by Julie

Story Notes

Spoiler: Not really any. It is caught between Bewitchments and Fulfillments.

uthor: Storm gave birth to the Wraeththu, but this idea came into the head of Julie Carpenter. If she uses it, all I want is a hug and a signed book. 🙂 As well as her knowing if she is nearby, she is welcome for tea any day.

Credits: Thanks to Storm for making Wraeththu.

Disclaimer: Anything Wraeththu is property of Storm Constantine. Even this new character. I just hope she likes it.


My life. What was or is it, exactly?

I know that I am a Varr.

I will always be a Varr.

Not the anathema that has been expunged from the minds and memory of Wraeththukind.

I am the Varr that could have been.

My Father and hostling escaped before Ponclast fell, while I was still a pearl forming within my hostlings loins.

How romantic, eh?

Pardon my derisive sarcasm.

My life has been far from romantic, I can assure you.

My family unit was encountered by a band of human marauders, when I was in the process of being born.

The Wraeththu psyche is impressionable, especially before birth. That is when the connection to the hostling is the strongest.

I saw through my hostling’s eyes. I felt what he felt when he saw my father ambushed. No matter how strong we are, a group of twenty or more humans against a Har protecting a Hostling is not a fight.

It is a massacre.

I hate the humans, but I will not waste my time hating them. They are going away. Like a bad dream. Falling into the mists of history. But my thoughts wander…

They allowed my hostling to live long enough to purge me from himself, and watched the process. They had wanted to learn how a man (they really were stupid humans) could give forth life. My hostling, Kalah somehow convinced them that he was necessary for my life
to thrive. Really, he wasn’t, but the humans didn’t know that, and he used that precious time to instil within me the urgency to escape.
Imagine a human baby in that position. That would be a death sentence for the mewling helpless child of Man.

Not for us.

Not for me.

The humans were amazed with how fast I grew. They also noticed that Kalah would become more of a threat, and while I was sleeping next to my hostling, I was roughly pulled away, and he was taken from me. I never saw him again, but I did hear his scream…

I was incarcerated within the room.

A pet Har.

Something to study.

They underestimated me.

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