General Seduction

General Seduction
by Em and Haylz

Story Notes


NC17 with a light drug use warning

Ashmael goes looking for Pellaz but finds Cal instead, he foolishly tries to annoy Cal – who decides it’s high time he seduced the general and pulls out all the stops… but will Ashmael be able to escape with his dignity (and clothes) intact?

Don’t own any of it, we just like messing with them, especially Ashmael because he’s fun to tease.

We wrote this ages ago but never got around to posting it. I found it as I was playing with my journal and thought others might enjoy it, it was definitely fun to write.

Originally posted to Raythoo, Sept. 2006.

General Seduction

The halls of Phanoica seemed oddly quiet as General Ashmael Aldebaran walked briskly towards the apartments that housed the Tigrons of Immanion. He was hoping for a quick word with Pellaz, but so far the dark haired har was nowhere to be found.

His boots made an awful squeaking sound as they collided with the gleaming marble beneath him, making him cringe. He would have to do something about them later. Squeaky boots were no good for the element of surprise, which was very important in his line of work.

Once he had reached the Tigron’s apartments, he quietly knocked at the door to Pellaz’s office, but received no response from inside.

Glancing around, Ashmael noticed that the door to the main balcony was open, the salty smell of the ocean wafting in and reminding him of his childhood days, spent making castles in the sand and splashing through the waves with relish – how long ago that all was now.

Ashmael strode over to the door, perhaps the Tigron was relaxing outside?

He was outside, only it wasn’t the Tigron Ashmael had been expecting.

Cal looked the picture of relaxation, his lean body reclining on a padded bench, bare feet propped up on the balcony railing and by the serene expression on his face, and the sickly sweet smell in the air, Ashmael knew it wasn’t tobacco the Tigron was smoking.

The general couldn’t help but run his eyes over the peaceful looking har, the ripped, faded jeans that sat perfectly beneath his hips, which were as smooth and tanned as the bare chest that peeked out from the gauzy looking white shirt he wore, open of course.

He appeared to be watching the sun going down behind the mountains, the last lingering rays gliding across his half lidded eyes and through the golden locks of hair that danced in the gentle breeze.

Must he always look so damn good?

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The Longest Night (Ever)

Editor\'s PickThe Longest Night (Ever)
by Haylzee and En

Story Notes

Paring: Pellaz./Cal, Caeru with appearances from pretty much everyhar.

Rating NC17

Warning Drunken displays of affection, sap and fluff!

Spoilers: Nothing specific, although characters from as far through as Ghosts to appear.

Summary: After being separated for some weeks, Cal and Pell are reunited. Unfortunately, the reunion takes place at a formal dinner during which Pell gets drunk and roony. Will Cal be able to resist Pellaz? Will he want to?

Disclaimer: All characters and the world they inhabit belong to Storm Constantine, we are simply borrowing them for our own amusement.

Authors’ note: We wrote this to soothe our own self inflicted angst wounds.

EXTREME SILLINESS WARNING. If you are looking for something deep and meaningful, best to move on. After all the doom and gloom, we just felt like a bit of comedy…with some sex thrown in.

The Longest Night (Ever)

Part 1

Walking a few steps ahead of the Tigrina down an ornate marble corridor, Cal tried to ignore his consort’s last minute attempts to improve his outfit. When Cal arrived at Caeru’s apartment to escort him to yet another gathering of Almagabra’s finest, he thought his chosen outfit of simple leather pants and a black shirt were more than appropriate. Caeru, however, had other ideas. Rue had immediately attacked Cal’s hair with a brush, ignoring Cal’s protests that it had already been combed and quickly followed that by holding up various jeweled adornments for Cal to pick from.

Cal had eventually conceded to wear a gold cuff bracelet and a second pair of earrings before exasperatedly pulling the Tigrina out of his apartment and towards the banquet room.

Cal battered Caeru’s hand away from his hair before shooting a glare over his shoulder at the other har. “Would you stop fussing?” He asked, rolling his eyes at Rue’s innocent expression.

Cal sighed and stopped walking, turning to face his consort. “Fine. Fluff away.”

Caeru grinned before reaching up to smooth his thumbs under Cal’s eyes, smudging the kohl that lined them a little more. “I just want you to look your best,” He laughed. “You should be thanking me.”

Cal grimaced slightly, letting himself be pampered and polished by the Tigrina, while still attempting between attacks to edge towards the hall where the dinner they were already late for was being held. “I’ll thank you when you’re finished,” he muttered. He started when Caeru pulled what appeared to be a small jar of coloured eye dust out of nowhere. “What are you doing?”

Deftly, the Tigrina unscrewed the jar, which was full of sparkling gold powder. “Just some final touches!”

Cal was tempted to jerk away, but simply sighed as Caeru raised a gold coloured finger towards his eyes. “I don’t need any of that stuff,” he said uselessly.

As if reading his mind, which he probably was, Caeru grinned wickedly. “Resistance is futile, Calanthe,” he tutted. “Now, close.”

Cal grumbled, but complied and let the Tigrina pat the cosmetic onto his eyelids.

“You want to look nice for Pell,” Caeru said.

“Do I?”

“You haven’t seen him for weeks,” Rue said, standing back to admire his handy work. “Don’t tell me you’re not excited to see him.”

Cal just raised his eyebrows. “Will he even recognise me, one wonders?”

Rue rolled his eyes, then, ignoring the hara who stood around them holding glasses of bubbling wine, stepped forward and pressed his lips against Cal’s. He pulled back and smeared the lip gloss he had left behind neatly across Cal’s lips. “There. Perfect.”

Pausing just outside the door to the hall where the night’s festivities were to take place, Cal shook back his hair and held out his arm for the Tigrina. “Glad I’m presentable enough to escort you now, tiaharr.”

Rue smiled and took Cal’s arm. “Always presentable enough for that, Calanthe.”

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Sleepless Nights

Title: Sleepless Nights
by Haylz

Story Notes

Characters: Ulaume & Flick

Rating: R

Spoilers: This takes place during The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure so if you haven’t read that – DO IT! then it would be kinda spoilery.

Summary: Ulaume is struggling with Flick’s secret and how it is affecting them.

Disclaimer: The lovely Wraeththu world and it’s inhabitants all belong to Storm Constantine, I own nothing.

Author’s note: This is for enelya_telrunya because I promised her Flick/Ulaume fic (and I promised fluff so that will have to come later), and for emseviltwin because she needs some cheering up. It’s not really a cheery fic mind you, just some waffle using poor Ulaume as the source. He doesn’t get nearly enough fic and so what do I do? Torture him. 😛

And yes I usually do NC17, but for some reason I couldn’t with this, I just didn’t think it suited the mood.

Sleepless Nights

Ulaume couldn’t sleep. Sheets twisted beneath his body as he rolled over, creating an uncomfortable bunching that just irritated him even more. With a big sigh, he glanced over at his chesnari.

Flick appeared to be sleeping, and Ulaume couldn’t help but feel a little bitter at the fact, seeing as how Flick was the reason he couldn’t doze off.

For too long now the dark haired har who had charmed Ulaume’s heart had closed himself off from everyhar, and it hurt Ulaume more than he cared to admit. He did have his pride afterall, and he felt foolish that a har like Flick could come and strip that away from him so easily.

Everything had seemed fine for awhile, Flick had told Ulaume that he loved him, and Ulaume had no reason not to believe it. Now however, he spent most of his days (and nights) racking his brain to think of anything he might have done to cause Flick to retreat in such a way. The thing was, he didn’t think he had done anything to upset his chesnari, and that troubled him even more. The fact that he could see no way to help Flick through whatever it was that tormented him was killing Ulaume, and Flick hadn’t helped by shying away from any attempts his chesnari had made to draw him out.

Remembering the comfort he used to feel when Flick would hold him close in bed as they both drifted off to sleep, Ulaume looked sadly at the space between them now; less than an arm’s reach away, Flick may as well have been on the other side of the world.

Ulaume used to find peace in watching his chesnari sleep, now he realized it only brought him pain.

He sat up wearily; his body ached from the lack of proper rest, and his heart ached from the loss of something else.

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