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Forever Wraeththu is the official home of fan fiction based on the Wraeththu universe, created by Storm Constantine and expanded upon by her fans, with her approval. Below are answers relating to this web site, Wraeththu fan fiction, the Wraeththu books, and Storm herself. If you have additional questions, feel free to use our contact form.

Wendy Darling
Keeper, Forever Wraeththu

About Forever Wraeththu

What is this web site about?
Forever Wraeththu is the official home of Wraeththu fan fiction. The original Forever web site was created in 2001 by fan Mischa Laurent. The latest incarnation of the site was created in March 2007 by Wendy Darling.

Who operates the web site?
This web site is maintained by Wendy Darling. Fan fiction is submitted by email and Wendy posts it with appropriate formatting and “tagging” (see below). To contact the site owner, see this page.

What happened to the old Forever site?
The original, and first-ever Wraeththu fan fiction web site, Forever, was created by Mischa Laurent, an ardent fan who drew many fan fiction writers to the fandom and inspired many stories. Mischa himself was the author of an impressive number of Wraeththu stories. Several years after starting the web site, Mischa turned over maintenance to Wendy Darling, known in fandom for taking on any web-related volunteer job she can (plus editing for Immanion Press and writing fan fiction). Wendy kept the site up to date as much as she could but eventually decided a new format was called for, so that stories could be added more easily and also sorted by character, tribe, themes, etc. She set up an account in WordPress one Sunday afternoon and within a week the new site was born.

I have suggestions for additional tags / categories — how do I make suggestions?
All stories are “tagged” with keywords. Wendy created the tags as she was posting, adding characters, tribes, themes, story types, etc., as she went along and felt they were needed. However, there’s always room for more. If you have a suggestion, use email Wendy.

Is Forever Wraeththu available as an RSS “feed” / syndicated?
Yes. The URL for Forever Wraeththu’s feed is https://foreverwraeththu.wordpress.com/feed/. You can subscribe to feeds many different ways, including news reading softweare, news reading services (Google Reader, Newsgator), feed widgets, and more.

Can I receive notifications by email when new stories are posted?
Yes, you can thanks to Feedburner. Click here to subscribe to Forever Wraeththu by email. Nifty, huh?

Fan Fiction

How do I submit a story to Forever Wraeththu?
Send it in by following the directions on the Wraeththu Fanfic Submissions page.

What format should the story be in?
Forever Wraeththu accepts stories in a variety of formats.

The key is submitting a story in a clean text format that is easy to copy and paste into a web form. There should not be hard returns (spaces) between paragraphs, because otherwise all the text has to be fixed before it can be entered into the site.

Preferred formats: Microsoft Word (.doc); Rich Text Format (.rtf); plain text (.txt); plain text email.

You can also submit in HTML/web format, but please do not use any fancy formatting, just format the actual text. Be sure the document is free of line breaks (<BR> tags).

What meta / header information should I include with the story?

At minimum, stories should come with the following info: 1) author name / nickname, 2) author contact information, 3) story title, 4) spoiler warning (which books do the story relate to), and 5) what “canon” (official print) characters appear.

A sample of good header information:

See Who I Am*
by Morgana

Story Notes

Title: See Who I Am
Author: Morgana
Author’s Email: morganalebeau@yahoo.com
Web page: http://www.paranoid.nl/avalon

Pairings: Pellaz/Cal/Galdra/Caeru, Vaysh/Ashmael and Cobweb/Snake
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Pellaz needs time to find himself again and flees from Immanion. In Forever he finds his rest and eventually faces Cal and Galdra. Vaysh does some healing himself.
Warning: AU – you could say it is an alternate ending to book 5.
Spoilers: – up to the end of book 5.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Not mine. These characters belong to Storm Constantine. No copyright infringement is intended.

Beta read by Patricia and DA, thanks sweeties! All remaining mistakes are mine.

* Highly recommend, BTW. Read it here 🙂

Do you accept stories that are in progress?
Unless a story has been abandoned (you don’t have an ending and don’t plan on one), Forever Wraeththu prefers that stories be sent in only when complete. It’s much easier to post a story all at once, esp. since this will make finding all the parts of the story easy.

What is Storm’s position on fan fiction?
Storm is adamantly supportive of fan fiction and has gone further than almost any author out there to support it. Immanion Press, the publishing company she founded in 2003, has so far published two fan-written “Wraeththu Mythos” novels, Breeding Discontent and Terzah’s Sons. Storm is always on the look out for talented fanfic writers who may be able to add to the universe. It is Storm’s position that fan fiction characters can wind up being real, canon characters; an example of this is the Varr hostling Lisia, who originated in Breeding Discontent but found his way into the fifth Wraeththu novel, The Shades of Time and Memory. It should be noted, however, that Storm does not support fans making money off of Wraeththu fanfic, unless they are publishing their work via Immanion Press, with her approval. All of Immanion Press’s Wraeththu books subscribe to a common “canon” and therefore any “alternative universe” fanfic that contradicts official universe events or don’t match the universe in other ways are ineligible for publication. For more on Storm’s views, read “On the Subject of Fanfiction”, an essay by Storm.

I’ve written a Wraeththu fan fiction novel. How can I get it published?
If you’ve written a Wraeththu Mythos novel or a long short story you think could become one, get in touch with Immanion Press. There are detailed submission guidelines specifically for Wraeththu Mythos available on the company’s web site. Mythos novels must conform to Wraeththu canon and, it goes without saying, be good writing.


What are all the books of Wraeththu and what order do they come in?
The official books of Wraeththu are as follows:

  • The Wraeththu Chronicles
    • The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit
    • The Bewitchments of Love and Hat
    • The Fulfillments of Fate and Desire
  • The Wraeththu Histories
    • The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure
    • The Shades of Time and Memory
    • The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence
  • Wraeththu Novellas
    • The Hienama: A Story of the Sulh
    • The Student of Kyme: A Story of the Sulh – forthcoming 2008
  • Wraeththu Mythos
    • Breeding Discontent
    • Terzah’s Sons
    • Rosa Mundi – forthcoming 2008
  • Non-Fiction
    • From Enchantment to Fulfilment (RPG)
    • The Grimoire of Deharan Magick: Kaimana

What’s the difference between the “Revised 2003” editions and the original?
The 2003 editions are more or less the “director’s cut” of the original novels. The first novel, Enchantments, has the most changes, although for the most part these are additions rather than excisions. The revised edition of that novel is considered far superior to the original. Bewitchments and Fulfilments underwent fewer changes. The revised editions are only available from Immanion Press; the omnibus put out by Tor Books in the United States is the original 1980s text.

What the difference between the Revised 2007 omnibus and the original / Revised 2003?
In 2007 the revised editions of the first three novels were published by Immanion Press in an omnibus format. The 2007 version includes corrections of typos found in the 2003 edition as well as a the addition of a couple of brief scenes in Fulfilments, which were accidentally left out. The omnibus format is more a barebones format, compared with the individual books, which have longer appendices. Also notable, the omnibus edition, like the separately available 2007 editions, uses a more readable typeface. There were many complaints about the font used on the 2003 editions.

What’s the difference between the U.S. and U.K. versions of the Wraeththu?
As explained above, the Wraeththu Chronicles are only available in revised format in the U.K. edition. The U.S. edition of the first three books is the original text. For the Wraeththu Histories, the U.S. and U.K. editions are for the most part very similar. The U.K. editions, published by Immanion Press, include a few excised scenes (naughty bits) not included in the U.S. edition and also include appendices, including a Wraeththu short story, split into three parts at the back of each book. For further details, inquire with Immanion Press or ask the fan community.

Where can I get Wraeththu books?
Besides ordering directly from Immanion Press, you can order via Amazon, place a special order at your local bookstore, find new or used books on American Book Exchange, or look on eBay.

Has Storm written any Wraeththu short stories?
Yes. Storm has been writing about the Wraeththu since the early 1970s and has written a number of published short stories, including “Paragenesis” (Thiede origin story), “By The River If Only…,” “Spinning for Gold,” “How Enlightenment Came to the Tower,” and more. There are many more unpublished stories. For a list of Storm’s published short stories, see the bibliography on her web site.

What about this Wraeththu “picture book” I’ve heard about?
A group of cos-playing German Wraeththu fans landed a deal with a publishing company and put out a picture book depicting many major characters in Wraeththu. Photographs are by Marja Kettner. The book offers pages of models in dazzling costumes, recreating the world of Wraeththu. The picture book includes over 100 full-color photographs as well as a forward by Storm. Further information, including ordering form, available on the Inception web site.

What about other Wraeththu stuff, like Ruby’s Tarot card deck, graphic novel, movie, etc.?
Currently Ruby’s Tarot deck is still under development. There isn’t any Wraeththu graphic novel, but get in touch with Storm’s agent if you want one. No details are available on a Wraeththu movie. Stay tuned to Inception magazine and you’ll hear about anything that comes up.

Storm Constantine

How do I find out what Storm is up to?
Visit Storm’s official web site, www.stormconstantine.com, Inception, or visit the two Yahoo! groups or the Raythoo group on LiveJournal.

How do I get in touch with Storm?
Use the contact form on her web site.

Is Storm writing any more Wraeththu fiction?
Yes. As of April 2008, Storm has finished writing a second Wraeththu novella, The Student of Kyme, which is slated for publication by Immanion Press in Summer 2008.

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