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Have a Wraeththu fanfic — short, long, drabble, poem, epic — you want added?

How to submit:

1) Finish your story. Forever Wraeththu prefers that stories be sent in only when complete.

2) Email to Wendy Darling at wdarling [at] [dot] com, or Thevina/Kristi at thevina33 [at] gmail [dot] com. Put “fanfic” in the subject line if you can remember.

3) For format, follow these guidelines:

  • The key is submitting a story in a clean text format that is easy to copy and paste into a web form. There should be hard returns (spaces) between paragraphs, because otherwise all the text has to be fixed before it can be entered into the site.
  • Preferred formats: Microsoft Word (.doc); Rich Text Format (.rtf); plain text (.txt); plain text email.
  • You can also submit in HTML/web format, but please do not use any fancy formatting, just format the actual text. Be sure the document is free of line breaks (<BR> tags) — at least don’t have them on every line.
  • At minimum, stories should come with the following info: 1) author name / nickname, 2) author contact information, 3) story title, 4) spoiler warning (which books do the story relate to), and 5) what “canon” (official print) characters appear.

For further details on fanfic, see the FAQ.

General contact:

For anything else you want to send Wendy or ask her, email wdarling [at] [dot] com. Thevina/Kristi is also a co-administrator and checks the site at least once a week, so feel free to email her as well! thevina33 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Wendy Darling
Keeper, Forever Wraeththu

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