Snow Fall

Snow Fall
by Eldraug

Story Notes

Rating: R. Very R. Rooning! Lots of rooning. In the bath. If you are under 18, NO CLIKA!

Pairing: Terzian/Cobweb

Beta: TNT

Author’s note: AU as always! Fluffiness. Extra fluffy fluffiness.

Disclaimer: Storm Constantine owns it all. I own six Reese’s cups and one third of my brain. Wooo.

Summary: Terzian takes care of a cold, injured Cobweb.

Snow Fall

Cobweb sat shivering in the snow. His left ankle was swollen and throbbing, sprained badly enough that it collapsed when he tried to stand. He and Tyson had been playing in the snow when he slipped, his ankle going one way and the rest of him going another. Ty had helped him pack snow around it before he left to get Terzian. The harling had been gone for a while though and Cobweb began to worry. What if Tyson forgot about him? He couldn’t make it back to the house on his own. Wrapping his wet coat closer to his body, he shivered and hoped that someone would come for him soon.

Tyson ran as fast as he four-year-old harling legs would carry him. His Webby was hurt and he had to get his daddy for help. He bolted into the house through the kitchen door where he was promptly stopped by Yarrow.

“Take off those wet boots!” Yarrow growled as he looked up from his soup.

“But . . . but . . .” Tyson began.

“Take them off! Now!”

Tyson kicked off his boots and tried to run out of the kitchen. Yarrow, however, wasn’t going to have puddles all over the house from a snowy harling. He grabbed Tyson by the back of the coat and pulled him back.

“You are soaked!” the har growled as he pulled the outerclothes off the harling. “Honestly, Tiahaar Cobweb lets you get away with too much sometimes!”

At the mention of Cobweb’s name, tears came to Tyson’s eyes. Throwing back his head, he screamed, “DADDY!” Read the rest of this entry »