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Forever Wraeththu Fanfic Challenge

As a way of encouraging more writing, more writers, more variety, etc. within the Wraeththu fandom, Forever Wraeththu has started up a fanfic challenge. Every so often a new writing challenge will be posted and publicized here and in other fandom hang-outs online. There will be set window of time for sending in fics, which will be posted to this site as they are received. At the end of the submission period, all Challenge fics will be posted to this page along with a voting link, open to all. The voting will be in related fan hang-outs. After votes are tabulated, the winner will be announced and that winning story will be marked with a Challenge Winner badge and bragging rights.

Current Challenge


At the end of Fulfilments, just after Cal and Pell finally reunite and before Cal goes off to say goodbye to Panthera, Cal speculates on the ripple affect his encounter with Thiede might have had upon the world:

In that brief, eternal moment when I had become one with the life-forth of Wraeththu, the truth had been revealed to me. As Immanion had changed, so too would other places, touched by the fire of the Triad. Now there was a small, scruffy town in Thaine known as Fallsend, whose grubby streets would open out into wider avenues where hara could walk free. I wondered what would be the fate of Piristil and its kind. Would there be a place for them now? Was the force that strong? Somehow I doubted it. One thing I had learned was the utter need for light and dark, nothing can be wholly good, but if Piristil still thrived, then to complement it, there would be other houses;  places of healing and learning. As Immanion could not be utterly light, Fallsend could not be utterly dark. From the mud would come other roads, and other travellers would follow them, bringing the warmth of wholeness with them from the south and west.

The Challenge:

Storm herself wonders exactly what does happen – to Fallsend, to Piristil, to Astarth. Twenty years after the events of Fulfilments, what are things like? Is Piristil still a ‘business’? Or does Astarth live there alone?  Is the house haunted? Or is it now at peace? What do they think about Cal and the Gelaming? Write a story exploring the place and/or characters as they might have evolved over time. You can use original characters or canon characters, such as Astarth.

Sticking to the challenge above, write and submit something electronically by September 1, 2009. There is no minimum or maximum length or other restriction. Please do proof the story for spelling, grammar and punctuation to the best of your ability. Also include your contact information and any notes you want to make about the story.

How to Enter:
Email your story to wdarling [at] abraxis [dot] com by September 1, 2009. Preferred format: Text (Txt), Word (Doc), Rich Text Document (RTF), or text pasted in the body of the email. Please include your contact information (at minimum, name and email address) and any notes you want to make about the story, sharing with readers.


Winner of the “Whatever Happened to Astarth?” challenge was

“The Garden”
by Camile Sinensis (Teapot)

Congratulations to the winner!

The other entries to this challenge:

Previous Winners

April 2009

“Along the Line” by Thevina

Synopsis: Songfic set inside Cal’s head just before, during and after his murder of Orien

January 2009

The Conservation of Momentum*
by Camile Sinensis (Teapot)


Terzian and Ponclast are one of the oddest couples in Wraeththu. They’re not a couple in the traditional sense, but there’s obviously something that binds them together, some sort of shared history. This story is set shortly before the founding of Galhea, and explores the possible beginnings of their strange relationship.

* No longer available online, as it’s being published in the Paragenesis anthology.

June 2008

All That Is Left Of Us Is Love
by Camile Sinensis (Teapot)


Seel struggles to come to grips with changes around him and the realization that — gasp! — not everything can be blamed on Thiede!


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