We Dwell in Forever

We Dwell in Forever
by Mmara

Story Notes

Pairing: Cobweb/Terzian; Cobweb’s POV

Disclaimer: they’re all Storm’s. I’m just borrowing them for a night…

Summary: Cobweb knew it all along…

Author’s note: Takes place somewhere after Terzian (and for that matter, Swift, Cal, Leef) went for Galaming.

We Dwell in Forever

A soft morning breeze fell upon the grass, carelessly scattering dewdrops from its thin blades. Like little droplets of blood, they touched the ground and immediately were swallowed up by its damp, ever thirsty folds. Ahhh, an offering to Gods…

‘Another morning…’, you softly whispered, standing rigidly by the window and staring ahead at the picture it was framing. A picture of an utter peace and quietness. Of an absolute timelessness.

We dwell in Forever, came rushing back in your head again. It was a blessing. It was a curse. It was everything in between. Throughout all those years, time had little access here. Everyone seemed to go away and come back but time… Time stood still here. Suspended, beyond the reach. Somewhere else… Not here and yet here.

How come everything changed then?

Did it, tho?

Turning around, you slowly made your way towards the drawing desk. For a few minutes, you were just looking at it. Impassively, blankly… Were you even seeing it? No. No… What you were seeing was shrouded in a permanent almost mist. What you were feeling were damp leaves viciously slapping a strained face, branches tangling in, clawing at, wildly disheveled golden mane and pulling and pulling… till a pitiful whimper left parched lips. Moist earth was giving underneath a weight, dragging it into itself. Bit by little bit… into itself. All you heard now were frantic screams and trashing of limbs against a wet greedy ground. And in those screams, all you could sense was a fear… A fear of you.

I never loved you!, sliced through your mind.

But you knew that already, didn’t you? You have always knew the truth and still were clinging to the illusion, delusion, mirage, the beautiful lies… Whatever there was, you desperately clung to it, didn’t you? With all your might, with all your strength, with all your sanity and madness, you did.

How stupid that was. How human… How you. It has already been written and yet we couldn’t read between the lines.


But now you could.

Was it filling you with despair? With an utter anguish? Was it breaching your defenses and sweeping you away? Or was it numbing you, erecting the barriers up high, too high, and preventing anything from breaking them?

Was it?

We dwell in Forever…

And I will forever dwell on loving you.

The End