The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Wraeththu

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Wraeththu
by Angelo Ventura

Story Notes

Editor\'s PickSpoilers: All the Wraeththu books, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Date Posted: April 2004

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Description: A crazy crossover…

Part 1

Scene: the lawn before Forever. Seel talks to Swift about two strangers laying panting on the grass.

“And just who are those two? They don’t seem hara”

“What am I to know? I was in the Otherlanes when, all of a sudden, I find those two clinging to my sedu’s tail. Guess it’s been a transdimentional vortex.”

“Hmmm. This could be Thiede’s doing.”

“Thiede’s Aghama, now. Let him be”

“I wonder, Swift. Look at the redhead. He’s really peculiar. He never blinks!”

“The other is quite ordinary, but he’s got an haunted look. Go see if they feel better. I’ll call Cobweb and get Bryony to prepare a room for them”.

“Ooh, I hate seeing my planet explode! I’ll never get used to it!”

“I’ll admit it has been happening a bit too often for my liking.”

“Ford, what’s happened? I think we were really to die this time!”

“Hmmm, well,something disturbed the space-time fabric and created…”

“Eddies in the space-time continuum! First his sofa, then his horse! God bless Eddie!”

“Arthur, you’re really being silly! Get up, the owner of this mansion wants to talk to us”

“Feeling better?” asked Seel.

“Oh, yes, if only trandsdimensional crossing didn’t give me those hangovers. You’re so kind,”

“Let ME talk, Arthur. We’ve jut had our, I mean his planet destroyed for the umpteenth time. There is no apocalypse scheduled here soon, I hope.”

At this moment Tyson arrived,having heard Ford’s remark.

“Oh, the Apocalypse’s been and gone now. Now we are Parasiel, and we are veerrry good hara. Are you humans who want to be incepted?”

Seel snorted in irritation.

“Now don’t start, TY!”

“You know, I’ve never seen an inception? Sounds funny, now that you think of it.”

“Tyson, shut up!”

“Ford, what are they talking about?”

“Will YOU shut up and let me think?”

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And The Tale Is Told

And The Tale Is Told
by Addie Fielding
May 2001

Introduction & Disclaimer

This is cross-over between Storm Constantine’s Wraeththu and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. It’s also a sequel to a previous cross-over story, “Walking Away.”

Warning: NC-17 adult situation – m/m.

Spoilers: None for the Vampire Chronicles, as this is set in the future. For Cal, this is set in the period he was wandering after the “death” of Pell, his lover.

All items contained on these pages are non-profit amateur fiction. The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, The Bewitchments of Love and Hate, The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire and all characters named in those books are the copyright of Storm Constantine and her publishers. All characters named in the Vampire Chronicles, are copyright of Anne Rice and her publishers. No infringement on the copyrights are intended. These stories are for personal enjoyment only and should be reproduced, electronically or otherwise, only for this purpose and never for profit of any sort.

To contact the author, email

And The Tale Is Told

– 1 –

Pellaz sat in the inner sanctum of the temple, talking quietly with the spirit of Thiede. It was something he liked to do every few days. It kept him on the right path, kept him balanced and besides, he just enjoyed chatting with his old mentor. Thiede could be contacted anywhere, at any time of the day or night, but Pell liked this quiet place, with its marble floors, soft cushions and the sweet smell of incense.

Pellaz quite often discussed the business of his Kingdom with him, but also found it a good opportunity to talk about Cal and Rue. If they had both been bothering him, for some inane reason or another, then Thiede had a good pair of ears. He never judged, Pell wouldn’t let him for a start. On this occasion, it was Cal he was ranting about. He told him that he simply wouldn’t open up to him about his travels. Pell wanted to know everything that had happened to him. All the gory details. But Pell knew that he was holding something back.

Cal seemed quite happy to talk about his imprisonment by Thiede, after he had been travelling with Swift and Leef. He mentioned Cobweb briefly, and Pell had made a mental note to look him up again one day. He even talked a little about his adventures with Panthera and this reunion with Zackala. But Pell knew there had been more. Cal insisted that anything else was simply too boring to talk about, or that he had simply forgotten.

“Surely you were watching him all the time, Thiede. What is he holding back?”

“I didn’t watch him all the time, Pell. I did have other things to keep my mind occupied. Like one slightly headstrong Tigron and his equally headstrong Tigrina. Any how, why do you need to know everything that happened to him? He was wandering for 30 odd years. It’s all past, and should be forgotten. All you need to concentrate on now is how you can work together to build a better future.”

“I just get this feeling every now and then, that someone from his past, who was very important, is about to pop up again and disrupt things.”

“I’m sure you will be strong enough to handle any one, Pellaz. Stop worrying.”

But Pell couldn’t help it. Once when they had been snuggled together after a rather strenuous bout of aruna, Cal had called out a strange name. It was garbled, but Cal’s words had been full of passion. Why was he worrying about this one in particular. He knew that Cal had shared his body and his mind with many on his travels. In fact Cal had probably truly forgotten half of them, but this one was different. When Cal awoke some mornings he had an eerie expression on his face, and when questioned would shy away from him.

“Look, Cal.” Pell would say. “I’m not jealous. I’ve heard of your trysts with Cobweb and his hostling Swift. I have even had dealings with Swift and I like him immensely. I’ve met your Panthera, who is extremely happy with Zack. So why can’t you talk about them all? Why can’t you tell me about the one who’s name is on your lips sometimes when you awaken in a sweat?”

“I don’t remember who it is, Pell. Just leave it. It’s not important.”

But Pell wasn’t so sure.

Pell left the temple that evening, feeling annoyed and tired. Cal had been busy with Ashmael for the whole of the day, and Thiede had been unusually quiet on the subject of Cal. Usually he couldn’t stop talking about him. Pell had the feeling that something strange was about to happen. As he walked along the pristine corridors that led between the temple and his private quarters he was sure he was being followed. It was an entirely ridiculous assumption, as he knew these private areas were extremely well protected by guards. In fact the guards were dotted all along the walkway, and nodded to him with respect as he passed. Vaysh, was also with him, and was walking a little way behind, his head buried in some important notes.

Pellaz stopped and looked back, Vaysh not being aware that he had, ran straight into him. “Pell, what’s the matter?”

“Did you hear something?”

Vaysh looked at Pellaz as if he thought his Tigron has lost his mind. “No, Pell. I didn’t hear anything. There is nothing to hear. No one uninvited can enter here. There are guards everywhere. What the problem?”

“It’s just that I have this strange feeling that something is about to happen.”

“Are you saying you have had a premonition?”

‘No, not exactly. I think somewhere is here who shouldn’t be.”

Vaysh put his folder down on a bench and took hold of Pellaz’s shoulders. “You are working too hard. You need to get more rest. Let Cal take over a few of your duties for a while. Come, we’ll have some wine, then you can get an early night.”

Pellaz nodded. Vaysh was always right. His imagination was playing tricks on him. He decided he would do just what Vaysh had suggested and when they reached the door to his rooms, he called upon one of his servants to fetch a tray of food and some wine. He would sit with Vaysh for a while, then turn in early. He could feel his muscles relaxing as he drank and talked to Vaysh, who seemed to be in an unusually talkative mood. After their jug of wine was finished, Vaysh excused himself and Pell moved into his bedroom, to undress for bed.

The night was warm, and his room was a little stuffy, so he opened the windows that led to his balcony. He stood there for a few minutes, completely naked, knowing that no one could see into his little patio that was surrounded by ferns and other exotic plants. He loved feeling the breeze flow over his body. He pulled the tie from his hair and let it tumble down his back, then lifted his face to the moon. Just as he was about to step back inside he saw a shadow flit across the ground.

Concerned for his safety, Pell hid behind one of the ferns and peered out. He couldn’t see or hear anything and with his mind began to scan the area. He didn’t discern anything untoward. Thinking that he was just being paranoid, he stepped out from his hiding place and began to make his way across the patio to his bed, that was just beyond the open doors.

“So he found you?”

Pell spun around at the sound of the soft voice behind him.

“Who are you and how did you get in here?” Pellaz was a little concerned and with his mind called for assistance from his guards.

“No point in doing that,” his visitor informed him. I have blocked your thoughts.

“Really?” Pell answered, unconvinced and began to call again, out loud this time.

“You are just as stubborn as him, aren’t you?” The visitor had moved a little out of the shadows now and Pell stepped back with surprise. The visitor was handsome, in an evil sort of way, with pale skin and shimmering eyes.

“Who? What are you talking about?”

The visitor sighed deeply. “Ah! He hasn’t told you about me then?”

“I can only assume you mean Cal.”

“Perceptive of you. Oui, Cal is the Har I was talking about. Where is he by the way, I would love to catch up with him?”

“What makes you think he would want to see you?” Pellaz was more angry now than concerned, and was just about to move past the stranger and call for his guards again when he spied some one else lurking in the shadows.

“The guards are asleep Tigron. Slack of them really.” The visitor seemed amused and the smile on his face made him look young and vulnerable. Pell wasn’t convinced, however, that this stranger was benevolent and he was just as unsure of the creature that now showed himself.

“Lestat, you can be so intimidating sometimes. Just introduce yourself and tell him your business. I am Louis du Pointe du Lac, at your service.” The other visitor bowed slightly in a very old fashioned and almost human manner.

“Pleased, I’m sure.” Pell replied sarcastically. “Well now that the introductions are over, are you going to tell me what you are doing here and how you got into my private quarters?”

“Well the second part was easy. You see we can fly…” Lestat halted for a few seconds to allow this revelation to sink in to a slightly shocked Pell. “The first part is simple really. I am just dropping in on an old friend and lover…Calanthe, your other half, I believe.”

As Pell tried to take in all that was being said to him, he realised he was still completely naked, except for the shimmering cover of his long hair. Slightly embarrassed he went to move past them, but Louis pre-empted his need and handed over his robe that had been hanging on the end of his bed. “Is this what you are looking for?” He was smiling now, and Pell stared into his verdant green eyes as he took the robe and hastily put it on.

Pell shivered just slightly as Louis continued to stare with his strange eyes gliding up and down as if assessing him. But for what? As the three of them moved into his lighted bedroom, Pell got a proper look at them and gasped, the sound of his sharp intake of breath, echoing off the walls. “By the Aghama, what are you?”

“Why don’t you sit down, Pellaz, and call upon your consort. I’m sure Calanthe will fill you in, on “what” we are.”

Pell was slightly affronted at the casual use of his name. “I’m Tigron, and you should call me that at all times.”

“Oh, I do apologise, Tigron. Well, do you want to call him, or will I? I think it might be better coming from you though.”

‘Yes, yes, or course.” Pell put rubbed his temple with his fingertips and sent a cryptic message. ::Calanthe, your lost memory has just resurfaced. Would you care to join us?::

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Walking Away

Walking Away
by Addie Fielding
April 2001

Introduction & Disclaimer

This is cross-over between Storm Constantine’s Wraeththu and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

Warning: NC-17 adult situation – m/m.

Spoilers: None for the Vampire Chronicles, as this is set in the future. For Cal, this is set in the period he was wandering after the “death” of Pell, his lover.

Sequels: And The Tale Is Told

All items contained on these pages are non-profit amateur fiction. The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, The Bewitchments of Love and Hate, The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire and all characters named in those books are the copyright of Storm Constantine and her publishers. All characters named in the Vampire Chronicles, are copyright of Anne Rice and her publishers. No infringement on the copyrights are intended. These stories are for personal enjoyment only and should be reproduced, electronically or otherwise, only for this purpose and never for profit of any sort.

To contact the author, email

Walking Away

– 1 –

The night was cold, wet and blustery. I was tired beyond belief, bedraggled beyond recognition and starving. My horse had fallen by the wayside about ten miles back, my feet were now sore and the straps on my pack were rubbing my shoulders. In other words, I felt like shit. As I trudged over a small rise I saw shelter up ahead in the form of an old farm house. I couldn’t see any movement and as there were no lights in the windows, or at least the gaps where glass would have once been, I presumed it was deserted.

With relief and a little caution I crept inside, pulling the rotten door off its hinges accidentally. Dropping my bag onto the floor I collapsed on top of it. After shutting my eyes for about ten minutes, I began to feel stiff. The cold was taking hold and if I didn’t light a fire soon I would die. Scrabbling around on the floor, using only the intermittent light from the moon, I found some kindling, which was probably some broken furniture, and lit a fire in the grate. No need for matches of course, my ability to set fire to the wood, by the power of my mind had always been helpful. I also tried to warm up the room using a similar mind control, but with the door gone, the cold wind overpowered me.

I huddled in the front of the fire’s meagre warmth, wrapping a blanket around my shoulders. After a while I stopped shivering and sat down on the floor with my knees up. Now if I could just find something to eat. I grabbed my bag and fossicked about in it, sure there was a dry biscuit still lingering underneath my clothes. It was stale and nearly broke my teeth – but it staved off starvation.

As I munched quietly, I became aware of a slight movement, just a flickering shadow, caused by the firelight, perhaps. I readied myself just in case it was more than that. I held my breath, tensed my muscles and listened for any sound. Nothing! I let out a long sigh and went back to tackling my biscuit. I wish I hadn’t. I felt strong arms around my chest and cold hands over my mouth, cutting off my scream. With every ounce of strength, and my strength is considerable, I fought off my attacker. I used every trick in the book – clawing, kicking and biting and eventually my attacker let go of me.

This gave me a second to stand up and face him.

“Shit you’re strong,” my attacker snarled at me, then he stood up straight with his hands on his hips. “I could still overpower you in a second, you realise, but…”

“But what?” I snarled back. “I don’t think it would do me any good.”

“Oh, and why’s that?” I stared at him. He was stunningly handsome, with hair the same colour as mine, but a little shorter, and his eyes – my God, they were iridescent, giving out a light of their own in the semi darkness. In fact, I wondered at first, how I could see him so clearly, then I noticed that his skin was so white it was luminescent. “Shit! What are you?”

“One question at a time, if you wouldn’t mind,” he answered, with a strong clear voice.

I backed away from him, sensing a power beyond my understanding. He remained motionless and I could hear him sniggering in my head. “Well, which question do you want me to answer?”

“Well, perhaps the second one.” I said lamely, as I looked about trying to find a way to escape from him.

“My name’s Lestat.” He said softly, then he squatted down on his haunches by the fire, rubbing his pale hands together.

“Cal.” I replied, still staying as far away from him as possible. “But you didn’t really answer my question.”

“I don’t think you really want to know the answer.” He said, turning to look at me as I huddled like a frightened human.

“Well maybe you could answer the first question then.” My voice was shaking. Shit Cal, I thought, pull yourself together. If this freak wanted to kill you, he would have done it by now.

“Exactly!” He said out loud, commenting on my thoughts. “Come over by the fire, you look like you are freezing.”

He moved to one side to give me room and I sidled a little towards him, still extremely wary.

“Why wouldn’t it do you any good to overpower me, Lestat?” I asked him the question again.

“Persistent little bugger, aren’t you?” He picked a piece of wood off the floor and flicked it into the fire. We both watched it begin to burn.

“Well I have been called that by quite a few people, in fact I can actually be quite annoying.”

He laughed softly. “You are one of those hybrids aren’t you?”

“Freaks, you mean.” I snapped.

“No more of a freak than I am, Cal, I can assure you of that.”

I believed him. He had bowed his head now and his golden hair was covering the sides of his face. It seemed that he only required the same as I had a half an hour before. Shelter from the freezing rain and a little warmth. “You’re not human, are you?” I finally found the nerve to ask him.

“It seems we both share that fate, Cal. Have you seen any around, by the way?”

“Not for a couple of days. There’s a settlement about two days ride South from here, where there were a few. A couple of them vanished mysteriously while I was there.”

“That was my doing.” He whispered nonchalantly.

“You! Are you saying you killed them?”

“That’s what you do, isn’t it Cal? Kill all the humans.”

“Only if they attack me first, Lestat. Is that why you killed them?”


“And you call me annoying. God, so far you haven’t given me a straight answer.” I snapped at him.

“I drank their blood.” He said softly, still not looking up.


Slowly he turned to look at me and I grimaced at what I saw. He was showing me his fangs.

“Shit!” I said again and began to back away from him again.

“It’s all right Cal. It’s human blood I need. Well I should rephrase that. It’s human blood I want. I can live without it, but it’s boring.”

“Why don’t you want my blood?” I asked him, mentally kicking myself for the stupidity of the question the second it left my lips.

“Well up until now, Cal, I have had no need to taste it. Are you offering me yours?”

I stood up quickly and made a move towards the door, but he grabbed my leg so fast that I toppled to the ground. He had his boot on my back and was staring down at me. “Skittish, aren’t you?”

“Are you a fucking vampire, or something?” I tried to push him off, but he held me fast.

“Oui, I’m a fucking vampire, Cal. Now you know.”

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