – a lazy Cal smile, like a laser beam of charm. Well do I know it.  “What do you want, Terzian?”

His eyes: hungry, shadowed, direct. “You know what I want.”

Well, so much for a long, slow seduction.  But we’d already been at it for weeks.  He wasn’t one to play coy and I must have been making him crazymad.  Oh Pell didn’t see it.  But I did. An arched eyebrow. A hand: clenched, unclenched.  A twitch in the jaw.  The very air between us thrumming with aruna magic.  Beckoning. And I must admit, I played him.  Batted him about in the sunshine like a ball of twine. Slanted glances, a flip of tawny hair, the insouciant remark. There is only so long you can do that with one such as him before the explosion comes.  Bad Cal.  Playing with matches.

During this dance, I was aware of his consort Cobweb in the background. I could feel him, hissing quietly, mouth open. Green as a viper.  It adds to my sin that I didn’t care. For right now there was only Terzian: a powerful, dominant presence: pulled taut like a longbow, growling, needy. Power such as his draws me. It always has.  Fills me with a desire to bite and claw, a need to surrender. My blood itched with challenge.  I was Uigenna to his Varr.  Showdown.

“What do I get out of it?”  I asked, examining my nails, noting the nicks in the black nail polish.  I’m such an imposter.

“What do you get out it,” Terzian repeated thoughtfully as if assessing a trade.  He picked up a spoon, tapped the bowl against his lips.  “It would seem lodging, food, security, would already be payment enough.”

“I was under the impression that you extended your hospitality to Pell and me in gratitude for rescuing your consort. You never said there was a price for it.”

“There wasn’t,” Terzian said abruptly.  He got up from the table and walked about the dining room, picking up objects and setting them down again.  Finally, he turned to look at me. “I would hope you would get pleasure out of it.” Read the rest of this entry »

Winner of June 2008 Challenge!

Congratulations to Camille Sinensis, winner of the first-ever Forever Wraeththu Fan Fic Challenge for the story “All That Is Left Of Us Is Love.” If you haven’t read it, now’s the time! Also thanks for all the authors who submitted and all who voted. Let’s do it again sometime soon!

– Wendy

Gossip Between Friends

Editor's Pick

Gossip Between Friends
by Oshun

Story Notes

The only thing that might be more engaging than an evening of gossip between friends, might be gossip plus aruna. Contains an explicit description of aruna between Velaxis and Thiede. Thank you, Elfscribe, for the Beta. Any remaining errors or failings are my own. (Inspired by the recently closed Seel, Swift and Thiede challenge. Stands alone, but is set in the same time period and references events of my recent stories “Fated Obsession” and “What is This Thing Called Love.”)

Author’s Email:

Web page:

Pairings: Velaxis/Thiede (Gossip includes references to Swift/Seel, Vaysh/Pellaz, Pellaz/Caeru, Velaxis/Ashmael; hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.)
Overall Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 3,404

Spoilers: The Bewitchments of Love and Hate, The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure

Disclaimer: The characters, plot, and setting all belong to Storm Constantine.

Gossip Between Friends

Another beautiful night had descended upon Immanion. I left my Sedu at the stable and quickly made my way to Phaonica. As I walked, I realized that during the past several months spent in Imbrilium, I had grown to miss Immanion. None of the more obvious reasons that might immediately come to mind contributed to my longing. I had no particular attachment to the spectacular architecture, the luxury, the services, or the other amenities. Imbrilium provided for all of my needs and then some. The work I did in Imbrilium also might be considered more challenging than what I had been doing in Immanion. Since I had developed a more personal relationship with Ashmael, the General asked me more and more frequently to attend important meetings in Imbrilium, and increasingly sought my opinion on a whole variety of questions. I should have been happy with that development.

Strains of music wafted toward me from somewhere on the palace grounds. I recalled hearing that Rue was hosting a diplomatic party of some sort. I also had missed Rue in Imbrilium. For all of his frivolity and preoccupation with matters of less than world-shaking importance, Rue had a way of cutting through Gelaming pretensions that I always found refreshing. I hoped I would be able to visit with him at least briefly in the morning before I had to leave again.

After following the familiar maze of hallways and staircases through the palace that led to Thiede’s apartment, I rapped gently on the door. Since I had overheard Arahal mention that if anyone needed to reach Thiede he would be in Immanion that evening, I hoped I would find him in his rooms. The chances he would be there alone were excellent. Thiede was not likely to insert his awe-inspiring presence into a social event organized by Rue for the purpose of giving Pellaz an opportunity to develop his own unique relationship with visitors from an outlying tribe.

Thiede called out, “Come in.” I sensed him scrambling to telepathically identify me. There were few things much more satisfying to me than surprising Thiede.

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