by Ari
Feb. 2000

You glance up and smile at me.
My eyes kiss the sight of you.
You are beautiful,
The most exquisite thing I have seen.
You seem unreal,
The hind,
A golden creature.
Healing perfection, untainted.

I have never seen anything like you.
You fascinate me,
You are a ghost, a creature of woodsmoke and ivy… I long to fill my mouth, my ears, my
breath with Your sighs, your cries of ecstacy, Radiant agony.
Our lifeblood…

You burn me from the inside.
It is pain and pleasure to look on you.
You are a lambent force,
Lightning and ice and fire.
My nerves sizzle with acid rain,
Carrying with it a new awareness.
Something within me switches on,
A greater current carrying me
Towards the sweetly poisonous brink of oblivion,
And this poison here in my heart washes me delirious.
Lapping at me like the secretions of the Abyss.

My atoms, cells cry out for you.
I yearn to touch your face make your
Luminous eyes look only at me.
You set me on fire and my burning blood
Melts away my tattered mask of dispassion.
Your glances rip into me,
Shrapnel on a child’s flesh.
My resistance is a pathetic thing,
Old, worn, and Dying.
You make my soul scream.
Do I dare say it…
I need you. I love you…

You will be mine, Small One.
I will lacerate your mind.
You have already mangled mine.