The Hat

Challenge Submission - January 2009The Hat
by Eldraug

Story Notes

Title:  The Hat

Author:  Eldraug

Pairing:  Cobweb/Terzian

Rating:  Soft R

Summary:   Terzian thinks about an evening of changes at home with Cobweb.

Disclaimer:  All characters and settings are the property of Storm Constantine.  I make no money from this work of short fiction

Author note:  I like to think that at one time Cobweb and Terzian were happy together.  This fic is set in that time.

The Hat

Terzian smiled as he pulled his dress uniform hat from the top shelf of his closet.  He loved the feeling of the smooth black leather, the way it shone in the light.  He buffed the silver studs with his sleeve before holding it back to critique his work.  Nodding to himself, he carried it carefully into the bedroom he shared with his chesnari.  Cobweb lay in their huge bed, curled up in the middle hugging a pillow.  Terzian stopped by the bed and smiled down at the fragile creature lost in sleep.  Leaning over, he placed a gentle kiss on Cobweb’s forehead then softly padded over to his chesnari’s dressing table.  Placing the hat carefully right in the center of it, he smiled to himself and left the room.

It was rare that Terzian was ever soume, being such an ouana personality and all, but there were times that he wanted to be taken care of, be controlled, be loved.  Sometimes being soume felt good, even for a Varrish warrior like himself.   He would never let any of the others know what he did and he would never be soume for anyone but Cobweb and even then it was only every now and then, but . . . Gods, when he wanted it, it felt so good.

As he settled in at the barracks in town for a day of paperwork, his mind drifted to what would happen that evening.   Webby would find his hat and know what it meant.  It was a little thing they had worked out when they were newlybonded.  He loved the way Webby looked in his hat – his soft, gentle chesnari with his dress uniform hat perched atop his head.  Webby’s whole demeanor changed when the hat was on his head – gone was the soft, whispery Cobweb and in his place was a dominant, strong har no one but Terzian ever saw.

They would have dinner, Cobweb sitting at the head of the table wrapped in inky black, soft leather with Terzian’s hat cocked to one side of his head.  Cobweb would have sent Swift into town to stay with a friend so they had the whole house to themselves for the evening.   While they both loved their harling, they also loved being alone and free to do what they wanted where they wanted.   They would talk about their days, Cobweb watching him through heavily-lidded eyes.  Terzian shivered when he thought about that heavy stare his chesnari would turn on him – heavy with lust and dominance and magic.

When dinner was over, they would move into the formal living room for diamanda before the fire.   Cobweb would allow him to lie with his head in his lap while they drank and listened to the crackle and pop from the fire, gently touching each other’s minds, showing their deepest, darkest fantasies and desires.  After a few drinks, clothes would begin to be shed, Cobweb undressing his chesnari and lavishing his loving tongue all over Terzian’s body.  The Varr would lie on the rug before the fire arching wantonly to his chesnari’s nimble tongue and demanding fingers.

Terzian was always a little skittish being soume as he wasn’t used to it which is why he only ever did it with Cobweb.   The Suhl would spend the time to make sure he was ready – teasing him with his fingers and tongue until Terzian was begging to be possessed.   Even when being ouana, Cobweb’s gentleness never fully left him.  He would gently wiggle and push until he was fully sheathed in Terzian’s body.  As each sikra was ignited, Terzian found himself being dragged over the delicious edge, understanding once again why Cobweb loved being soume to him so very much.

By the time he was on his way home, Terzian’s mind was in overdrive as he thought about that night.  As he rode up the driveway, a thought came to his mind – what if Cobweb hadn’t found his hat?  Or, worse, what if Cobweb didn’t want to be ouana for him that night?  He would never push his chesnari to be ouana, but he had been thinking about it all day and really, really needed to be possessed.
A horse passed him going the opposite direction in the driveway.  Swift waved at him, riding in front of one of Cobweb’s friends on his way to town for the night.  Terzian’s hopes soared.  With Swift gone, maybe his every desire would be fulfilled.  And, if he was really lucky, they would be fulfilled several times.

Stepping into Forever, he sniffed – the scent of his favorite meal was wafting through the air.  He followed it to the dining room where he paused in the door way.  Cobweb sat at the table at the head, in Terzian’s place.  Wrapped in a black leather corset and a long black skirt, Cobweb had one foot up on the table, his skirt riding up to show off the black thigh-high boots he wore.  The light from the lamps over the table glinted off the three-inch, silver-tipped, stiletto heel on the Suhl’s boot.  Terzian’s eyes roved from the silver-tipped boot, up his leg, over his chest to pause on his liquid eyes.  Cobweb smiled slowly at him when he saw his lover’s eyes come finally to rest on the shiny, leather hat sitting on his head.  Slowly taking his foot off the table, he stood, shaking the black leather skirt down around his body.
Slinking over to Terzian, he pressed against the Varr.  Leaning to whisper to him, Cobweb purred next to his ear, “Sit and eat.  Then you are mine.”

Terzian grinned and settled at the table, his mind reeling at the pleasures yet to come.

The End



  1. elfscribe5 said,

    January 2, 2009 at 10:38 am

    Enjoyed the image of Cobweb in his black leather with the hat cocked to one side. Lucky Terzian.

  2. mystic87 said,

    August 30, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    I would love to see a part two! Very sexy!

  3. Tolliel said,

    November 17, 2009 at 9:42 pm

    *gazes intently at you, a smile appearing slowly on my face” Mmmmmm what delicious memories this brings back. If I ask nicely may I have a part two?

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