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I’m always trying to improve things, whether it’s adding features or trying to publicize so more people know about the site. This page has been set up to detail my efforts.

– Wendy Darling, Keeper of Forever

Voting on April Fanfic Challenge

It’s April 1st and, no joke, time to vote on the fanfic challenge. The theme this month was song fic, i.e. an excuse to write stories based around song lyrics. Read the stories and then vote over here.

Forever Wraeththu Fanfic Challenge
As a way of encouraging more writing, more writers, more variety, etc. within the Wraeththu fandom, Forever Wraeththu has started up a periodic  fanfic challenge. Details here!

5000 Hits and Counting
This week, after just over a month online, Forever Wraeththu reached the 5,000 mark for page views. So people are coming and reading.

150 Posts and Counting
As of tonight, Forever Wraeththu boasts 150 stories. This includes several novellas and even a couple of novel-length stories. Keep ’em coming!

Forever Wraeththu on Top Blog Area
The archive is set up in blog format, so hopefully blog sites will be linking to it the way Top Blog Area is. It’s a neat use for a blog, since usually they’re non-fiction or news or editorial.

Vote For Us on
4/26/08, a sci fi / fantasy fan fiction directory, has added Forever Wraeththu to its “Other Fiction” category (see out listing here!) To help the link get better ranking in the directory, go and rate it!

Fanfiction Directory
Forever Wraeththu is now listed in Fanfiction Directory.

Get Fan Fic Alerts by Email
You can now sign up to receive notifications by email when new stories are posted. Click here to subscribe to Forever Wraeththu. Service by Feedburner.

Latest Stories Widget
Through Feedburner, I’ve set up a “Headline Animator” widget that pops up the last 5 stories as headlines, complete with link. If you’d like to add this banner to a web site, profile, personal page, etc., you can easily do so. Just click the link below.

Forever Wraeththu - Latest 5

↑ Grab this Headline Animator

Forever Feed
Forever Wraeththu is available as a feed / RSS feed / syndicated format! The URL for Forever Wraeththu’s feed is You can subscribe to feeds many different ways, including news reading softweare, news reading services (Google Reader, Newsgator, etc.), feed widgets, and more.

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