In the End

Monthly Challenge SubmissionIn the End
by Ophelia

Story Notes

I suppose I must say that I have a strong and healthy love/obsession with Cobweb, so there is a lot of Cobwebness in this story, hehehehe… But, I just hope it makes sense and people like it. I have never written a story with Seel before, so I hope his characterization is all right. Anyway, thank you for the opportunity!

In the End

These dreams are agonies that gnaw at my mind incessantly. They scrape my intellect raw with their blinding righteousness. My past, my present, my future…all are mixed up in these nefarious dreams that haunt me to an extreme. Swift doesn’t really understand but I don’t expect him to. So many things have occurred between us and around us that this one minor smudge in my life can not compare to the blights that have elsewhere occurred.

In all my dreams, there is red. Red fire, red light, red water. It is night and when I open my mouth, fire hurls out in streams of red. Raw, gaping wounds where fresh blood flows out incessantly, coating everything in a fluorescent scarlet. Open, wanton mouths where gums are as pink as a freshly hatched harling and the lips are achingly red, bitten and ravaged by others. Images race through my mind, and I never understand why.

Well, perhaps I am not being too honest here. I had grudgingly asked Cobweb for help one day and to my surprise he actually put up with the horror of speaking to me. His marvelous eyes, so liquid and shiny, seemed to peer straight into my mind, and straight into the horrible place where the dreams were born. Long strands of soft mossy brown hair clung to him as he walked, some hiding in the voluminous folds in the silken light green robe he wore.

“Does Swift know?” he asked in his soft, all-too-wise voice. I couldn’t meet his gaze, so I looked outside the window. We were standing in the red room of Forever (incidentally Swift’s least favorite room; he liked to remark that he found it altogether too stiff and unwelcoming) and the sun was falling down the sky, leaving a strand of fiery light in its wake.


Cobweb lifted one thin eyebrow, so like a crescent moon. “Doesn’t he notice?”

“Notice what?”

Cobweb had the grace to turn away. “When you move around the bed at night. Can’t he feel the tremors in the sheets?”

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