The Djinnhar

The Djinnhar
an 18+ rated Deharan Fairytale
by Topaz

Story Notes

Author email:

Synopsis: A Phylarch gathers the harlings around the campfire for a storytelling. Long Long ago when humans roamed free ….. A Varr warlord seeks to gain control of the ancient Lamp of Legend. If a mere human like Aladin could do what he did, think what it could do in the hands of a superior wraeththu intelect? For schoolboy Jaysel Harcourt every certainty has been shattered, the impossible is mundane and and his humanity is a thing of the past.

Entirely Original characters (although Sixteen har Tuaththua cameos)

Mostly Set during the Human period with Wraeththu very rare. Storytelling part set at an undefined point after the fall of the Varrs

The Djinnhar

“Gather around harlings, it is time for your bedtime meditation.” said Sixteen har Tuaththua, waiting patiently as his sons Linx and Brendion along with their friends Lalallil and Rook discarded their card game and scrambled over to sit at the log fire.

“Close your eyes harlings and imagine a time long long ago when humans roamed wild, a time when the bad hara weren’t locked in the forests of gehenna and a time when the spirits of old had not yet become the dehara who watch over us.”

*Will this be a scary story Phylarch Sixteen?* sent Lalallil silently his pale blue eyes wide.

*Its got humans, Duhh!* sent Brendion contemptuous of the slightly younger harling.

*Your hostling and I started out human* Sixteen reminded him gently. Sometimes the harlings found it hard to accept the truth that their grown ups hadn’t always been wraeththu. *Anyway, close your eyes and picture the scene, a big building called a school, the place where humans sent their young to learn. Our story starts on a sunny afternoon just as the young are going home to their fathers and hostlings….*


“See ya!” shouted Jaysel, stuffing the football into the top of his rucksack and heading toward the school gate while the other human-boys waited for their parents or the yellow bus.

Gran’s house was only five miles away and he preferred to run it rather than hang around.

Just as he reached the highway a tall thin man dressed in a slightly too small pin-stripe jacket and bits of dark glass in front of his eyes to protect them from the sun’s glare, stopped lounging against the wall and moved to block the way.

Jaysel slowed down, not liking the way the guy was looking at him. Behind him an engine revved and wheels squeeled. He glanced around at a van, (thats a vehicle like a cart but without a horse to pull it) speeding toward him and then he felt damp fabric being held over his nose and mouth.

Girls began screaming; but by then it was getting unnaturally dark and he was so very tired.


*what’s girls?*

*They have them instead of harlings*

*Yeah only they’re stuck being soume all the time*


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