by Elenien

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Author: Elenien


Acknowledgments: El, Thanks for convincing me to send it in 🙂

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The light flickered
Upon the sleeping cat
His face moving to follow
The light

His muscles tighten
His eyes flash open
Cat’s eyes in human form
The door knob rattles

The chains around the cat
Echo through the eternity of his mind
Years spent imprisoned
Awaiting the door knob
Forced to live for it

The big cat twitched with energy
A Har steps into the cat’s den
Slowly, frightened
Through the slits of those cat’s eyes
He sees….and waits

Har to Har
Cat to Mouse
The big cat lets out a primal scream
The ephemeral Har recoils
The bonds snap the cat back
His laugh is a low rumble

This Har would get no rooning tonight
Too afraid of the wild cat
He lays back into his nest of chains
One eye still upon the strange Har
The Har who would spend all his money
Only to watch this feral figure
Until his time runs out
Until another takes his place with this Kanene

The End of Carmine

Shadows lengthen,
Wolves prowl the night
Garbed in the shape of men.
A scream.
The scent of fire.
The moon rises.
Eyes in the darkness.

The Lament Of Calanthe

Where has the peace gone?
The love and the harmony?
Eyes cannot stand what they’re seeing in front of me.
Can’t comprehend why we all love our enemies.
All gone before, just a long distant memory?
Feeling quite sick, in a sad state of urgency,
Don’t come any closer,
No, don’t even look at me!
Clear bright, white light,
It is all there; simplicity
Here! Spilt the blood,
Red, black, brown…
There’s no end for me…
Is there no healing from this world-thought deity?
Leading a life full of love joy and purity
Don’t turn around,
…Death steps on your frailty,
Love the light shine
Will just pale to infinity,
The rest?… Well, you know
It is just an indecency!


by Ari
Feb. 2000

You glance up and smile at me.
My eyes kiss the sight of you.
You are beautiful,
The most exquisite thing I have seen.
You seem unreal,
The hind,
A golden creature.
Healing perfection, untainted.

I have never seen anything like you.
You fascinate me,
You are a ghost, a creature of woodsmoke and ivy… I long to fill my mouth, my ears, my
breath with Your sighs, your cries of ecstacy, Radiant agony.
Our lifeblood…

You burn me from the inside.
It is pain and pleasure to look on you.
You are a lambent force,
Lightning and ice and fire.
My nerves sizzle with acid rain,
Carrying with it a new awareness.
Something within me switches on,
A greater current carrying me
Towards the sweetly poisonous brink of oblivion,
And this poison here in my heart washes me delirious.
Lapping at me like the secretions of the Abyss.

My atoms, cells cry out for you.
I yearn to touch your face make your
Luminous eyes look only at me.
You set me on fire and my burning blood
Melts away my tattered mask of dispassion.
Your glances rip into me,
Shrapnel on a child’s flesh.
My resistance is a pathetic thing,
Old, worn, and Dying.
You make my soul scream.
Do I dare say it…
I need you. I love you…

You will be mine, Small One.
I will lacerate your mind.
You have already mangled mine.