Advent Treasures

Adventure Treasures
by Deathangelgw

Story Notes

Every year, I do ficlets for Advent up until and including Christmas. To me, they are a symbol of the best things and the not so great things for Christmas. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. All of them are owned by Storm baby… Wah!

Rating: G/PG for innuendo

Timeline: HA! Who needs a timeline!

Warnings: AU, fluff, sap.

Part 1: Peppermint and Cocoa

The very soft sounds of humming floated through the halls of the Tigrons’ home as Caeru made his way towards the balcony with a cup of steaming cocoa that had an old fashioned candy cane in it. He grinned as he went out onto the balcony and tugged his cloak around him tighter against the cold wind that was blowing up with the snow that was falling softly to the ground. It wasn’t often that they’d get snow, but when it did, it was a sight to behold. The snow would glitter with the lights from the active city and would becoming almost like trimming on the bodies and hair of most of the hara that were wandering around the city, whether on errands or in search of enjoyment.

But for the Tigrina, it was a time to just watch the world change into a blank slate, wiped clean and white with each new flake that floated down from the overcast sky. In many ways, he found it heartening to know that even nature had a way of making things new. Whenever it began to snow for the first time, or actually at any time, he would wrap himself in his warmest cloaks and come out onto the balcony with a cup of traditional hot cocoa and a candy cane in it and would watch the snow fall. He was never cold for his thoughts and the cloak along with the drink would keep him toasty warm.

But this time, his ponderings were broken as his son peered out onto the balcony before coming out. “Caeru? What are you doing here?” he asked his hostling as he rubbed his hands on his arms in a weak attempt to warm up.

“Watching the snow fall. Care to join me?” Caeru answered with a grin as he patted the seat next to him on the wrought iron bench that he was lounging on. The cushion he patted was fairly hard, but it dipped a little in response to the patting.

Hustling over, Darquiel sat next to his hostling and grinned when Caeru opened the cloak he was wearing to share it with him. He leaned his head against Caeru’s shoulder as the cloak was tightened around them both and sighed happily. He felt so warm against his hostling as that hole in his heart was filled once more with the scent and feel of his hostling holding him close. “So, why are you watching the snow fall?” he whispered through his slightly chattering teeth and grinned when Caeru offered him some of his drink. “What’s this?”

“Hot cocoa with a candy cane. It’ll warm ya a bit,” Caeru explained with a chuckle before placing a kiss on his son’s head. “And I’m watching the snow fall because it’s peaceful,” he added in answer to the previous question.

“Yea I guess, but it’s cold too,” Darquiel pointed out and smiled when Caeru laughed. He didn’t hear Caeru laugh often enough he felt.

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by Morgana

Story Notes

Part 3 in the Fairy Tale Endings series. Previous part was High Hope. Next (last) part is Silver Tears.

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Pairings: Velaxis/Caeru, Vaysh/Phade, Pellaz/Cal, Cobweb/Snake.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Vaysh and Ashmael struggle with the aftermath of Vaysh being healed.

Disclaimer: Not mine. No copyright infringement is intended. All characters belong to Storm Constantine.

Warning: AU of course.

Spoiler warning: Set after book 6.

Beta read by DA, thanks sweetie!

All remaining mistakes are mine.


Phade kept a hand at the small of Vaysh’s back as he escorted the other har back into the corridor. They had sat quietly for a while and Vaysh had managed to sort out his thoughts. Phade had then realized that it was time they joined Pellaz and Cal again. They ended up in the Tigrons’ rooms and Vaysh shuffled his feet as he saw the concerned look Cal was giving him. “Thanks for staying close,” he murmured. His words were barely audible.

Cal approached and came to a halt in front of Vaysh. “I gave you my word.” He smiled as he saw Phade maintaining physical contact with Vaysh. He had been afraid that Phade might not be inclined to continue their friendship after what had happened in Ashmael’s rooms, but he had obviously underestimated the other har. “You need to find your way, Vaysh and it is a good thing that you have Phade at your side during this trying time.”

Vaysh gave Cal a weak smile. “Phade and I talked about what happened earlier.” He simply couldn’t speak Ashmael’s name yet. “We have decided to give this a chance.”

Hearing that pleased Pellaz immensely. “Does that mean you are changing rooms again?”

Vaysh gulped. Phade and he hadn’t addressed that yet. “I am not sure about that.” The redhead tried to gauge Phade’s reaction to the question from the corner of his eye.

“He is staying with me.” Phade nodded firmly. Cheekily, he added, “Maybe the Tigrons would like having the bed to themselves for a change?”

Cal laughed warmly and then leered at Pellaz. “Maybe.”

Pellaz actually felt hot beneath Cal’s smug look. It was time to change the subject. “I expect the two of you to appear for breakfast though.” He wanted to keep an eye on Vaysh.

Phade started to turn Vaysh toward the doorway, but the red-haired har shook his head and reached for Pellaz’ arm. “I need to know what happened after I left…Please…”

Guiding Vaysh away from Phade, Pellaz took Vaysh into a corner of the room. It might be best if they had some privacy. “Ashmael left, Vaysh.”

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