Winner of January 2009 Challenge

Challenge Winner - Jan. 09Readers have voted and it’s time to announce the winner of January 2009 Forever Wraeththu Fanfic Challenge.

The Challenge

Terzian first appears in Enchantments — stealing several scenes, although one in particular is only recounted by Cal, not shown. He later comes into his own, as described by Swift in Bewitchments. We get to know Terzian’s various aspects — leader, father, lover, fighter, evildoer, dying man. One role we do not ever see him in, even in fanfic, is the soume role. Terzian, in keeping with Varr culture (and/or in keeping with his own culture, which he in part inflicted on the Varrs?), maintains a decidedly ouana / masculine role, both outside and perhaps — perhaps!? — in the bedroom and battleground tent.

The Challenge:

Write a story exploring the idea of Terzian as soume. The story doesn’t have to include aruna, although it certainly can. Ideas to explore: Has Terzian always been so ouana? What does he feel about his role? Is there anyone with whom Terzian ever takes the soume role? Ponclast? What about Cal? Has Terzian ever enjoyed it?

Winning Entry

The Conservation of Momentum
by Camile Sinensis (Teapot)

Comments from readers:

This is a wonderful tale, and sticks to the mythos in a seemingly complete manner. The personalities and actions of all involved are both realistic and tantalizing to imagine. Great work!

I thought the whole story was beautifully written, and the ‘reason’ for Terzian as soume was very convincing.

This is wonderful! I love your depiction of both Terzian and Ponclast. Ponclast digging his spurs in his horse’s side is very telling. The scene of Terzian going into the cold water is positively magical and such a gorgeous metaphor for what he’s about to do. His “deal with the devil” a good explanation for why he was what he was. It’s clear Terzian doesn’t believe in that love crap and doesn’t value what he’s giving away. It would be a wonderful extension of this story to explore a few more excerpts from his diary in which he discovers exactly what he’s done. Oh and that aruna with the Demon of the Very Large Schlong was awesome too. LOL.

This is incredibly powerful and “fits” with how I saw both characters… Ponclast somewhat insane (hehehe) and Terzian stubborn in his “deal with the devil” – he made his choice for better or worse…

Runners Up

The Hat
by Eldraug

Terzian’s Dilemma
by Persephone


Congratulations all and thanks to everybody who voted. We had a LOT of participation in temrs of voting, which makes things a lot more fun and also lets me know how many people are interested in reading Wraeththu fanfic!


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